Best Basketball Compression Pants


Which pants should you buy for basketball?


When you are on the lookout for the best types of pants for basketball, you might find it confusing.


It is, after all, a more confusing and complex purchase than most would give it credit.


While most see this as something you can do from a local sports store, you don’t know for sure if you are getting good value for your money.


To help you stop wasting valuable dollars on low quality options, this guide is going to help you make a much better choice moving forward.


To do that, though, we need to help you better understand what the ideal compression pants consist of.


So, if you are going to go ahead and buy what you believe are the perfect compression pants for basketball, you need to know where to look.


And in our view, the best place to turn your gaze would be to the following criteria.


Make your choice based on the below recommendations to ensure that you get pants that are worth the investment.


What matters when buying them?


So, if you are going to buy some quality compression pants, it always helps to take a close look at just how good they actually are.


With that in mind, we recommend that you try and take a look at the following factors before signing up to anything.


Are they the correct size?


You are probably thinking ‘duh!’ but you would be surprised how many people are wearing the wrong size.


It is a big part of the equation, so don’t dismiss this as something you don’t have to worry about.


Wearing the correct size of compression pants is going to actively have an impact on how well you can play and what the end results of your game is each evening.


The correct size means that it should be snug, but not to the point where you feel like your legs and crotch area are being suffocated.


The best pants are the ones that feel like they are part of your skin.


If you feel like air is being cut off or circulation is otherwise damaged, then you probably need another size.


Are they the correct material?


You also need to factor in the quality of the material that is being worn.


You can buy cheap pants that are going to be made from the kind of material that splits after a dunk. Or, another option is paying a bit more and getting something that lasts for years.


Typically, you want something that is machine washable so that you can easily throw them in for a wash without coming out having lost a size due to shrinkage.


You also want something that is going to keep you relatively dry, such as polyester or a elastane/polyester combination.


This helps to give you access to materials that are conducive to playing sport and that are used to being stretched without the material being damaged or otherwise giving out on itself.


Keep that in mind when you are trying to buy the right material.


Do they support your weak point?


A common issue for a basketball player is having a weakness in your body that you need to compensate for.


In some people, it will be an elbow that maybe cannot extend to the level needed for their best shot.


For others, it will come down to issues with knees or even muscle compression.


You need to look to try and find compression pants that actively work on supporting the areas where you are weakest.


There is absolutely no value in having a pair of pants that are not going to support where you are needing help the most.


If you want to ensure that you make a good deal and walk away happy with the end result, you should absolutely look at the kind of material support being provided.


Make sure the pants you choose can support you and the issues you face personally.


Can they keep you warmer?


While by no means the only, or sole reason for using basketball compression pants, good pants keep you warm.


If you are playing on a chilly night or in a large arena, the cold can sweep in.


The same goes for if you find yourself playing outside; it can be hard to stay warm and to enjoy your game while playing at 100%. So, wearing the right tights can help you to avoid that.


However, you need to find tights that are actually thick enough to build warmth.


Make sure you don’t buy paper-thin garments if you are looking for something that can actively improve how you feel physically and mentally.


The more stress you can take off your body and your system, the more likely it is that you can find support and get around the problem moving forward.


Can they stop chaffing?


Another common issue for any baller is dealing with the threat of chaffing. This can be deeply uncomfortable and is pretty likely to make it harder for you to play to the best of your ability.


For that reason we recommend that you look to find pants that are using moisture wicking materials.


This works because it helps you to make sure that the moisture build-up does not have to become uncomfortable for you moving forward.


It can wick moisture away and stop the chafing problem that has become such a common issue for players.


Especially if you happen to play in humid environments, finding something like a pair of compression pants that can make chaffing less frustrating is a very positive thing.


Keep that in mind, and you shall find it much, much easier to go through with the purchase of the right pair of pants.


The benefits of wearing them


You might think that wearing something like this is not needed, or that you can get away with it.


And while you might be right from time to time, wearing this type of. basketball gear offers you long-term benefits such as:


  • You minimize the risk of muscles being damaged as you keep them compressed and in the right place.


  • Support sore joints, muscles, and bones by keeping the area secure, strong and free from conflict.


  • In wearing these tights, you are ensuring that you minimize the risk of swelling pains.


  • You can support regularly injured parts of the body, minimizing or even fully ending the pain felt.


  • Reducing shock in the bones and joints, keeping muscles from injury-causing shock vibrations.


  • Increasing blood flow, making sure your muscles get more oxygen and thus perform to 100% capacity.


There are many, many benefits for compression pants!


As you can see, there are quite a lot of factors to take into account when you choose to invest in this item.


Before you go ahead and start looking around online for what you think would be the best deal, though, hold on a minute.


You might just want to start taking a look at what we believe are among the best pants for basketball.


So, with a fair amount of choice on the market, it’s pretty easy to get confused.


After all, there is a big difference between the best tights for basketball, and the most expensive ones.


We have spoken in depth above about making sure that you get the right compression pants, so how do you ensure that this is the case?


Easy: review some of the following items.


Following our review of some of the most reliable types of basketball pants, we think that any of the following items make a wise investment for you today.


Top 10 Recommendations


1. Nike Pro Compression Pants



Nike Pro Compression Pants



If you are looking for a solid place to start that also goes with NBA-level kits, you should definitely look at this option by Nike.


They are a solid, all-purpose choice that look good, feel good, and give you a proven manufacturer with a long history of making quality garments for their players.


If you find it hard to get quality machine washable pants, then this are just what you are looking for.


The 90/10 polyester/spandex blend also ensures that they are comfortable, safe to wear, and give you enough flexibility to avoid constraining you as you shoot hoops.


You should absolutely look to try out these Nike compression pants if you are looking for a simple all-around solution to your compression needs, though.


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2. Nike Pro Hyperwarm Nike Men's Pro Hyperwarm Aeroloft Training Compression Tights Medium Wolf Grey: Clothing



Of course, one of the main reasons that you might choose to wear basketball pants is the extra heat.


If you are trying to practice in a cold gym or outdoors, then having pants that give you a comfortable body warmth is highly recommended.


However, while these are quality Nike garments like the option above, they don’t come with the same performance guarantee and longevity promise that you get with other Nike goods.


The fact they offer you a thick yet lightweight pairing to wear while giving you full-length cover, though, is a nice improvement.


While not everyone will find these are right for them, and some find the waistband can be overly prone to folding, these are good pants for basketball.


They definitely make a good, solid pair to add to your wardrobe collection when you are next shopping for quality basketball attire worth paying for.


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3. DRSKIN Compression Pants



DRSKIN 1, 2 or 3 Pack Men’s 3/4 Compression Pants Dry Cool Sports Baselayer Running Workout Active Tights Leggings Thermal



Having grown into quite a competent and well-respected brand, DRSKIN is growing all the time in terms of value.


They are becoming a big name among basketball players who are looking for compression pants that actually manage the compression aspect properly.


If you pick up a pair of these compression pants, then you will absolutely feel them on your body.


That is good, though, as it lets you know that they are keeping the muscles in the right shape and position.


As such, you should find that these work great for anyone who is on the lookout for a pair of compression pants that feel good as soon as they fit to your body.


A solid, snug option that is sure to feel pretty damn good the minute that you first put them on.


Definitely a pair of pants to consider, if a little figure-hugging for some.


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4. Jordan Dry 23 Alpha Compression Pants



NIKE Jordan Dry 23 Alpha 3/4 Men's Training Tights (Black/Dark Grey, X-Large)



Finishing off our recommended Nike pairs, we recommend you investigate this pair quite a lot.


They are strong, sturdy, and stylish. Jordan brand tights are made using the Dri-FIT techniques that have become such a common part of modern Nike attire.


These are designed in a way that minimizes their visibility while making sure the perforations on the leg areas allows for more comfortable air flow.


Now, if the heat of a game picks up to the point where you start to really feel the heat this can give you that bit of extra flow.


Heading into the fourth quarter and want to make sure you aren’t going to be finished off by fatigue? Then you should do yourself a favor and check out these quality compression pants.


Hey, they are carrying the Jordan brand for a reason: they are quality items.


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5. Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Compression Pants for Basketball


Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Compression Pants for Basketball


If you want to avoid any of the ‘big name’ brands listed above, though, you can do so with ease.


These Under Armour compression pants are a fine addition to any collection as they just give you something different.


While Under Armour is a growing name in the US sports network, it has not reached the level of saturation that Nike etc. have.


This means that you can often find their products for either a better price or in less mass-produced condition.


These are great for both warm and cold games, and the thin and lightweight material means you can stay plenty cool when shooting hoops on a warm day or help to retain heat on a colder day.


The main issue that users have a complaint with can be tightness in and around the crotch, but this really does come down to personal size as opposed to a design flaw.


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6. Alphaskin Sports Compression Pants


adidas Men's Alphaskin Tights



You might find that these ¾ length compression pants offer you the kind of room that you are looking for.


Compression is one thing, but you don’t want to feel as if you are wearing the sporting version of a corset as you play.


With these models from Alphaskin, though, you are much more likely to find a model that feels good, fits the body well, and makes sure you aren’t restricted on dribbles and spot-up shots.


You will find that the added Climacool fabric is just what you need if you want to come out of a session without feeling as if your clothes are glued to you.


It feels good, looks great, and leaves you with a pair of compression pants which are absolutely right for you in terms of the look and style you feel most comfortable wearing.


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7. Elite MCS Compression Pants : 2XU Men's Elite MCS Compression Tights : Clothing



If you want to get a good pair of compression pants that aren’t going to feel too right, start here.


Though these are among the most expensive products on our list, it is fair to say that MCS clothing is often worth the money.


2XU’s are some of the most highly rated pants outside of the big name leading brands like Nike, making them a must-consider if you feel like you need that extra attention to detail.


You have many choices to think about when it comes to buying yourself a pair of quality compression pants.


With that in mind, we recommend that you think about trying these out.


They are great for reducing muscle strain, so if you are the kind of player who tends to suffer injury due to your explosive nature then these pants might help to reduce time spent off-court.


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8. Tesla Cool Dry Compression Pants



TSLA 1, 2 or 3 Pack Men's UPF 50+ Compression Pants, UV/SPF Running Tights, Workout Leggings, Cool Dry Yoga Gym Clothes



If you are still intent on avoiding any of the ‘big’ names on the market, then you should try out some of these new Tesla compression pants for ball players.


They are a good, low-cost option that should fit into even the slimmest of budgets. They’re also a good pick for professionals, semi-pros, amateurs and hobbyists alike.


The cheap cost does not mean the quality is diminished, though; these are made to last.


However, the one issue that we have with these is that (and this can be a blessing sometimes) the compression is less tight than you get with other kit.


This can mean that while it does not feel as hugging to the body, it does also mean that it is less likely to keep muscles in the shape and the position that they should be, slightly reducing the positive impact they provide.


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9. TSLA Compression Pants



Sponsored Ad - TSLA Men's Thermal Compression Pants, Athletic Sports Leggings & Running Tights, Wintergear Base Layer Bottoms



Not to be confused with the above, todays TSLA compression pants have become well respected for one reason: they offer great UPF sun protection.


If you play most of your hoops outdoors then having that extra protection can be just what you are looking for if you need an added sense of protection and care for the body as a whole.


TSLA compression pants make an absolutely spectacular choice as they not only help you to stay safe from sun damage to the skin, with 99% protection from harmful UV rays, they also avoid moisture.


The wicking nature of these pants means that moisture is moved away from the body, meaning you aren’t going to feel the same sense of sluggish sweatiness that can come from playing hard for a few hours with friends and family.


Definitely a wise choice to think about investing in.


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10. McDavid 748 Padded Basketball Compression Pants



McDavid 748X Teflx ¾ Length Tight Compression Football and Basketball Girdle



This is a well-respected brand name within the basketball industry.


The McDavid brand has become known for offering solid, padded knee compression pants that are known to be great for those play a lot on outdoor courts.


The extra durability that comes with these also ensures that drops to your knees and similar incidents are less likely to deal with the same kind of knee and muscle damage that you might be used to.


If you find that your body tends to be the victim when you play too hard, you might need some compression pants with padding.


These extra padded options are almost certain to give you the extra protection that you need, making sure you can get back to working hard and playing even harder without having to put your body on the line.


A solid, budget option that just about anyone should have no qualms about wearing when playing.


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Making the right decision


Now that you know what to look out for and what kind of pants you can trust to do a good enough job, it is up to you to start looking around.


We recommend that you look to try and find out what kind of style you think you would like most first and foremost.


For most players, that will come down to things like branding, reputable quality, and actual personal experience.


While you probably don’t want to buy every pair that we have just suggested, you should definitely look to pick up a few pairs of them to compare and contrast.


The best basketball tights are the ones that give you the best comfort and conditioning as you play.


If you find it hard to make that choice, then use this guide to help you stay informed before you make your purchase.


It might take some shopping around and some trial and error, but with the above information, you can acquire compression pants that are worth the money.


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