Good Outdoor Basketball Shoes


Are you looking for some good outdoor basketball shoes? This list can help point you in the right direction of shoes that can handle outdoor play.


Options for buying new basketball shoes are many, but most often, the shoes that you’d purchase to play basketball indoors and the ones you need for proper play on outdoor courts are not the same.


Many basketball shoes are designed with the texture and terrain of indoor courts in mind, and those won’t do the trick on rougher courts.


Fortunately, you’re in luck. Below, you’ll find a list of the top 8 recommended shoes for outdoor courts along with a couple of honorable recommendations.


The Top 8 Best Shoes For Outdoor Play


1. Lebron Soldier XI


Nike Men's Lebron Soldier XII Basketball Shoe


Decidedly one of the most popular basketball shoes available, the Lebron Soldier XI has more than earned its reputation.


The main factor of these shoes is the incredible grip and traction system found on the outsoles.


Because of the carefully crafted, grid-like tread, they grip the court, especially on the rough concrete of outdoor courts.


Besides the tread, the visual appeal of the Lebron Soldier XI shoe is obvious.


Given the design, the Lebron Soldier XI features a surprising amount of cushioning to make each step you take on the court one that is more comfortable and supportive.


The design features a high top look that is always in style and that also provides ample support for the ankle, helping to make the shoe more comfortable from top to bottom.


The attractive lace-less look of the shoe also makes them stand out among the others.


The shoe comes in a variety of colors to choose from to suit your personal style or team jersey colors, and there are limited edition versions available that will really make you stand out.


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2. Under Armour Curry 5


Under Armour Men's Curry 5 Basketball Shoe


The Under Armour Curry 5 is a shoe that keeps things simple, aesthetically speaking, while ramping up the performance that basketball shoes are known to provide.


The shoe makes the best outdoor basketball shoe list because of the unique tread pattern that is found on the outsole.


This three-tread pattern is spread out across the entirety of the outsole, located on the balls of the feet, the heel, the toes and the outer sole.


The patterns are placed in such a way to provide you with the ability to make more dedicated maneuvers and steps to help up your game.


For example, the ball of the foot features treads arranged in a square that give you plenty of traction while moving and pivoting mostly on your toes.


Besides the smart, one-of-a-kind tread placement, the Under Armour Curry 5 also comes with 360-degree lacing that keeps each part of the shoe snugly against the foot so that it doesn’t feel bulky and uncomfortable.


All of this is wrapped up into one stylish package.


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3. Air Jordan 7 Retro


Air Jordan 7 Retro "Hare" - 304775 125


When you’re in the market for new basketball shoes, chances are you’re going to run across one of the most popular lines of basketball shoes most often: Air Jordans.


These shoes have earned their reputation for performance and style, and the Air Jordan 7 Retro is particularly good for those who want this brand of shoe while performing at their best on outdoor courts.


The Air Jordan 7 Retro is remarkably durable and strong, making it a sure match against the rough concrete outdoor basketball courts.


The shoe features an ultra-thick rubber outsole that doesn’t easily wear down, and even the black leather upper is tough enough to last for game after game without wearing down.


The interior of the shoe is designed with comfort in mind and offers a breathable mesh material that won’t allow your feet to get too sweaty and uncomfortable.


Air Jordans have a recognizable high-top design, and that is also true of the Air Jordan 7 Retro.


The high top not only enhances the style but helps to support the ankle all-around.


The color scheme is where the descriptor “Retro” comes in.


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4. Under Armour and their Drive


Under Armour Boys' Drive 4 Basketball Shoe


Upon first glance of this shoe, you can practically see the performance ability of the Under Armour and their Drive.


The shoe is super stylish with various ombre solid colors and a high-top design that takes clear inspiration from the shoe the pros always wear.


The lacing design is an innovative bear trap system that also enhances the aesthetic while also keeping the shoe against the foot, fitting like a sock might.


The mesh upper of the Under Armour and their Drive is fashioned out of ultra-strong, highly flexible material that allows for easy range of motion and total breathability.


The shoe is supported by the durable, thick rubber outsole that won’t easily wear away against the outdoor courts you play on.


The design even features a unique external heel counter that gives you plenty of stability while pivoting and planting your feet.


The shoe also boasts the favorite, traditional high-top design, although it does tend to dip down a little low in the back, providing support in the front but not so much for the backside of the ankle.


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5. Nike Air Visi Pro


Nike Men's Air Visi Pro Vi


The Nike Air Visi Pro is a particularly good pair of shoes for women who are trying to enhance their game.


The shoe is versatile in the way that it can also easily be used for playing on indoor courts, giving you plenty of versatility with how and where you play.


What makes the shoe so perfect for courts of all kinds is the strong outsole that is made from 100 percent rubber that is built to outlast plenty of games to come.


Special grooves on the bottom also afford players to more easily move while wearing the shoe and without feeling constricted.


The midsole of the Nike Air Visi Pro features plenty of cushioning, which is fashioned out of a tough phylon, ensuring that the padding and support that it brings doesn’t make the shoe feel too heavy and bulky.


The lightweight shoe begins a bit stiff but is able to quickly be broken in, so you can get out on the court sooner rather than later.


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6. Performance Court Fury Basketball Shoes


adidas Performance Men's Court Fury Basketball Shoe


Adidas is known for being one of the most widely available and versatile brands of shoes for various sports, and that is true about basketball as well.


The Performance Court Fury Basketball Shoe is the first shoe Adidas has created specifically for basketball, and they certainly deliver.


The sole of the shoe is super durable while offering excellent traction both for outdoor and indoor courts alike.


The design also features a synthetic upper that is just as durable as the sole itself, making the shoe perfect for tackling rough play on concrete outdoor courts.


Inside of the Performance Court Fury Basketball Shoe is a heel insert that is made with Adidas’ one-of-a-kind Adiprene+ technology that provides you with plenty of cushioning, perfect for rebounding.


The insole of the shoe is super-soft, offering plenty of comfort and padding against the rough court while also making it possible to easily and swiftly change directions.


When it comes to aesthetics, the Performance Court Fury Basketball Shoe doesn’t disappoint with its classic design featuring black and white colors and the iconic Adidas logo.


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7. AND1 Fantom


Image result for and1 men's fantom 2-m basketball shoe


AND1 is one of the most well-known, popular brands of basketball shoes among players, making them a tried-and-true choice for best basketball shoes.


The AND1 Fantom shoe is especially good for players who are looking for a high-quality shoe that won’t break the bank or sacrifice quality for price.


The sole is resistant to abrasion from constant friction on the courts, and it utilizes treads that are strategically placed for the ultimate level of traction and grip.


The rubber sole of the shoe has a seamless construction that is especially beneficial for outdoor courts, as it won’t easily come apart after playing again and again on rough courts—which is what usually happens with shoes with seams after some time.


In terms of comfort, the AND1 Fantom also features vents that are laser cut into the shoe in order to provide plenty of air circulation, ensuring that your feet stay cool and dry no matter how long you play.


Thanks to the flexibility of the mesh upper, each movement you make is comfortable and easy, and each step you take will feel lightweight and free from bulk.


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8. AND1 Rocket 4.0


AND 1 Men's Rocket 4.0 Basketball Shoe


Another good choice from AND1 is the AND1 Rocket 4.0.


The shoe is every bit as good as the Fantom in terms of its durability and performance, as well as the affordability.


The first thing you will likely notice is the style of the shoe that offers a handsome synthetic leather design that makes it stand out among the others on the court.


In terms of how the shoe benefits players on outdoor basketball courts, the Rocket has a high-traction rubber outsole that is built specifically for outlasting hard, concrete, rough surfaces like the ones found on such courts.


Another note of durability worth mentioning is the near seamless construction that helps stop the average wear and tear of seamed shoes.


The AND1 Rocket 4.0 also features a mid-height ankle shaft, which offers support without limiting the range of motion, letting you make quick turns on a dime.


Both the ankle shaft and the mesh tongue are amply padded but aren’t bulky, ensuring that the shoe will stay lightweight and breathable.


This allows your feet to stay cool and dry and won’t weigh you down when you play.


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Honorable Mentions


9. Adidas D Rose 7


adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Primeknit Basketball Shoe


The Adidas D Rose 7 is considered to be the signature basketball shoe that Derrick Rose, the point guard of the Timberwolves, wears, but the shoe is great for reasons that have nothing to do with aesthetics and style.


The D Rose 7 can easily be used both on indoor and outdoor courts alike, thanks to the ultra-thick rubber outsole that will keep you stable on your feet even on rough concrete courts.


The Adidas D Rose 7 goes a step further toward support and comfort, thanks to the high ankle shaft that helps to support and balance those who have low arches.


The ankle shaft measures a total height of 5.5 inches, a much taller shaft than many other high-top basketball shoes in a similar vein.


Because of the molded collar, there is plenty of extra room inside for those who need a little extra support and want or need to wear an ankle brace.


The shoe allows for total versatility and customization due to all of the extra space, so you can make sure that you have everything you specifically need to play at your best.


The high-ankle guard also ensures that the shoe fits your foot well, holds on tight and won’t slip around.


The upper of the Adidas D Rose 7 has also been designed for your total comfort.


This is due to the breathable synthetic mesh that is designed to keep your feet nice and cool, ensuring no wet feet no matter how long you play.


The mesh is also lightweight and conforms easily to your feet to reduce that feeling of bulkiness and to make them super lightweight.


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10. Under Armor Jet Mid


Under Armour Men's Jet Mid Basketball Shoe, Black/Steel/White, Medium


The Under Armor Jet Mid is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes for women and is designed to fit women’s feet more easily because of it.


Women can enjoy the versatility of the Under Armor Jet Mid that allows them to wear the shoe both on indoor and outdoor courts alike, no matter the material.


The 100 percent rubber outsole is remarkably and visibly thick, providing the stability and toughness you need to outlast any rough play on the court.


The traction is also great for concrete courts specifically.


The high-top design of the Under Armor Jet Mid not only gives it a classic basketball-shoe look, but it also serves a purpose.


The high-ankle guard helps to support your ankle while you play without getting in the way of your movements.


Inside of the shoe is a thick insole that works with the outsole to help absorb the shock of jumping and running on asphalt or concrete courts.


The lightweight mesh upper also helps push plenty of air into and out of the shoe to keep your feet cool.


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11. Nike Hyperdunk TB


NIKE Men's Hyperdunk X TB Basketball Shoe AR0467-600 University Red/Black-White 7.5 D(M) US


You can go for that classic basketball-shoe look and silhouette and get all of the support for outdoor play that you need in one place with the Nike Hyperdunk TB.


The shoe features an extra-high-top design that not only makes you stand out on the court but also delivers total ankle support in a way that shorter ankle guards cannot.


The shoe also offers better mobility so you can change directions and make quick movements more easily.


The super-thick rubber outsole of the Nike Hyperdunk TB is extra thick and will last for many games to come on wooden and concrete floors alike.


Furthermore, they are quite responsive, making them great for more than just sticking easily to the textures of outdoor courts.


The Nike Hyperdunk TB shoe features forefeet and heels that are engineered using Nike’s Zoom Air technology that makes the cushioning super responsive and can absorb shock effortlessly.


This also helps you to move more quickly and to take better control over your style of play.


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12. Reebok Q96 Crossexamine


Reebok Men's Q96 Crossexamine Basketball Shoe


Reebok is one of the most well-known, popular brands of athletic shoes, and the Reebok Q96 Crossexamine is a part of their high-performance basketball shoe line.


The tough tread on the 100 percent rubber sole of the shoe is what makes it perfect for outdoor concrete courts, as the traction grooves on the outsole are super deep and grooved.


Besides the ability to help you play for longer on outdoor courts, the Reebok Q96 Crossexamine is also made for providing you plenty of comfort at every step.


The upper is fashioned out of synthetic material that is super breathable and light, so that it doesn’t feel bulky and heavy on the feet and allows for plenty of breathability.


Within the shoe is plenty of room for you to insert any custom insoles that suit your needs.


With the high-ankle sleeve and spacious footbed also comes plenty of support from toe to ankle.


Choose from four different colors that will let you choose the design that best suits your needs and will have you looking great on the court.


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13. Nike KD 8


NIKE KD 8 Men's Basketball Shoes


The Nike KD 8 takes clear inspiration from the shoes of the iconic player Kevin Durant and is definitely one of the best-looking shoes that money can buy.


The Nike KD 8 will be instantly recognizable among other players while still being subtle enough in style to fit into any personal style wants or to match the colors of your team’s jerseys.


The shoe features a simple, low-profile design that also looks great off of the court.


The Nike KD 8 features Nike Flyweave construction that gives the upper a super breathable, lightweight feel without feeling cheap to the touch.


The breathability of the shoe helps keep your feet cool and dry no matter how long you play, while also ensuring that the shoe won’t feel bulky or weighed down while you play.


The 100 percent rubber outsole of the Nike KD 8 provides plenty of resistance against damage from hard concrete outdoor courts while offering all of the traction that you need.


The extra wide footbed also gives you plenty of additional stability while both pivoting and planting the feet.


There are four different tread patterns on the outsole that are designed to give you superior grip.


The Nike KD 8 Flywire cable lacing system across the midsole keeps the shoe anchored securely to your foot in a snug way that will reduce bulk and make you feel lighter on your feet.


The footbed also provides excellent shock absorption and response to quick, hard movements.


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14. Adidas Performance Cloudfoam


adidas Men's Cloudfoam Ultimate


Yet another quality choice from the famous Adidas brand, the Adidas Performance Cloudfoam basketball shoe is ideal for those who are looking for the perfect blend between outstanding traction on rough outdoor courts and plenty of comfort for easy gameplay for hours on end.


The name suggests that the shoe feels like walking or playing on a cloud, and that IS exactly how it feels.


This is due to the Cloudfoam sock liner inside and the midsole of the shoe that helps to provide you with plenty of support and soft, yet strong cushioning that makes each step a dream.


The leather upper of the Adidas Performance Cloudfoam is durable, but tough, with tightly woven fabric that won’t easily succumb to wear and tear from consistent playing.


Most importantly, the particular type of support of the Cloudfoam is also perfect for those who experience foot problems of any kind, so they can keep playing with the same level of comfort as anyone else.


The Adidas Performance Cloudfoam also features a strong, thick leather outsole that is super durable, and a combination of the leather material plus the extra treads on the bottom of the outsole will help keep you stable on your feet.


The shoe even features high-ankle sleeve supports that extend the comfort and support up to the ankles, letting you change directions quickly and comfortably.


The tongue is thickly padded but not too heavy to help ensure that the shoe remains breathable for cool, dry comfort for hours on end.


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Final Thoughts


There are certain basketball shoes that are better suited for playing on indoor courts that are smooth and even, but those shoes aren’t going to provide you with the same level of traction and support that playing on outdoor courts necessitate.


This list has provided you with an expanse of what is considered to be some of the best shoes on the market, each with its own unique benefits to suit your style of play and comfort needs.

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