Christmas Gifts for Basketball Players


Are you trying to find Christmas gifts for basketball players? It’s never too early to start thinking about getting a holiday gift for the basketball lover in your life.


This is especially true for those basketball players in your life who often seem to have everything they need to enjoy their favorite game.


While your ballplayer may have his own ball and hoop, there are still many accessories and apparel options that you can choose to ensure that your gift is well appreciated for a long time.


Whether looking for something big that can be played by all or for a simple novelty gift that will bring a smile to a basketball player’s face, there are a variety of items available that will make for an excellent Christmas gift.


Consider some of these options if you are considering getting a basketball-themed gift for your loved one.


Top 15 Christmas Ideas For Basketball Lovers


1. Personalized Basketball Custom Medals


The basketball custom medal is round, with a smooth surface, using 3D craftsmanship, with a lifelike basketball drawn in the middle, making it look three-dimensional and delicate. The medal also has a name and logo that can be added to the surface to show that it is unique.


If you give a basketball fan a unique custom basketball medal, he will be happy and moved. Each medal has a unique meaning and represents respect for each individual’s efforts.


The sheen of the medal represents the warm glow of friendship, a symbol of honor and encouragement. Custom Medals are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and craftsmanship, making a meaningful gift for basketball players.

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2. Ball Hog Hand Grip Strengthener



Ball Hog Hand Grip Strengthener


Basketball is a game that requires immense hand strength, and you can’t get it all just by dribbling and shooting.


For those times when you can’t be on the court playing ball, this strengthener is effective, discreet, and portable, so you can keep strong hands at any time of the day.


While this can be used by pretty much anybody, the qualities that allow it to strengthen your arms, wrists, hands, forearms, and fingers make it ideal for basketball players.


Another reason this is a great gift is that some players try to develop a competitive advantage by becoming ambidextrous (using the right and left hand equally well) just like the top players; Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and Lebron James.


Also, for those who have had troubles with arthritis or carpal tunnel, or may just suffer from weak wrists, this is a great tool to use at any time.


It will certainly help to improve your ballgame whether you use it throughout the day or only on a weekly basis!


Since this is a smaller item it will make for a great stocking stuffer for Christmas morning!


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3. LI-NING Daily Fresh Basketball Shoes

LI-NING Daily Fresh Basketball Shoes



While these may not be branded with the biggest names in professional basketball, the Daily Fresh Basketball Shoes provide a sleek, impressive look while also being extremely comfortable and durable.


These are a great low-price option as an extra pair of basketball shoes that will be sure to work great in both practice and on the court in highly competitive games.


They are a fantastic addition to anybody’s rotation of basketball shoes and with five colors to choose from, your favorite basketball player won’t be lacking in options to go with his or her wardrobe.


They are made with highly breathable synthetic leather, meaning that feet will stay dry and comfortable throughout any game or night out on the town.


The LI-NING Cloud midsole makes for a lot of cushioning that improve performance and help to prevent injury.


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4. Wallniture Sporta Ball Holder

Wallniture Sporta Ball Holder

Nobody wants a basketball rolling around on the ground all the time – it creates a tripping hazard and may even get attacked by pets.


With the Wallniture basketball holder, you can place a ball on the wall in a stable position, ready to be grabbed whenever you want to get outside and shoot hoops!


This comes with simple mounting hardware and will be ready for use in no time.


These are a great deal, so you can even buy several holders so that you can hold a playing ball and other souvenir balls such as those that might have autographs or historical significance.


Trophy balls look great on these holders!


These can go anywhere – the living room, the garage, the basement, or even in a bedroom for those who want to admire the basketballs throughout the day.


They are not only a great looking item but offer maximum convenience for those who don’t want to spend time searching for a ball that might have rolled away or become stuck under furniture.


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5. Sable Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop

Sable Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop

For the basketball player who also has a pool, this inflatable basketball hoop will ensure that he gets all of his reps in, even while swimming!


This is an excellent hoop for practicing alone or playing with a group of friends, and it makes a great gift for kids, teenagers, and adults alike.


It comes with a quick-fill valve which means that you won’t need to a pump to get this up and ready to enjoy.


There are also 2 repair patches included just in case you encounter some problems when you are playing with the hoop.


Fortunately, it is very strong and durable and shouldn’t need much maintenance at all.


This is truly a fantastic gift for the basketball lover in your family as it will allow them to keep improving their skills even when they aren’t on the court.

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6. Ambesonne Sports Décor Basketball Curtains

Ambesonne Sports Décor Basketball Curtains

Basketball enthusiasts love to showcase their passion for the game, and what better way than with some colorful curtains!


Coming in at 90 inches long and 108 inches wide, these curtains will cover even the largest of windows and will look great while doing so!


With a very cool looking basketball, these are quite a spectacle to behold.


They are machine washable and easy to hang up on any curtain rod, so there shouldn’t be any issues getting these to stay clean and to look brand new throughout the life of the curtains.


These curtains go a long way into turning your child’s room into a virtual basketball haven. He’ll be the talk of the town with his cool new curtains to go along with other basketball themes!


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7. Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby

Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest player in the history of basketball and one of the greatest overall athletes of all time.


It’s no wonder that so many basketball players, both young and old, look up to him and try to emulate his abilities.


Almost 20 years after his final game, people still want to be like Mike and study his life and habits in order to gain a competitive edge.


This book by Roland Lazenby provides great detail into Jordan’s life, looking at his early years a childhood basketball player and many of the failures that he had to overcome on his quest to become the greatest of all time.


Readers will learn about his highly competitive spirit and his ability to help elevate those around him to create some of the greatest overall teams in the history of the game.


This isn’t just a book about basketball – it’s about everything that it takes to be a true competitor in every aspect of life.


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8. NightMatch Lightup Basketball

NightMatch Lightup Basketball

In many cases, enthusiasm for basketball extends well past the daylight hours.


Without an indoor court or a properly lit driveway, this can be a major burden for those who want to play at night.


With the NightMatch Lightup Basketball, anybody can play at night without worrying about losing the ball in the darkness!


This feels just like a real basketball, but it lights up on impact and has no problem bouncing.


This is done thanks to state-of-the-art impact activated LEDs that stay lit up during play until the ball is idle for 30 seconds.


It comes with a pump and 2 extra sets of batteries, so there is plenty for you to start with. In addition to all of this, the ball is waterproof so you can even play in the rain at night if so desired!


This official sized ball is a fantastic gift for anybody that wants to play the game throughout the day and night.


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9. Natural Art Basketball Sports Themed Canvas Wall Art

Natural Art Basketball Sports Themed Canvas Wall Art

Kids, teens, and adults that love basketball often enjoy putting up basketball-themed artwork, and it’s easy to see why.


This natural artwork is great for any basketball love and will transform their room into a fun basketball related haven that will impress friends for years to come.


It provides a classy look without being too flashy, and the neutral colors are sure to match with any home décor that you currently have.


These canvas paintings will look great in any room, from your kitchen or living room to your kid’s bedroom, or even as an addition to a garage or basement man cave.


They can be hung as-is or put into wooden frames that you supply on your own, so they will accommodate any look that you desire.


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10. Giveuwant 3D Sports Basketball Duvet

Giveuwant 3D Sports Basketball Duvet

What kid doesn’t want to sleep in a basketball-themed bed?


This duvet cover gives an awesome look and maximum comfort for the future basketball star in your life and will send him to sleep with the best dreams about basketball throughout the night.


Available in Twin, Queen, and Full Sizes, you can have this duvet for virtually any bed in your home.


It is double sided, allowing you two different fun designs that can give you a different look based on your preference.


With the appearance of a 3D basketball, this is an impressive piece of work and will keep your child excited for a long time.


They aren’t just a novelty either, these sheets are comfortable, functional, and durable.


The microfiber material is very breathable but will provide plenty of warmth on colder nights.


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11. GoSports Basketball Xtaman Dummy Defender Training Mannequin

GoSports Basketball Xtaman Dummy Defender Training Mannequin

It can be tough to get all of your reps in when you’re training alone, but there are certain tools that can make it feel more like a real game.


This Dummy Defender is a functional item that will help any player become a better defender.


There’s no replacement for another live player, but this is the next best thing!


By shooting over this mannequin defender, players will be forced to elevate their shots while keeping their eye on the rim.


You can also put this right in the lane so that you can improve your dribbling and driving abilities in addition to your shooting.


As this was designed by professional coaches and players, you know that it will simulate the real deal as well as a dummy can!


It also folds up into a small, portable package, meaning that you won’t have to make room somewhere that it doesn’t belong, and that it can travel anywhere with you!


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12. AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer

AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer

Dribbling is often overlooked as an important skill, but it is a vital one and requires just as much practice as shooting as defending.


This dribble trainer will help players of any age become quicker, more agile, and more evasive on the court.


It is important to be able to dribble past your defenders and make the open shots, and this is the perfect tool for that!


With flexible arms that simulate those of another player, you can set this up to custom levels in order to focus on several different types of dribbling techniques.


You can fill the base up with water to add more weight so that it won’t topple over as you get more aggressive with your technique.


This means more time spent dribbling and less time spent resetting the trainer!


It folds up into a lightweight package, so it can be taken anywhere that you want to practice your skills. Even if there is no hoop, you can still improve your game with this trainer!


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13. TeeStars- Eat Sleep Basketball Repeat Hoodie

TeeStars- Eat Sleep Basketball Repeat Hoodie

For the female basketball fan in your life, this hoodie is a wonderful gift that will keep her warm and comfortable during the winter months.


Made with a mix of cotton and polyester, it is the perfect material for watching games or simply lounging on the couch.


The clever slogan “Eat, Sleep, Basketball, Repeat” lets the world know how much of a fan she is of the great game of basketball.


This is a high-quality piece of clothing that should last any great basketball fan for years and is perfect for a female basketball player or fan.


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14. MadSportsStuff Baller Basketball Socks

MadSportsStuff Baller Basketball Socks

Socks may not be the most glamorous gift, but for the serious ballplayer, a good collection of high-quality socks is a must.


Intense games of ball can really take their toll on cheaper socks that aren’t designed for basketball, so it is best to have plenty of padded, well-designed socks that can stand up to the game.


These ones don’t just provide comfort and durability, they also provide swagger!


With “baller” written down one leg and a picture of a basketball on the other, these are great looking socks that get the job done both on and off the court.


You may not think that giving socks as a present would be well-received, but any basketball player will appreciate the thought put into this functional and attractive gift.


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15. UNK NBA Men’s Basketball Active Woven Shorts

UNK NBA Men’s Basketball Active Woven Shorts

You can never have too many pairs of basketball shorts, and these provide the option of including the logo of your loved one’s favorite team!


With an elastic enclosure and made of 100% polyester, these are high-performance shorts that can be worn during any game or practice session, or simply while hanging around the house and enjoying a day off.


These are extremely comfortable and provide a cool, relaxed look that has become a classic for basketball players and enthusiasts alike.


They are made of moisture-wicking materials, so they won’t become too sweaty or uncomfortable no matter how hot it is outside or on the court.


The relaxed fit means that they will always be a great choice to wear at any time of day.


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16. Nike Jordan Boys Youth Classic Mesh Jersey Shirt

Nike Jordan Boys Youth Classic Mesh Jersey Shirt

As long as you’re getting socks and basketball shorts, might as well complete the outfit with a nice jersey, right?


Every basketball player knows who Michael Jordan is, and it’s a status symbol to wear any of his Air Jordan products.


They aren’t only extremely comfortable; they are highly functional and will look great on the court and out on the town.


This mesh jersey shirt is a bit more casual than what is worn at NBA games, so it doesn’t have to just be worn when playing games or practicing.


However, it performs fantastically on the court, as it is moisture-wicking and made from 100% polyester material.


Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you will have no problem finding one that is perfect for the future basketball star in your life.


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Bonus Recommendations


17. Katop Garage RoofMount Basketball Hoop System

Katop Garage RoofMount Basketball Hoop System

If your son or daughter has to go to the gym to use the basketball court, this may just be the best Christmas present that you can buy.


A roof-mounted system provides a benefit for both the child and parent alike, as it stays out of the way of the driveway and can be adjusted depending on the age and size of the player involved.


If you’re interested in getting a basketball hoop for your driveway, then make sure you check out this post which discusses the best options.


This particular product is easily installed and will be sure to provide hours of fun for your child as he practices, organizes full games, and learns more and more about the game as the day goes on.


There is no better gift than being able to play basketball in the comfort of your own driveway, and this will cut down on driving time and allow for maximum performance down the line.


A Rooftop basketball system is a wonderful Christmas gift for any fan.


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18. SKLZ Quick Ladder

SKLZ Quick Ladder

Footwork is just as important a part of basketball as dribbling, shooting, and blocking, so this SKLZ Quick Ladder is an excellent addition to any training arsenal.


It’s designed to help improve lateral speed, acceleration, and change of direction – all moves that are required in order to fake out opponents and gain the upper hand when driving to the net or shooting from downtown.


The quick ladder also helps with balance, body control, and overall rhythm, giving any basketball player a more complete game and allowing them to go toe-to-toe with their competition.


Moreover, it folds up into a small package, so it’s easy to bring anywhere for practice – even on vacation.


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19. Gorilla Basketball Net System

Gorilla Basketball Net System

You can’t have enough practice systems in place in order to improve your game, and this Gorilla net system is a fun and convenient way to make your practice sessions more fun and convenient.


By rebounding the ball back into player no matter what the outcome of your shot, you won’t have to chase balls around the driveway or out into the street.


This makes it a safe alternative to other systems, and allows you to spend more time shooting, dribbling, and driving than you would be able to if you didn’t have the net for insurance.


On top of that, it folds down into a discreet package behind the basketball pole, and it is easy to do so.


This is perfect for the player who wants to get as much time practicing in as possible, whether alone or with friends or teammates.


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20. NBA Cooltime Lunch Kit

NBA Cooltime Lunch Kit

Every kid needs a lunchbox, and what better way to impress the basketball fan in your life than with one that includes the logo of their favorite NBA team!


These polyester lunch boxes provide all the protection and cooling power of the highest quality ones on the market, but also come with the stamp of approval from the NBA team of their choice.


They are lightweight and will keep food cool or warm, making sure that your son or daughter has the proper nutrition before his big game or practice session.


There is even a removable tray that allows you to separate food into sections and provides for easier cleanup.


This may not help them with their actual game of basketball, but it will definitely show their passion for the sport and allow them to showcase their favorite team in the league before they go out on their own to play the game.


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Basketball players and fans are very passionate about the game, and they will certainly appreciate any Christmas gifts that involve it.


Whether you are just looking for small trinkets or large-ticket items that might change the way they play basketball forever, these are some excellent options and will be sure to impress them and make them happy for a long time to come.


While there may be too many options for you to buy them all, even a few will go a long way as Christmas presents.

  1. It’s always a good idea to start your Christmas shopping early so I’m glad I stumbled upon your nice selection of gifts for basketball players. I really like the Ball Hog Hand Grip Strengthener that can also be used for somebody who has arthritic hands (might get that for myself). I also like that the book on Michael Jordan doesn’t just discuss basketball, but also what it takes to be a great competitor. You’ve done a fine job putting this list together 🙂

    • Thank you and yeah it’s best to get it done early. If you wait too long then all the good stuff may disappear before you know it. Good to see you planning ahead!


  2. I just realized it’s best to start doing Christmas shopping early once I saw your post. These are some great Christmas presents for basketball players and I would’ve never thought of them. One of my friends is real passionate about basketball and I’ll bet that he’d love some of these items! I think the basketball dribble trainer or the basketball holder might be useful for him, thanks for sharing this!

    • You’re welcome and feel free to tell him about this site so he can check out other basketball-related articles.


  3. I’ve always tried to find the perfect Christmas gift for my friend who’s a basketball player, however, it seems like he has most of what he needs already. I would’ve never thought of some of the options listed here. I’m kind of leaning between the Dribble Trainer or the Quick Ladder, you know something he’ll actually use. Anyway thanks for providing all these great ideas, they’re very helpful.

    • Sure no problem, and I hope you find the right gift for your friend. The quick ladder and dribble trainer are pretty good choices so if you get either of them or both, I’m sure he’ll be satisfied.


  4. Wow, what an impressive list of gifts for basketball players. This list shows thinking outside the box. I never would have thought of some of these gifts myself so I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into this list. It’s awesome.

    And for the cherry on top…your writing style is flows easily and natural. I loved this post so much.

    • Thank you for your compliments I really appreciate it, and I’m glad the list helped you out.


  5. Hello James,

    A friend of mine has been asking me if I knew any good deals for a basketball hoop to put outside of his house in the street. I’ve only seen the whole stand system with the hoop but this seems more practical  – The garage Roof-Mount Basketball Hoop System you are advertising. I’ll be sure to refer it to him so he can purchase it. Thanks for providing this post!


    • No problem, and thank you for recommending my site to your friend.



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