Best Socks For Basketball


Where can you find the best socks for basketball that can keep you shooting hoops like a pro?


When it comes to buying the right kind of attire to play basketball in, you might find it tough to choose.


Basketball can be a confusing sport to buy for because the actual equipment that you can wear on-court is so varied.


Listen to one player and they might have a completely different idea of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ to wear on the court from one another!


If you are in this position, then you might not be sure about everything to wear on the court.


From the kind of basketball shorts to wear to what the best basketball clothing for the upper body is, there is much to choose.


Even your shoes matter – but another matter to take into account is your socks. Yes, that’s right: it matters a great what kind of basketball socks you happen to wear on the court.


Want to make sure you buy the best type of socks? Then keep reading on. In this guide, we’ll break down the best kinds of basketball socks to focus on if you want to make every dollar spent count.


First off, you should ask yourself, “What matters to me when I am buying socks for basketball?”


As a baller, one issue you might have when buying socks is working out what the big deal is. After all, it’s just a pair of socks – right? Wrong!


Just like the footwear you play in does make a big difference to your game comfort, socks matter. They are more than just an accessory that players choose to look cool and unique.


No, good quality socks in a basketball game can be the difference between a soft landing and a rough one. It can be the difference between feeling comfortable on your feet or succumbing to an injury.


It can be the difference between getting enough elevation to put in a contested 3-pointer or lacking the balance on your feet to get the shot off in time.


What, though, are some of the most important factors when buying this specific type of apparel?


What should you be paying attention to when you are looking at the various options out there?


We have a simple list. Make sure that you ask the following questions of any potential basketball socks you think about buying.


What material is used?


The first thing to focus on is the material. Who wants to buy socks that leave you itching and chafing?


The best socks are ones that should go on the foot and not leave you feeling you are itching all over the body.


Keep that in mind, and you should find it easier to buy socks made from a material that feels nice on the foot.


Typically, you want something that is Dri-Fit by nature. This is because our feet need to be able to breathe properly or you run the risk of your feet sweating and thus losing grip on the floor.


Always focus on the material as it is decisive in making sure you can get around the court without slipping. The sooner your socks can stick to the sole of your shoes, the better you will start to play overall.


What height are the socks?


Below, we have a list of the best options for both high-rise and low-rise socks. In truth this comes down to personal choice.


Every player is different; some of us hate lower socks and want more protection on the leg. Others want to have their socks as minimal as possible.


However, while this is mostly a stylistic choice, it is something that you need to keep in mind closely.


Why? Because the height of your socks is a big talking point. The height of any sock that you have in your collection should be something that you personally find comfortable.


Do not worry about what others like – try a pair of low-rise and high-rise socks and see which you think is the most (or least) annoying style for you.


Only then will you know exactly what brand feels best when you put it on.


How thick is the material?


Strangely, many people buying basketball socks will not take into account the importance of the material thickness.


You should therefore take the time to look into just how thick the material itself is. Again, this can come down to personal choice.


Thicker material is likely to nag and annoy your ankles and your feet, while thinner material is less likely to provide protection.


Thicker socks can also be better for ‘forcing’ your ankles into the right place. That might sound painful, but it really isn’t as difficult as it might sound.


Thicker socks, though, will typically be right for those who might prefer to have muscles more packed up.


Particularly if you are just back from injury or have injury proneness in your muscles, you should focus on trying to get a pair of socks which are going to be thicker and thus more comfortable.


Thickness is not something that you might have thought about too much, but the right kind of thickness can minimize injury.


For those who prefer more lightweight sporting gear, though, it might also feel as if you are being weighed down somewhat, so keep that in mind when choosing attire.


Do they have the right kind of banding?


Banding is not something that you might think of in a sock, but they impact the longevity of any sock quite massively.


Indeed, if you want to make sure that you buy a sock that is going to fit you without any issue then you should focus on the banding first and foremost.


Banding is a small yet durable piece of elastic which will be found in the upper portion of a sock. This will help to lengthen or shorten the sock if you were to pull on the banding.


This will make sure that your socks stay in place as you play, while making sure that they are easy for you to slack off if you feel like your feet are being swallowed a bit by the socks.


Again, more of a stylistic preference, but definitely something to keep in mind when buying.


Foot support


While you should not expect socks alone to be the sole support of your foot, the support they provide is still very important.


Look for something with suitable cushioning and support for the arches for your feet. If you do this you are much more likely to find that your feet are going to feel more suitably supported as you play.


For example, if you are someone who has problems with the arches of your feet then you need socks that can pad the arch.


Given how the sport of basketball is played, arch support is essential as you run the risk of damaging or hurting a very sensitive part of the foot otherwise.


Try and focus on the foot support that you get with this particular kind of sock, because it matters.


Footwear has to support your ability to play safely, so make sure it can provide you with enough cushioning and arch support as you play.


If you are looking to buy quality basketball socks, then we recommend that you try and focus on the below lists and brands.


We have reviewed a whole host of b-ball socks, and we think that the below models make some of the best on the market today.


It can be tough to pick out a good quality basketball sock on your own, but it does not have to be a major stress – to make it easier, though, here are some ideas to consider.


By using the above list, you should know what matters. What, though, is the difference between a ‘good’ brand of basketball socks and the best basketball socks?


Typically, it will come down to value for money and longevity. Here, then, are some socks which are sure to give you extra value back when bought.



Top 10 Basketball Socks



1. Nike Crew-1 Socks



NIKE Performance Cushion Crew Socks with Band (6 Pairs)



The best place to start, we find, is with the big names of the industry. And Nike are probably the biggest sporting brand in basketball.


That might explain why you are likely to find that Nike socks are among the best selections for general wear.


These are made using a happy blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex. This gives them extra flex which is useful in a game of b-ball.


They are easily cleaned in the machine, too, meaning you don’t need to worry about specific functions to get them clean enough to keep wearing.


The high quality material ensures that these are some premium socks if you’re looking for high-value, high-lifespan socks.


Other basketball socks can wear out fast, but this particular brand of Nike socks should last as long as a proper replica basketball shirt – more than a few seasons, anyway!


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2. Nike Dri-Fit Elite Socks


NIKE Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks (1 Pair)


If you want to step it up a bit from the more generic option above, you might wish to focus on the Nike Dri-Fit Elite range.


These are a touch more expensive but these are unisex, multi-design options that you could easily blend to just about any uniform that you are wearing out there on the court at the moment.


However, you will probably want to buy these from somewhere that allows returns. This is for one simple reason – the sizing can be a bit weird to find in your exact fit.


And since the best socks are the ones that fit your feet snuggly, you want a pair that are not going to become an irritant as you take shots on and the like.


So, make sure that you buy these from somewhere that can offer footwear returns otherwise consider buying them very carefully.


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3. Nike Elite Versatility



Nike Men's Elite Versatility Mid Basketball Socks



For guys looking for quality basketball socks, consider the Elite Versatility range from Nike.


Some people find them a touch too tight, but if you find other socks to be too loose you might prefer these.


The majority of wings will find these are more suited to your style of leg and ankle profile.


They are made to give you a well-ventilated sock that allows for easy breathability around the food.


Also, the 360-degree support around the ankle means that you aren’t quite as likely to suffer from an ankle twist or strain when hitting some shots.


Also, they are good for adding extra grip to your shoes. Even some of the best basketball socks can be quite hard to get grip with on the soles of your shoes, making it much easier for you to slip or fall.


Overall, though, these tighter options work well long-term.


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4. Adidas Superlite Speed



adidas Men's Superlite No Show Socks (2-pack)



These socks are a good rival to most of the popular Nike models that we have listed above.


These lightweight and low profile sports socks make some of the best basketball socks if you are looking for something a bit more robust.


The simple nature of the design means they should blend with all but the most specific of looks, uniforms, and shoe combinations.


You also should get two pairs in a single pack, which helps to add to the long-term value for money that you get back from your purchase.


The smart combination of using nylon, polyester, spandex and rubber helps to make shoes which can insulate your feet from wear and tear when playing on a rougher court.


While the lower profile nature does not provide the same ankle support overall, it should be enough to give your feet the extra grip in-shoe they require.


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5. Champion Low Cut Socks



Champion Men's 6 Pack Low Cut Socks



Not every player enjoys playing in higher socks, and if you are someone who likes lower cut socks start here.


These Champion models are quite nice with lower cuts and they’re very comfortable to wear.


Available in casual black and white, too, they should be able to blend in with just about any kind of chosen footwear.


The mix of cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex helps to add extra stretch and life to the socks.


Now, players should have no problem moving from direction to direction at short notice without worrying about their socks fraying or being torn in any capacity.


Typically a good choice for anyone who is looking for a bit of extra attention to detail.


A wonderful starting place for just about any player who prefers their socks to be lower down as opposed to higher up here.


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6. Under Armour Cotton 2.0



Under Armour Adult Charged Cotton 2.0 Crew Socks, 6-Pairs



These are the perfect socks if you are a player who has oily skin and thus wastes most of your socks quicker than expected.


Under Armour socks are some of the best on the market today as they provide an excellent Dri-Fit fabric material.


This is ideal for making sure that sweat does not build up and thus limit your grip on the court or anything of the sort.


You will find the happy mix of cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex offers enough durability and robustness that these should never feel worn out or weak on you.


A fine investment that is almost certain give you all of the support that you need to feel your feet moving just fine within your shoes.


They are also great as the added cushioning can minimize regular injuries – especially those caused when taking on difficult jump shots and dunks requiring tough landing.


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7. HOFAM Unisex Compression Socks



ACTINPUT Compression Socks (8 Pairs) for Women & Men 15-20mmHg - Best Medical,Running,Nursing,Hiking,Recovery & Flight Socks



Some of us love the feeling of compression wear, while others would have to be paid to wear compression material for more than a few minutes.


However, if you are a fan of this style of clothing then you should find that HOFAM Unisex compression socks make a very wise and comfortable choice.


These should feel good as they give your feet that added bounce, spring, and protection that you need when playing.


On top of that, you should find that these socks help to minimize injury as they keep the crucial parts of your feet and ankles in the right place as you jump, shoot, and move around the court.


Keeping injuries down should always be a positive part of play, and these are some of the best socks on the market for helping to insulate your body from potential injury.


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8. HXST Dri-Fit Crew Socks

Hxst Dri-fit Cushion Basketball Crew Socks - 3 Pair Pack

Affordable and easy to wear for hours on end, these 3-pack socks are some of the best socks on the market.


They come in numerous sizes and color schemes, making it easy to make sure you are wearing socks that aren’t going to look too out of place with what you would normally have chosen to wear.


They also give you extra support around the foot and the ankle area. Users find they help to reduce the risk of injury because of that added and insulated support.


If you find that you are suffering from a lot of sprains and twists then you might wish to try these out.


Injury prevention should be a big part of your priorities, and we highly recommend you focus on this as a matter of urgency. For those who want to minimize risk, consider these outsiders.


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9. Muryobao Training Socks



Muryobao Men's Cotton Sports Athletic Compression Socks Elite Basketball Cushioned Mid-crew Training Socks Black, Mens (6.5-11.5) US at Amazon Men's Clothing store



A good starting place for just about anyone who wants a more interesting brand, though, is the training socks by Muryobao.


This particular brand is still growing but are already recognized as having a good standard of sock.


The use of stretch nylon and spandex helps to make their combed cotton socks stretch further, avoiding chafing or irritation of the feet.


Also, these are some quality socks if you are looking for a unisex option.


Many male and female specific socks can be a bit too particular, making it tough to find a fit that you are happy with.


These socks, though, are a simple addition to your collection. They are made using a Coolmax fabric, too, which helps to keep the feet dry and clean as you play.


A good starting option if you are looking for an outsider brand.


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10. Thorlos Thick Socks








If you find that most of the socks that you have looked at so far may be too thin, look at these.


Most players prefer a thinner sock but if you are someone who prefers a thickness to your footwear, then Thorlos has a pretty nifty option.


These are thick padded to give your feet the extra protection, especially around the ankle area.


Many players find that injury and wear and tear to the ankle area is the most common injury that they can face off against.


This gives you a much easier time of making sure that your feet no longer feel quite so painful after a match-up.


That extra thickness is useful if you are playing outdoors, too, as it gives you that extra bit of insulation from the potential chill if you happen to do much of your b-ball practice later at night.


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Buying the best socks; what will you choose?


Now, we hope that you fully appreciate just how unique the industry is. There are many competing options that could legitimately be thought of as the best basketball socks for your own particular foot style.


It isn’t always easy to choose, which is why we highly recommend you try and use some of the above models for a starting guide.


Once you have taken a look at each of the options we’ve recommended on this list, though, we think it’s wise to then evaluate each model on individual criteria.


We can’t tell you what materials you like to feel in your hands or what your skin might react negatively to.


Just know that if you buy any of the above options, you will be buying quality socks which are supposed to make your b-ball sessions even more enjoyable. Best of luck, and enjoy!

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