Best Basketball Shoes for Guards


For anyone thinking about getting into basketball, you need to know the importance of buying the right kind of shoes.


Now, for everyone who has played basketball, you already know that your shoe type is determined by your position.


For example, if you are playing guard then you need to find the right kind of shoes for a guard. What, then, are the best basketball shoes for guards?


Do you know what kind of shoes you would most likely go for if it was your choice? If not, read on.


We’re going to break down all of the crucial factors that really matte when choosing basketball shoes for guards.


It can be tough to pick, so let us help you understand a bit more about the complexity of your decision.


With so many pairs of shoes to think about on the market, it can be easy to get confused and frustrated.


Let’s help you avoid that frustration, though, by breaking down all of the details that you need.


Before you and go out and buy basketball shoes for guards, it pays to know what you should be buying.


Guards have their own needs on the court, so what should your shoes offer in terms of a solution?


With so much to think about, it’s easy to be unsure of what kind of shoe you would like to wear. As a guard, you need to have plenty of mobility and flexibility.


All of that turning and chasing means you need to have shoes that turn with the demands of the court!


Start with the suitable support


For us, the first problem that you tend to run into when you get a pair of basketball shoes is the support.


Support is vital for any point guard, which is why we recommend that you always look to get supportive shoes.


Look for shoes that have a secure level of build, with materials always of a high standard. We always recommend that you look at buying footwear that comes with a heel counter.


This will stop your heel from sloping around the place within the shoe, meaning that your feet are totally secure within the footwear.


Always look for shoes that make it feel as if you have next to no movement in your feet. However, this shouldn’t be quite so tight around about the toe areas.


You want your toes to be able to wiggle around so that you can easily jump and run without issue.


It’s also good to remember that you should always look to get shoes that feel comfortable during usage.


If they feel good before workout, but a little snug, try a bigger size up. Your feet shall swell during a workout, so they need to be supportive after swelling, not before!


What about the comfort factor?


No matter how good a pair of shoes might help to boost performance, it’s not worth feeling uncomfortable for.


If you are looking to buy a good pair of basketball shoes for a guard, then you want something comfortable.


You are going to be one of the most active players on the court, so you want shoes that can feel as tight to your feet as a pair of socks.


Try and avoid getting something with excessive cushion within them.


Cushioning to excess limits response and hinders balance as you come down to land from a jump.


‘As such, we recommend that you look for something with a thicker heel and a touch more cushioning than the average basketball shoe.


It’s going to allow for the floor to feel more in contact with your moves.


Basically a guard wants to focus on finding a pair of shoes which is going to allow them to land without feeling as if they even have a pair of kicks on.


The more minimalistic it can be, the better it’s likely to be for you. Comfort, then, is not something you should ignore.


Always think about the traction


Another important step in buying a good quality pair of basketball shoes for a guard is the traction. Traction is not something that you could ever really ignore.


Traction is going to be useful for making sure you can switch directions quickly, as you need to as a guard, without slipping or losing control.


You need to be able to stay focused, stay on your feet, and land the right moves.


We recommend that you always look for something with a pattern that is quite loose.


Anything that is too tight can pick up a lot of dirt from the court, leading to you losing traction over time. Something with a circular pattern tends to give you the best traction, we think.


Though it should always be a personal choice, we recommend that you look primarily at footwear with a solid level of traction first and foremost.


This is likely to produce the best results for you when on the court.


The main challenge that you probably have is making sure you can pick up a good pair of kicks that allow for multi-directional turning.


Herringbone patterns are best for that, as are circular patterns.


Are they going to last?


Next up, let’s look at how likely it is that your shoes are going to actually stay in a good condition. Buy the wrong kind of shoes, and you will likely be waiting for them to just fall apart on you.


However, you don’t want to be doing that kind of thing; not at all.


We recommend that if you do want to have some fun then you should get shoes that are made to be durable.


As a PG, you are going to be wearing shoes out a bit faster than some other positions. So, always make sure that you get a pair of shoes with pristine stitching.


Stitching that is damaged is likely to leave you with a few issues.


Always go for something with a tighter kind of stitching. It’s important to avoid shoes with no-sew overlays, though, as they do tend to wear out a bit faster.


The better the stitching, the more likely it is that you won’t be shopping around for a new pair of shoes again in a few short days.


So, keep that in mind when you are looking around. It should go some way to making sure you don’t wind up with shoes that are damaged beyond belief after a few months!


Getting value for your money


We’ve got some great ideas for best basketball shoes for guards below.


Before you go and make the purchase, though, you should always try to make sure you are happy with the quality.


We’ll always focus on making sure that all of the products we suggest below can give you at least some of the above.


This will make it much more likely that you get a pair of sneakers you can be truly happy with moving forward.


Still trying to work out what you need to know? No problem!


We’ve broken down a few key questions here. This should help you make sure you pick from the best shoes below here.


Does my weight impact on the shoes I buy?


We typically find that the larger you are, the larger your shoes can be. If you are a player who carries a fair amount of power, then you will want to get heavier shoes.


As a guard, though, you are more likely to be on the lighter side.


So, you want to have shoes that give you as little restriction in movement and top speed as you can.


Try and look for shoes that are lightweight and flexible, especially if you are in the middle of changing your direction.


What kind of fit should I get from my shoes?


Basketball shoes for a guard should have a different fit to other positions.


You will want to make sure that you have enough support around your shoes, especially if you need to be doing a lot of jumping and then landing.


If you want to make sure you can get around the place quickly, though, you want to get shoes with a strong and thick support on the bottom.


Typically, we would say that you want to get shoes that come with a strong support and a higher top would be most suited to a guard today.


Choosing the ideal sneakers for a guard 


Need a hand choosing still? We understand.


So, if you need a hand choosing, use the following information to your advantage.


1. Adidas Crazylight Boost

adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018 Black/White/CRB Basketball Shoes (DB1070)

The Boost is a good place to start for those who want to make cushioning their ideal priority. These come with a full-length BOOST cushion.


Compared to almost every other shoe in the collection we have for you, these should come out as one of the most effective shoes to go for.


They look good, they feel good, and they come with a low top.


If you would prefer a higher top finish, though, these might not be ideal for you.


They also usually need to be closed pretty snug to the feet to stop the heel from slipping around inside.


For the price, though, these are among the ideal basketball shoes for guards.


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They are affordable and they come with a solid TPU wrapping.


This helps to keep the foot from slipping too much. Really, the only downside is the fact that the heel can mov around just a touch too freely inside the shoe.


If you are looking for shoes with great overall stability, though, these make a fine place to begin with.


They are also great given their affordable cost compared to alternative options that you might come across if you are looking around.


2. Nike Jordan DNA LX

Jordan Men's DNA LX Basketball Shoes AO2649

Wanting to find some quality shoes? Then take a look at these popular Nike Jordan DNA LX sets.


We would recommend them to most guards who are looking for something long-term.


While they need a patience due to the prolonged break-in period, they are very comfortable indeed once you get the right kind of structure and fit to the shoes.


The reliable standard of the break-in will ensure that once you get there, they retain that added comfort.


The flyknit upper is a nice touch, adding a comprehensive finish and a very modern look to the shoe.


They also come with a very comfortable circular traction pattern, meaning that you can easily turn and move without any of the usual jutting and discomfort.


A fine choice for all manner of reasons, our Nike Jordan DNA LX shoes are a fine choice for numerous reasons.


Take a look at them, then, and you can easily make your shopping trip a touch easier.


It’s just about making sure you can have enough support as a guard, and these offer that support in abundance.


If your aim is to find shoes that require little effort to move in, take a look here.


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3. Adidas Dame 4

adidas Men's Dame 4

The Adidas Dame 4 is a very, very popular choice of shoes for a point guard. This option tends to be a good pick because of the tremendous traction within them.


They would probably be our diamond choice, too, if you mostly play on poor condition courts.


These shoes also tend to have the most wear and tear resistance of any model on this list, and should easily avoid further damage and scuffing. If your aim is to get a pair of shoes that can last, be sure to look here.


They also tend to come with that BOUNCE cushioning.


This allows you to bounce around the place and explode from one angle to the next, making sure your pace and your agility is never held back nor diminished.


This is essential to making sure you can enjoy a simpler and generally easier experience as you move around the place.


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4. Under Amour Curry 3

Under Armour Men's Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

A good pick for a lot of people, we find, is the Under Armour Curry 3.


Though they can be a bit tough to size and you might need to try your own size plus one up/down, they are excellent shoes.


For the price that you pay, you are getting a pair of basketball kicks with a carbon fiber shank.


You often only see that in much more expensive shoes.


They are a good choice for those who want to get a pair of kicks for playing guard that leave you with plenty of shock absorption.


This can take more or less any punishment that you throw at it. With the charged cushioning included, your foot can quite literally bounce along when wearing this.


It’s got a great traction pattern that allows you to move in numerous directions at once, too.


That’s why if you are looking for something with pure solidity that we recommend you try out the Under Armour Curry 3.


It’s not perfect due to the sizing, but it’s a fine pair of shoes for a guard.


If you need shoes that can minimise foot fatigue after quick movements, look no further.


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5. Adidas Harden 2

adidas Men's Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoe

The Harden would be the ideal choice for anyone who is going to be applying mostly indoors.


These are not quite so well suited to life on the outdoor courts, as they simply are not made for those conditions.


For a guard, though, these make a damn fin choice of sneakers to go for.


They look good, they feel good, and they should sit nice and comfortably.


Just remember to wear a higher pair of socks with these, though; they do tend to grate a touch on the skin if you don’t.


With the use of the popular BOOST cushioning, though, these can give you a happy sense of comfort when you come down from a jump or when you need to shift directions quickly.


They come with a cool custom lacing system, too, so they generally make a good pick for most people we speak to.


If you are looking for something solid, stylish, yet simple, be sure to look at these particular shoes for a start.


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6. Nike Zoom KD10

Nike Zoom KD10 NFS Men's Basketball Shoes CD6455 676

The Nike Zoom isn’t our first pair of Nikes on the list, but they tend to be great for those who want a short-term option.


Though their long-term survivability is very much in question, they are great for how long they last.


For one, they use a circular traction pattern to make sure you aren’t going to be worried about slipping and sliding your way through the upcoming match.


This will keep you well secure so that you can play without any uncertainty around your feet.


They also come with quite a unique lacing system as well as a flyknit upper.


These are great for making sure you can get a solid pair of Nike shoes that keep your feet moving along the ground with total comfort.


It’s just what you need for something a bit more suitable, comfortable, and generally reliable. Definitely worth looking into.


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7. Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Men's Kyrie 5 Nylon Basketball Shoes

The Kyrie 5 set is a good choice of shoes for those who want something that’s very easy to make your own.


Once you get over the slightly prolonged beak-in process, these shoes should be among the most comfortable that you can pick up today.


They make an excellent choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact that they tend to feel so good upon contact with your feet.


As we said above, though, don’t expect to be wearing someone else’s shoes.


These come with their own personal break-in calendar, which can mean more than a fair amount of waiting around to get the job done.


It’s a good choice, though, those who are looking for a pair of Nike shoes that come with the Flywire support system.


Add in the quality of ankle support and the Air Zoom turbo tech, and you can see why these are such a modern choice for high-flying players.


For guards who are looking for an easy way to keep their feet in good condition, this is the perfect place to begin.


It’s just what you need if you are looking for a reliable pair of Nike shoes; just be ready to wear them in!


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8. Adidas Pro Bounce

adidas Men's Pro Bounce 2019 Basketball Shoe

For most players, the Pro Bounce is probably the best place to start.


If you are looking to buy a quality pair of basketball shoes for a guard, then start here.


While they do tend to run quite large, they are a solid all-around pair of shoes.


If high and consistent performance is your primary aim, then you should be looking at these shoes.


The extra ankle support is very nice, but the fact they use that popular Geofit construction system ensures that they are built for comfort and long lifespan.


The added joy of the bounce cushioning ensures that you can enjoy a much easier and simpler experience overall, too.


The added extra ankle support is good for those who maybe have ankle issues, too. If you need some extra hold-up and strength around the ankle, then you should absolutely try out these shoes.


The added strength of the bounce will ensure that you can move around completely comfortably, removing the need for discomfort even on a weaker ankle.


Just remember that these do tend to run quite large. So, you’ll have to look very closely to better understand what that means for you.


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Buying the right sneakers for you


With so much to think about, buying the best basketball kicks for guards can be a strenuous experience.


If you feel like you are getting more of a headache than a help, then be sure to look at all of the sneakers we have listed above.


Though all of them come with their own little issues, and it’s hard to find the perfect sneakers for you, you should get some great insight from the above options.


So, the question is, which sneakers do you think are the right pick for you? What do you like the most?

  1. Interesting and pretty thorough read about basketball shoes.  

    I never knew that your position determined which shoes you’d wear.  I guess that’s how long ago since my playing days when Air Jordans were all the rage.


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