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My name is James E, and Hoop Wiz is comprised of a team that does in-depth research to provide high quality recommendations.


At this time, the website is managed by myself and a few other individuals.


At a young age, I had a strong passion for basketball and not only played the game growing up, but also read a couple of biographies on some of the best players.


I learned quite a bit about the sport and still enjoy different aspects of the game.


After giving it some serious thought, I decided to turn my childhood interest into a website so I could share some insight with others.


In order to provide accurate information, I assembled a devout team to help me with finding the right products, programs and procedures for basketball-related topics.


Before we publish our articles, the verification process usually consists of analyzing other blogs, reviews, and third-party sites to ensure our users find products that are the best fit for them.


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