Best Basketball Goggles


Much like with any other sport, basketball players have ways to protect themselves from various injuries on the court.


One of the most obvious examples would be supportive shoes that keep them from damaging tendons or twisting their ankles.


However, there are some other ways for players to protect themselves in a way that could be often overlooked: basketball goggles.


Basketball goggles serve the important purpose of protecting one’s eyes from scratching or the knocks of a basketball should it be poorly shot and hit the face of a player.


They’ve become popular over the years, but they haven’t always been around.


Basketball goggles began being used when players realized they needed something else to help them see while on the court.


Those who wore glasses didn’t want to wear them on the court to help correct their vision due to the risk of them getting damaged or falling off and breaking.


Because the need for goggles was realized long before contact lenses and corrective eye surgery were popular, another method was needed.


Today, basketball goggles have become so popular that they are even a part of famous players’ styles, including Horace Grant of the Chicago Bulls.


In this article, we’ll show you some of the best basketball goggles around to make it easier for you to find the perfect pair for you to protect your eyes on the court.


Features for Your Specific Needs


Just like basketball players are varied in aspects like play style, basketball goggles, too, come in many variations that mix and match various details.


It is important to consider just what it is that you specifically need from a pair of basketball goggles before purchasing them.


Each of the goggles that manufacturers produce has its own benefits, then, that could suit you better than another company’s goggles.


Paying attention to the combination of features is an important step in choosing the best goggles for you specifically.


Other Features to Consider


Alongside these important features, there are other features that different goggle manufacturers can add on their own that make them stand out outside of the typical designs.


As an example, if you’re hoping to get a solid frame for your basketball goggles but want to add custom lenses, you’ll want to make sure the lenses that come with the goggles are able to be removed in order to make this possible.


They may also offer material stronger than standard polycarbonate or could make their straps and fastenings out of materials that fall outside of the norm.


Top 8 Best Goggles For Basketball


1. HEAD Impulse Anti Fog Protective Eyewear



HEAD Impulse Protective Eyewear



The HEAD Impulse Anti Fog Protective Eyewear features total coverage across the eyes in order to help you focus on the game without getting distracted.


The lenses come with anti-fog coating on the inside that prevents them from getting a layer of condensation on them, helping improve your visibility.


The extended lenses are ideal for those who need better focus keeping their attention in the game.


Each pair is fashioned out of top quality plastic that won’t easily break, even against impact damages and can withstand being dropped again and again without so much as cracking.


The adjustable strap on the goggles ensures you can fasten them into a comfortable position on your head regardless of its shape or size.


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2. SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribble Goggles



SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribbling Goggles



The SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribble Goggles are ready to not only protect your eyes from any impact but also work overtime to keep your goggles from fogging up.


This is due to the anti-fog coating found on the inside, stopping any condensation from building up, while the perfectly transparent lenses ensure there is nothing at all getting in the way of your sight.


These goggles are versatile, thanks to their one size fits all design with an adjustable strap that makes them perfect for grown adults and teenagers alike.


They are remarkably lightweight in order to stop them from feeling like they are weighing your face down and to prevent any marks from forming.


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3. Swivel Vision Sports Goggles



Swivel Vision- Sports Vision Training Goggles



With the Swivel Vision Sports Goggles, you are encouraged to keep your eyes right ahead of you.


They help you learn to focus on dribbling by your sense of touch instead of your sense of sight, helping to make you a more efficient player in the long run by training what is thought of as your “athletic vision.”


Because of the premium thick strap, you can easily adjust these goggles to the ideal size for your head, eliminating the need to have to keep adjusting them again and again.


They feature a sleek, neutral black hue that allows them to easily be worked into any uniform color your team might wear, giving it a stylish finishing touch.


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4. EverSport Protective Glasses Safety Goggles



Safety Glasses Goggles, Protective Eyewear Goggles Resistant Wrap-Around Lenses Eyewear Protective Glasses for Work Labs (...



For players who prefer something sleeker, more stylish and minimalistic, the EverSport Protective Glasses Safety Goggles are ideal.


These goggles look more like a pair of glasses than they do goggles but still provide you with the protection that you need to stay safely in the game.


The sideless rims provide an extended view around you, making you more responsive. This gives you the protective qualities you need and all of the style you want.


For those who wear corrective lenses, you can switch out the lenses included in these for your prescription instead.


The strap on the goggles aren’t adjustable, however, so if you have a smaller head, these might be too loose.


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5. Ponosoon Sports Goggles for Basketball : PONOSOON Sports Goggles for Basketball Football Volleyball Hockey Paintball Lacrosse 851 (Blue) : Sports & Outdoors



Ideal for players who want to dribble more efficiently, the Ponosoon Sports Goggles for Basketball keep your gaze where it needs to be, so you can focus more on dribbling by the feel of it instead of watching your hands.


They offer full protection around the front and sides of the eyes to reduce damage from impact, and the anti-fog coating stops condensation from building up and inhibiting your vision.


The goggles are made out of lightweight materials that will not press into your face or leave marks behind. Even the nose has extra padding to ensure your comfort. The adjustable straps make them ideal for everyone from small children to adults.


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6. Unique-Sports Dribble Specs



Unique Sports Dribble Specs Basketball Training Aid, Black



Comfortable, durable and sleek, the Unique-Sports Dribble Specs provide you with the protection you need against impact damage.


For players who tend to get headaches from wearing goggles for long periods of time, these goggles will provide you with relief.


They are made out of high quality materials that still manage to be super lightweight, keeping them resting in a light and comfortable way all day long.


The lightweight nature and one size fits all design makes them just as well-suited for adult players as they do for kids, making them quite versatile.


Finally, they are geared toward helping you aim when dunking, making your ability to handle the ball more efficiently an easy task.


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7. Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses



Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses Football Perfect Personality Goggles



These Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses put emphasis on your ability to stay focused on the game as much as they do protecting your eyes and eyesight.


They are lightweight and easy to wear for long periods of time without digging into your face and leaving behind marks.


Their lightweight nature also makes them perfect for those who suffer from headaches if they wear headgear for too long.


Even with their lightweight design, they are still constructed out of premium, durable, top quality plastic that won’t easily crack or otherwise cave to impact damage.


The thick strap is comfortable and adjustable, able to fit most sizes of heads, making them perfect for teens and adults alike.


On the downside, one thing to note is they do not have anti-fog technology, so you may have a hard time seeing occasionally.


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8. Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Sports Goggles



Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles



Finally, the Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Sports Goggles are ideal for anyone who has a hard time finding goggles that fit them appropriately.


They come with interchangeable straps to help you find the perfect fit for you and can be further customized, thanks to the ability to swap out the lenses for something custom.


They are also resistant to fog, helping to keep you clear-sighted as you play.


The goggles are lightweight, scratch resistant and comfortable, making them versatile and useful for any player.


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Honorable Mentions


9. Basketball Dribble Goggles 10 Pack Plus Workout DVD : HoopsKing Basketball Dribble Goggles 10 Pack Plus Workout DVD : Sports & Outdoors



These goggles are specifically designed to help players continue to look forward when playing, helping to train them to more naturally dribble by feel instead of sight.


They are one size fits all and feature an adjustable strap to help players get the proper fit and to make sure they aren’t having to constantly stop and adjust them.


They also include a workout DVD to help you train between games.


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10. Protective Goggles Sports Glasses



Professional Sports Goggles Protective Safety Goggles Basketball Glasses for Men with Adjustable Strap for Basketball Football Volleyball Hockey Rugby Grey - -



The lenses of these sports glasses are ideal for those who wear corrective lenses, as they can be swapped out for your prescription.


By choosing these, you won’t have to rely on contact lenses to get you through the game.


These also boast an adjustable strap that wraps snugly around the back of the head to eliminate the need for constant adjustment in-game.


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11. Wrap Goggles Sports Glasses Eyewear Basketball Soccer With Case



Nihao Wrap Goggles Sports Glasses Eyewear Basketball Soccer with Case (Black) - -



With these goggles, resisting damage from high-impact hits is made possible. Even scratches are no match for these sports glasses thanks to their anti-scratch lens.


There is silicone lining around the forehead and the nose to provide total comfort without sealing in the eyes too tightly and causing issues with fogging.


The adjustable headband promises the ideal fit no matter the size of your head, and the goggles come complete with both a case to protect them when you aren’t wearing them and a cloth to clean them.


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12. New Basketball / Football Sports Glasses Anti Fog Anti Collision Sports Goggles BL016


New Basketball / Football Sports Glasses Anti Fog Anti Collision Sports Goggles BL016



For kids who want to play more safely and look like their favorite basketball stars, these sports glasses are ready to help.


They feature framing made to be impact-resistant to protect the eyes from damage the same as adult glasses do and come with anti-fog lenses to keep their vision clear.


Each pair is made out of soft, comfortable, lightweight plastic. The included case makes it easier for kids to take care of them when they aren’t wearing them.


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Basketball Goggles Buying Guide


Safety Technology


Since the purpose of the basketball goggles is to protect your eyes from damage, the durability of the lenses is paramount.


You’ll want to look for goggles that are made out of strong materials such as polycarbonate to ensure they can handle the impact and shock of having something launched at them.


These lenses need to be strong enough not to crack or come loose and separate from the frames while you play.




In the same vein, you’ll need to be sure the frames of the goggles are every bit as strong as the lenses since they are what holds the important lenses in place.


Polycarbonate is a good material to shoot for here, as it will make the goggles virtually indestructible against the force of a basketball being launched at them or a player elbow checking you in the face.




The fastenings go a long way toward keeping your goggles securely in place, so you won’t need to constantly be adjusting them while playing.


There are two main types of fastenings, including temple pieces and goggle straps, that you can choose from to ensure the goggles fit you well and can be sized to your unique size and shape if needed.


Each has its own benefits and each player has their own preference, so consider what will work best for you in the long term when you’re choosing which type to go for.


Lightweight Feel


Because basketball games and practices go on for hours, the ability to wear the goggles without feeling heavy on your face and leaving marks is important.


You’ll want goggles that are lightweight for that reason, and often, you’ll be able to tell the weight on any listing for goggles.


Be sure you pay attention to that detail when you can and do not overlook it.




Similarly, in an effort to keep the goggles from distracting you and digging into your face, you want to look for goggles that have ample padding.


The padding is trickier, as the more padding that the goggles have is not necessarily an indicator of their quality or comfort.


If the goggles have too much padding around the lenses, it can actually reduce the amount of air circulation that can move around the eyes, resulting in decreased visibility due to fogging.


Instead, look for padding, specifically rubber padding, found on the temples, the bridge and the front of the googles.


This will allow for plenty of airflow while also softening the blow of any hit.




Much like any other piece of equipment or accessory, the proper size and fit is going to go a long way toward your comfort and your efficiency when playing.


If the goggles do not properly fit, they run the risk of sealing off your eyes too tightly with or without proper padding.


If they are too loose, then you may find yourself constantly pushing them up and adjusting them on your face, making you less efficient and more distracted.


Not only this, but you want to eliminate gaps between the goggles and the eyes to stop any dirt from getting inside.


A good idea for reference when choosing the size of your goggles is to size them similarly to any glasses you may wear to correct your vision.




Besides protecting your eyes, the main goal of goggles is to allow you to see better when you’re playing.


They help to not only keep sweat out of the eyes but also help with making your vision clearer on the court.


There are two main types of visibility lenses: anti-reflective and anti-fog. Anti-reflective lenses put emphasis on what is going on outside of the goggles in terms of the lights on the court.


These types of lenses reduce the halo effects around lights that could be distracting to you as you play at night.


They are also great at toning down any glare that might come off of those same lights and make it difficult to see details.


This feature comes in handy particularly during night games or when playing on a freshly waxed court that shines with the lights above it.


Conversely, anti-fog lenses put their focus on what’s going on behind the goggles—your eyes directly. They do exactly what they suggest: keep your goggles from fogging up while you play.


This is usually made possible with a coating on the inside of the goggles.


The coating that is used to reduce fogging may also get in the way of any anti-reflective qualities on the outside of the lenses, and so many players tend to choose the anti-reflective over the anti-fog.


As mentioned, a pair of quality, well-fitting goggles will usually be enough to stop them from fogging up in the first place.


Why It’s Important to Wear Goggles


  • Goggles protect your eyes first and foremost from any outside influences, such as lights, the wind, and of course, basketballs hitting your face.


  • Goggles help you keep a clear view of the space ahead of you without having to tilt your head.


  • For outdoor play specifically, they help keep irritants like dust, smoke, smog and even insects from getting in your eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it really safe to wear sports glasses when you play basketball?


A: Yes, it is safe, and it is specifically one of the main reasons that players wear them.


Sports glasses keep players safe from rogue objects, basketballs and even other players in order to protect your vision, avoid scratched corneas and more.


Q: Why should you wear basketball goggles?


A: As mentioned, basketball goggles work to save you from injury while you play, both by reducing any chance of damage from impact and from getting particles in the eye.


Wearing goggles, especially when it comes to padded goggles, can go a long way to protect your eyes; basketball goggles have been thought to reduce eye injuries on the court by up to 90 percent.


In the event that you still get an injury while wearing them, they can reduce the impact and the severity of the injury.


Q: What NBA stars have worn goggles?


A: One of the first players who ever wore basketball goggles was Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He put them on to provide extra protection for his eyes due to the fact that in 1968, he suffered from a scratched cornea.


Again in 1974, he endured yet another serious eye injury. In an effort to protect himself from any further issues, he began to wear them.


Horace Grant is another basketball player who is known to wear them to protect his eyes.


This Chicago Bull star eventually no longer felt the need to wear them, but in an effort to encourage children playing basketball to wear their own protective goggles, he kept wearing them all the same.


Final Thoughts


Before stepping foot out onto the court, you should make sure you are adequately protected against any risk of injuries while playing.


Basketball goggles are an excellent, tried and true way to protect your eyes from various types of damage, including scratches, black eyes, bruises and more.


There are many types of basketball goggles made from a variety of materials boasting just as many features to choose from.


In this article, we’ve explored the best basketball goggles as well as the most efficient way in choosing the one that best suits you all in one place in order to spare you from having to trawl the internet to find information on your own.

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