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Trying to find the best basketball shoes for women? Make sure you read this article in full before you make your final decision.


Basketball shoes matter.


They can make a difference in your jump height, help prevent you from injury, and aid you in tight turns on a slippery court.


A good pair of shoes can make the difference between an average performance and an impressive one.


If you happen to be a female basketball player, it becomes that much harder to find a great pair of shoes that fits all your needs and comes in the right shoe size.


If you’re struggling to find the best basketball shoes for women, this simple guide was made for you.


Now, once you’re done reviewing the initial set of 6, the next step is to look for certain criteria near the bottom of this post just to make sure you find the right shoe for you.


We have curated a list of our top favorite women’s basketball shoes. These amazing shoes made the cut.


Top 6 Picks for Women’s Basketball Shoes


1. Under Armour’s UA Clutch Fit Drive 3



Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Low Basketball Shoes



For many basketball players, performance is more important than looks—but what if you could have both?


The Clutch Fit Drive 3 by Under Armour is an extremely flashy shoe, with breathtaking designs and color that pops.


It’s also a hi-top with solid protection for your ankles, and outsoles with unparalleled grip.


The Clutch Fit Upper wraps around your foot, cradling and protecting it from damage.


A full length Micro G sockliner keeps you feeling comfortable and cool, and the Charge Cushioning protects the bottom of your feet.


Every individual aspect of this shoe was looked at from the perspective of comfort and protection, and this shoe delivers all the way.


Customers who purchased this shoe raved about its comfort in their reviews, even after hours of game play.


The outsole also delivers protection indirectly, with a herringbone traction pattern that helps keep your grip so moments where your ankles might be in danger never happen in the first place.


Of all the shoes on our list, this shoe had the broadest number of happy people playing basketball in them.


With so much to offer, it is simply amazing that they are beautiful as well, with stunning patterns and colors.


Even if you’re not looking for a pretty shoe, this one delivers in everything else too.



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2. Under Armour Women’s Jet



Under Armour Women's Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe



This shoe is one of the latest designs for women’s basketball shoes, and has a lot to offer women’s basketball players who are looking for a solid shoe without a bank breaking price.


Although this shoe is not the most expensive to make our list, it has a great many of the features of a great shoe.


The Jet is made out of sturdy materials, including durable mesh and vented synthetic uppers for breathability.


The padded mesh heel collar keeps the shoe from sliding around on your foot, and the molded full length midsole gives your foot plenty of support.


All this means a great shoe that conforms well to your foot, but that of course is useless without a good tread.


The Under Armour doesn’t disappoint here with a multidirectional-treaded rubber outsole that grips the court well and can hold a little bit of dust.


This is a mid top shoe, and reviews from customers who have purchased it have been very positive.


Those who have bought it report moderate arch support, just the right amount of cushion, and shoes that work well with narrow feet or long toes.


Nearly everyone who has purchased them also say they are true to size, which is useful for figuring out what to order when you buy this shoe.



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3. Under Armor Micro G Torch 4



Under Armour Micro G Torch



Another excellent piece by Under Armour, the Micro G Torch 4 is best known for its excellent traction.


Indoor courts are infamous for being slippery, especially if they are not kept immaculately clean and free from dust.


It seems like even the tiniest speck of dust on your shoes can leave you slipping and sliding.


With the Micro G Torch 4, you’ll feel secure in your grip as you race down the court. Of course, grip isn’t all that it has to offer.


It also offers an upper with no creases! If tiny little creases in the upper drive you crazy, this is definitely a perk you’ll love.


This shoe also corrects a common problem with under armor shoes, lack of ventilation. While the improvement of the ventilation is obvious, it’s still not quite as well ventilated as some other brands.


This shoe is excellent quality, but it does have a few minor flaws. One of these is that they appear to be built for narrow feet, so those who have broad feet may find this shoe uncomfortable.


Another potential problem is that it isn’t quite as supportive as other shoes, so this shoe may be best for guards, forwards, or other smaller players.



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4. AND 1 Women’s Overdrive Basketball Shoe | AND 1 Women's Overdrive Basketball Shoe | Basketball



One of the nicest features on this shoe is the radial Herringbone pattern on the outsole. This traction is designed for pivoting, keeping your grip secure even on your tightest turns and craziest moves.


Outriggers on the side of the shoe also aid in traction and offer support during turns, helping to avoid injury while boosting performance.


The materials for the rest of the shoe are very breathable, including a hybrid mesh and synthetic construction that is a good compromise between durable and breathable.


Finally, this shoe is positively eye catching. The bright purple color is attention grabbing compared to other more modest shoes, and it has some interesting detailing that truly makes it unique.


If you’ve been looking for something one of a kind, this is a great option.


This shoe tends to run smaller, so if you plan to purchase these shoes choose a size that is half to even a full size bigger for optimum fit.



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5. Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W Basketball Shoe


Adidas Women's Pro Model Zero W Basketball Shoe

Adidas is another household name in the basketball world. They have many wonderful basketball shoes out there for men and women, but the Pro Model Zero W is definitely a favorite.


This flashy shoe isn’t all looks, but has many features that will help you improve your game.


The shoe is made of synthetic materials, including the upper and a Kurim toe shell for improved protection. The outsole is rubber, scuff proof, and provides superior traction.


The cushioned midsole offers the ultimate comfort to your feet even after long hours of game play, and a padded inner lining adds to the comfort.


The overall finish is a shoe that does the job well, while also being sturdy enough to hold up in tough play.


This is all you can really ask for in a shoe, but Adidas as always takes it a step farther and has made them eye catching as well.


Adidas also managed to bring a certain amount of style to this hi-top as well, with four colors including red, blue, white and black.


These color options allow you to be as flashy or as modest as you like, and leather detailing on the shoe adds to its attractiveness.


The one drawback to this shoe is that it does need a break-in period before it offers optimum performance.


If you’re fine with working towards a great pair of shoes, this model has everything you need to help you bring your best game.


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6. Nike Women’s Air Visi Pro V



Women's Nike Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoe



Nike has some of the best shoes out there, so it’s no surprise that a Nike pair made our top picks list.


The shoe comes with the proprietary Nike Air technology, which provides bouncy cushion in the heel that helps make you safer while you play.


The materials for this shoe include phylon foam cushioning for superior comfort, and rubber soles with the classic herringbone pattern for quality traction.


The shoe uses a traditionally laced model, which means you won’t have to fuss with zippers, straps, or fancy tying systems to get them on your feet.


The overall feel of the shoe is very light and breathable, and more importantly the shoe is designed to keep water away from your feet which means you’ll be cool and comfortable while you play.


While this is a wonderful shoe, as with any shoe there are people it is not a good fit for.


The low tops on these may leave your ankles vulnerable, and should not be used by players who spend a lot of time twisting and turning, or for those who need support with ankle injuries.


This shoe may also need a break in period, which means it takes a while for it to reach its full potential.



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Honorable Mentions:


While the above shoes are our top picks, there are a few other shoes that are definitely worth looking at, but weren’t quite as ideal as our main shoe selection.


If you read our other reviews and still didn’t find quite what you were looking for, these shoes may have what you need.


7. Nike Womens Son of Force Shoes



Nike Womens Son of Force



Nike is a very reputable company for basketball shoes, and this offering from them is one of the best out there.


The cushioned heel collar cradles your foot and provides superior grip. The upper is made from synthetic material that can hold up to even your toughest seasons.


The high quality rubber sole provides great traction that will help you keep your grip on even dusty courts as you move and twist through a game.


Vent holes for breathability help keep your feet cool, and traditional laces provide easy, no fuss secures.


Finally, the shoe itself is very beautiful.


While looks are secondary when it comes down to a great game, if you can find an awesome shoe and look great too, why not?



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8. Under Armour Womens UA Torch Fade Basketball



Under Armour Men's Torch Fade Basketball Shoe



An excellent piece by Under Armour is the Touch Fade. This women’s basketball shoe is a high top, so if you need added security for your ankles this is an excellent option.


This shoe features a lightweight quality leather upper for durability, and a Charged Cushioning midsole to help absorb shock from running and jumping.


The outsole is also high quality, featuring a classic herringbone pattern for the best possible grip.


Overall this is a great shoe, and looks stylish on top of that. If you are looking for a classic hi-top that fits all your needs, this shoe does an excellent job.



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Buyers Guide


Women’s basketball is a hugely competitive sport. The women playing against each other are tough, and they’re not going to let the ball slide past them just to be nice.


That means to have a chance at winning you need to bring your best onto the court every game.


That doesn’t just mean hours of practice on the court or researching new basketball strategies, it also means purchasing the tools they need to be successful.


Basketball shoes are one of these tools, and it pays to have the very best. The best basketball shoes however, depends entirely on the woman.


Your needs will be partly based on how you move, whether you mainly play outdoors or indoors, and how high you want to jump.


Let’s go over now what makes shoes different, and what considerations are most important.




No matter how great the shoes are, you will not perform well or even wear them if they are uncomfortable. Comfort is the number one priority when it comes to choosing the right shoe.


Your shoes should feel like a natural part of your feet, and be virtually unnoticeable as you are playing.


If they feel stiff, rub, pinch, or squeeze your foot then the shoes will be distracting you from your foot rather than augmenting your abilities.


Shoes that feel uncomfortable won’t just pull your focus from the game—they may also damage your body.


Poorly fitting shoes can cause plantar fasciitis or shin splints. It’s clear comfort is important, but how do you tell if a pair of shoes is uncomfortable without playing in them first?


There are a few areas of the shoe you should pay attention to when shopping. These parts of the shoe can clue you in as to the comfort of the shoe.




The midsole is the part of the shoe your feet will come into contact with the most. It’s the part of the shoe your foot rests on, and the part every nerve in your foot will come into contact with.


If you’re reading up on a shoe, the midsole is the most important part, and should not be confused with the insole.


The insole is a removable insert you can replace in the shoe if you don’t like what it came with. The midsole itself is not removable.


Heel Collar


The heel collar is the part of the shoe that wraps around your heel and keeps the shoe from sliding around on your foot.


Most basketball shoes are mid to high tops, which means the collar goes quite high up on the heel.


In order to maximize your comfort, you will need to make sure the heel collar is padded. The padding will help minimize rubbing and keep the grip on your heel more secure.


Shoe Height


Another big consideration is the height of the shoe. Basketball shoes are designed to protect your ankles from the more dangerous aspects of basketball.


Although basketball is a minimal contact sport, there’s a lot of tight turns, jumping, and falling involved.


This means your ankles are particularly vulnerable to damage. Basketball shoe designers know this, which is why the vast majority of basketball shoes are high or medium tops.


Which height you choose to go with is mainly determined by your individual needs.


High tops offer maximum protection for your ankles, but limit mobility.


This means if you depend on your agility as part of your team position, you’ll want a medium top to compromise between protection and mobility.


Some positions such as guards may even choose a low top shoe which gives the most freedom of movement, but this choice should not be made lightly.


While there are great advantages in terms of freedom of movement, it leaves your ankles very vulnerable.


You won’t be able to show off how agile you are on the court if you’re on the bench with a sprained ankle.


Laces, Straps and Zippers


There are almost as many ways to secure your shoes to your feet as there are brands of basketball shoes.


It seems like every shoe has its own combination of laces, straps or zippers in an effort to make sure your shoes stay glued to your feet. What’s best once again is determined by what you like.




The most common way to secure basketball shoes is with laces. These are popular because they do a great job of securing your shoes to your feet, and are uncomplicated to understand.


They can have a drawback however, if your shoelaces frequently become untied, it can make your shoes a dangerous tripping hazard rather than an asset.


If loose shoelaces have always been a struggle for you, it might be worthwhile for you to check out one of the other options out there.




Velcro straps are another way to secure your shoes to your feet. This can either be straight across or as a D-ring.


Velcros are frequently used in combination with laces because they can help tighten the shoe and keep laces from coming untied.




While zippers were commonplace a decade ago, now these are very uncommon.


Zippers were sometimes offered in place of straps to help secure shoelaces and keep them from getting untied.


Zippers are very uncommon in modern shoes, but you may still see a pair out there with zippers on them.


Shoe Material


What the shoe is made out of can also tell you a lot about the shoe. Material will determine how breathable the shoe is, how hot your feet get, and even how smelly the shoes become.


It’s important to check the material before purchasing a product, so you don’t end up standing in pools of your own sweat half way through a game.




Canvas is a very breathable fabric frequently combined with mesh to help your feet breath and wick away sweat.


Breathable fabrics like these not only help make the shoes more comfortable, they can also keep your feet from swelling due to overheating, which can lead to tight and uncomfortable shoes.




If you need durable shoes that will last a long time, leather shoes are a great option.


Leather is a very high quality material, but don’t expect the entire shoe to be made out of leather, as it isn’t very breathable.


A good leather shoe will likely have leather in high impact areas, and canvas and mesh in strategic places for breathability.


Synthetic Leather


For those who prefer not to use animal products, or find leather too expensive, synthetic leather is another option to boost the durability of a pair of shoes.


Synthetic leather can be just as high quality as real leather, but once again look for it in combination with mesh and canvas for breathability.




The last consideration when choosing a new pair of basketball shoes is the outsole.


Since most players use an indoor court for basketball, it doesn’t necessarily have to be rugged to get the job done. It does however need to be appropriate for the setting it is used in.


The sole needs to have a rubber bottom that will grip the court, and won’t leave you slipping and sliding at the slightest speck of dust.


Grip is very important, and should be your major consideration when looking at the outsole.


Although grip is the major consideration, how well it supports your foot and protects it should also be considered.


We hope you found this post useful and informative. Quality shoes are hard to find so hopefully this list has given you the opportunity to narrow down your choices.


We wish you all the best in playing the game you love!

  1. I have been looking for new pair of basketball shoes to help me jump and keep me from injuring my ankles. Your review of the best basketball shoes for women has helped me narrow down between two pairs, however, I cannot decide if I’d like to purchase one pair or both pairs.

    Anyway, I’ll be sharing your website with my social media 🙂

    • Hi Janette,

      I’m glad my review helped you out. You could consider getting both pairs and then return the one that wasn’t ideal. Just a thought. And thanks for your support!


  2. This is a great article, my sister wants to play basketball and is very passionate about it. These shoes are amazing and I’ll make sure to share this post with her so that she can make a solid decision and choose the right ones for her.

    Personally, I like the under armor Women’s jet, it has a great design to show off and the fact that it has a good overall grip to the ground is a plus. I’ll definitely recommend this pair to her so she can check it out and see if it’s a good fit.

    I’m also going to bookmark the post so I can refer to it later because I don’t know if my other sister would ever consider playing basketball. If my other sister also shows an interest in it, I’ll let her know about this page as well.

    Thanks for the recommendations! 

  3. When choosing shoes for a sport that you play, comfort is at the top of the list for me. And that would mean that my feet, especially the arches, need good support, and that certainly goes for basketball shoes. 

    Breathability in shoes is always high on the agenda for me as well, so having a mesh or fabric that can breath, is very important to me.

    You have presented some excellent choices that I’ll investigate further to narrow down the list. Nike and Adidas have always been two of my preferred brands, so I am pleased to find them included here. Thanks for sharing. 

  4. Great post, you did a great job of outlining the features and benefits of each shoe.  I’m not a fan of under armer shoes but I love their fitness clothing!.

    I personally think the best option would either be the Adidas version that you feature in this article or the And 1 Overdrive.

  5. This is an excellent collection of basketball shoes for ladies. They all look so nice and comfy.  When a shoe is comfortable it’s a lot easier to concentrate on the game.

    The third shoe got my attention – Under Armour Micro G Torch 4 seems like it would be a good option.

    Thanks for sharing


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