Best Foot and Calf Massager 2022


Finding the best foot and calf massager can help soothe your muscles and improve circulation, leading to faster healing and recovery.


Part of sports, like basketball, is taking good care of your body.


Your legs and feet take the bulk of stress from moving and jumping during a game, and that means keeping them healthy is critical to your success.


If you’re thinking about adding a massage device to your sports care routine, then getting the right one for your needs is important.


There is a huge variety in different types of massagers and where they focus. Some massagers are better at legs, some do better at feet, and some offer both.


How to Choose the Best Massager


Let’s take a look at the qualities of a good massager, and what you need to think about before making a purchase.


Everyone has different preferences in terms of intensity, heat, and vibration for their massage.


A deep, intense massage may make an injury worse, while a light vibration may fail to release tense muscles.


Knowing what you need is half the battle when deciding what you need in a quality massager.




Type should be your first consideration. Gentle, light massage usually comes from massagers that have airbags in them.


These airbags typically don’t offer deep massage but they do work well for pleasant, relaxing, surface massage.


If you need deep, powerful massage you will want to look for a massager that can do deeper work, such as Shiatsu massagers.


From there, massagers are farther divided into sleeve style massagers that wrap around your legs, and heavier units you slide your foot and calf into.


These types are typically more powerful, but can be painful if they end up being too powerful. On the other hand, the sleeve type can end up being too light, and usually don’t offer Shiatsu nodes.




Nobody wants a weak massager. Different devices have different levels of capability, and how powerful they are can vary.


You’ll want one that is powerful enough to do the work you need on your muscles, without being so powerful it feels like your muscles are being crushed instead of massaged.


Typically the unit style of massager is more powerful than the sleeve style, but how powerful a massager is can also depend on your body size as well as the machine itself.




A good massager isn’t cheap. It’s an investment just like so many other pieces of athletic equipment.


Quality goods usually require some investment, but the good news is that high quality massagers usually have a warranty to help mitigate risk.


A 1-2 year warranty is average for high quality massagers, so if you’re concerned about purchasing one only to end up needing a new one 6 months down the road, look for an option that has a warranty.





The last thing to take into consideration is the size of the machine. Depending on your own body, you may get a very different experience than what a smaller or larger reviewer had.


This is because the larger you are, the more powerful the massage from a sleeve type machine will be. With less room between you and the air bags or knodes, the harder the massage will be.


Fully enclosed foot massagers also have limitations to foot size. Some of these massagers can actually be quite small, only accommodating about an 11 in mens.


While this might not ordinarily be a problem, athletes tend to be bigger people with bigger feet.


It can be very disappointing to purchase a foot massager only to find it doesn’t fit your foot, so be sure to compare your foot size to these models, or buy one with an open toe design.


We feature an excellent open toe design in the reviews below, so keep an eye out for this style in our review.


Our Top 8 Recommendations


These foot and calf massagers offer a wide range of different features, and have many of the options we just talked about.


If you know more or less what features you need from reading our introduction, you should be able to find what you need in these massagers.


These top picks are the highest quality options out there, so you can get what you need to improve your game.



1. Human Touch Reflex4 Foot & Calf Massager



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The best massager for both calves and feet is the Human Touch Reflex4 Foot & Calf Massager. This massager uses thoughtfully designed technology to promote optimum circulation in your legs.


The unique design has a cuff for the calves that gives full and proper massage to the calves, without causing blood to pool in the legs.


The massager uses a figure eight technique and offers Shiatsu for both feet and legs, as well as two different massage routines.


Option one offers a light massage for circulation, and option two allows the user to deepen the massage.


Removable sleeves for the massager make keeping it clean a breeze, and the angle of massage is adjustable. Together this leads to a great all around massager that offers the best of both worlds.


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2. Naipo Foot and Calf Massager



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If a tough game has left your feet aching, the Naipo Foot and Calf Massager can help ease sore muscles and get you back in the game.


This massager offers a limited amount of calf massaging, with compression technology that gently squeezes the lower legs.


Its foot massaging is where it really shines. This calf massager offers heat to gently relax away tension, and airbags that inflate and deflate to kneed and press the foot.


It does not stop there however, and also offers Shiatsu and tapping for the bottoms of the feet to really give your entire foot an in-depth massage.


This massager is perfect for those who need a little light calf work, but are mainly looking for a solid foot massager.


If you want Shiatsu or other massage techniques besides compression for your legs, you may need to look at a different option.


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3. ZESO Reathlete Leg Massager



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This full length massager covers not only the calves and feet but upper legs as well.


Rather than a platform or cuffs that you put your feet and legs into, this massager straps on so you can position them where you need them.


This particular massager is not meant for deep massage, and is instead designed to promote circulation for faster recovery and healing.


Since it is a series of straps rather than a platform, it’s very easy to store and take with you to the court.


This massager also comes with a one year warranty, so if you happen to have problems with it during the first year, you can get it taken care of.


The trade off is that it can only offer compression and pressure based massage rather than tapping or Shiatsu.


If you need more than light compression, you may need to look at one of the other options.


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4. RENPHO Compression Leg Massager


RENPHO Compression Leg Massager


A model similar to the ZESO, this massager also uses straps wrapped around the legs and feet to massage the legs.


While still a light massage, this one can offer a little bit more in terms of improved circulation and massage.


The RENPHO Compression Leg Massager offers a built in safety feature to avoid problems sometimes associated with this style of massager.


It’s designed to shut off after 20 minutes of massage so that the product doesn’t overheat, and so that you don’t fall asleep and get injured from too much massage therapy.


Once again, while this compression leg massager does a great job of promoting circulation and light massage in the legs and feet, it isn’t capable of tapping, Shiatsu, and more deep massage techniques.


If you need these things you will need to get a different massager.


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5. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager



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If you have larger feet, finding a massager that works for you can be very difficult. Most foot massagers are fully enclosed, which means their ability to accommodate foot size is limited.


Most basketball players have feet on the larger end of the spectrum, and if the foot massager doesn’t allow for that extra room, it’s not usable.


The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager gets around this with an open toed design that gives toes room to breath.


The massager features a full range of settings to massage your feet with, including heat, air compression and intensity of the massage.


On that note, this massager’s best feature is also one of the bigest complaints.


This massager is capable of extremely powerful massage, which can lead to a painful experience if you try it on anything but the lowest setting first.


If you like powerful massage, you will love this foot massager, and although it may at first look like it can only be used as a foot massager, it can also be propped up with an adjustable bar to do calves as well.


It simply can’t do both at the same time.


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6. Osim uPhoria Warm OSIM uPhoria Warm 5-in-1 Deep-Tissue Shiatsu Foot and Calf Massager with Heat Therapy | Electric Power Kneading and Reflexology | Strongest Foot Massager | Improve Blood Circulation and Stress Relief: Health



This massager has a wide variety of different massage options, including rolling and kneading as well as pressure point style massage meant to help release tension.


These different options can be used with 8 automatic programs specifically designed for different health needs.


One of thee options is sports recovery, which helps your legs recover after a difficult match, and there are also options for heel recovery and other specific leg problems.


If you’re not quite ready to submit to a deep and powerful massage, heat and vibration can work together to help ease pain and tension until you’re able to handle the massage itself.


This massager is great for those who need a lot of options, but is also somewhat expensive. If you’re concerned about pricing, this massager might not be the best fit.


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7. TISSCARE Foot Massager Machine



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This massager offers both Shiatsu massage for kneading and rolling as well as vibration and heat. The roomy massager can handle feet as large as size 14 in mens, and any shoe size in womens.


It is mainly designed to be a foot massager, but does also massage lower calves as well.


The massager can be adjusted so that you don’t have to sit up to enjoy the massage, but can also lean back and relax.


This is a great feature for a massager since we seldom want to sit bolt up right while getting a massage.


Just like every massager, while this foot massager has a lot of benefits it also has drawbacks.


The foot massager may fit a size 14, but some customers who used this complained that the massage was too painful for those with bigger feet or calves.


Another mild annoyance to this machine is that the console is on the machine—but doesn’t have a remote. This means if you want to change anything you have to bend over to adjust it.


This isn’t really a deal breaker, but it is something to consider if you don’t want to be inconvenienced.


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VITALZEN Plus® Massager for feet,Calves,Legs,Knees and Thighs – Red (2020 Model) - Compression-Air Massage-Rollers-Thermal...



This massager is packed with so many features, it truly lets you experience it all. The machine starts out with 30 airbags, giving you full kneading and compression on both feet and legs.


The massager also offers heat for your legs, but not for your feet.


At first glance, this massager appears to be just your standard device, but the massager actually opens up in such a way that knees and thighs can be massaged as well.


If massage is too painful, vibration can help ease you into the new routine.


Although the machine is somewhat bulky, it folds away for storage, and has convenient wheels to make transporting it easier.


Finally, it comes with a 2 year warranty, so if something goes wrong you can get it fixed.


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How Calf and Foot Massagers Can Benefit You


You’re probably aware that a calf and foot massage feels great and of course, helps improve circulation in your legs. Calf and foot massagers can also help you in a number of ways as well.


These types of massagers can help improve your overall health through the following different ways:


Better Circulation


Most basketball players are aware of the need for good circulation in their feet and legs, but may not understand just how much good circulation can benefit your health.


Improved circulation helps your health in an abundance of different ways as well, helping to reduce cramping and soreness after  workouts and rushing nutrition to these vital muscles.


Improved mood


Massages feel great, and that can help put you in a good frame of mind. A positive outlook can actually help improve your performance in a number of different ways.


Better mood is linked to better health, and we all know that when we are confident and feeling our best, we tend to perform better.


Fights Fatigue


Fatigue doesn’t just come from working too hard, it can also come from a surprising source—tence muscles. When your muscles are tense they are clinching all the time, and that is exhausting.


Slow circulation can lead to this tension, and thus to fatigue.


A quality foot and calf massager can help relax away this tension, leaving you with legs that are ready and able to perform.


Pain Relief


It’s no secret that sore muscles and injuries are a part of sports. Pain medication shouldn’t have to be the only answer to pain in feet and calves.


Massage can help reduce pain in your calves and feet, and it’s completely natural.


If you have cramps, pain or soreness from your workouts, finishing your day with a relaxing massage can greatly reduce that pain and help you get back into the game faster.


Improves Performance


All of these benefits come together to mean improved performance for athletes. When your legs feel their best, you’ll be able to perform your best.


You may not even know how high you can jump, how fast you can turn, or how good your footwork really is until you’ve had a proper massage.


While you may think your performance is the best it can be, if your muscles are tense then they don’t have the full range of flexibility available.


You may not be using your legs to the fullest of their capability, which means your performance also isn’t where it could be.




Best of all these benefits, foot massagers are portable items you can use at home anywhere, any time.


Together, this makes getting a foot and calf massager a common sense solution for any sports minded person.


 This article will not only go over the best massagers out there, but also make recommendations on how to choose a good one and what to think about before making your purchase.


What to Look for in a Shiatsu Foot and Calf Massager


Foot and calf massagers are typically more expensive than hand held massagers, because they are more complex equipment.


They focus specifically on your feet and legs, and are larger as well as hands free.


These massagers typically offer many different features, and knowing the difference between the different features can help you decide which massager is the right choice for you.


Let’s take a look at the different options available and what they do for your body.


Heat Options


Heating is a common option for different massagers because it is relaxing and helps promote circulation.


Heat can also help you get more out of a Shiatsu massage, allowing the massage therapy to do more work as the muscles relax.


If you think heat will be a good choice for you, make sure the massager you purchase has this option.




Many people like deep massages, but for others a probing shiatsu massage is actually painful. For those who find deep massage too painful, vibration can be an excellent inbetween.


Vibration also helps promote circulation, and it can be used as a beginning point before a massage so that it isn’t too painful.


If you think massage will be too painful, and you need an option that won’t deeply penetrate your muscles, vibration is an excellent option.


Auto-massage Programs


Many massagers come with programs that are especially designed to handle specific situations.


If you frequently deal with sore muscles from working out, an automated program can take the work out of massage.


These programs can help automatically adjust your body to getting a massage, gradually cranking up the intensity until you are getting the powerful massage you need.


They can also be specific to the type of massage, so if you need pressure instead of Shiatsu one day, that option is available.


These programs do all the work for you, so you can relax and simply let the machine do the work.




Not all massagers are adjustable, but this is actually a very important feature.


If your feet can’t fit into the foot massager, or they don’t wrap firmly around your legs, you won’t be getting the massage you need. Before you buy any unit, make sure they fit your body.


Together, these all make very important considerations for purchasing a massager.


The right device will help you improve your health and comfort as an athlete, while the wrong one may end up being completely unusable.


This is why it’s so important to choose the best option which meets specific criteria instead of the first one you come across.




The aforementioned calf and foot massagers round out our favorites. They were chosen for their quality, variety of options, and ability to feature the unique needs of the people who use them.


Whether you need a serious massage that gets all the way down to the deep tissue, or a light massage that won’t leave you writhing in agony, there’s an option for everyone.


Just remember, the best massager isn’t going to be the same for everybody. It’s unique to the person. Choose a great one so you can get the massage you need.

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