Best Basketball Hoop for Kids


Basketball has been a popular sport among athletes and amateur players of all ages since its conception.


Nurturing a love of basketball in your children at a young age not only gets them interested in healthy physical activities such as sports at a young age, but it can also set them up for being a better, well-rounded player when they are old enough to start playing on a team.


Learning to play can be an experience that sharpens their skill, but it also poses the social and developmental benefits that are so important for children to have, all while having a great time.


One of the main benefits of getting a basketball hoop for your kids is that they spend more time moving and developing skills and less time in front of screens.


Even though the benefits can universally help kids of all ages, each child’s needs are going to be different, making it important that the hoop they play with is appropriate for them.


Choosing the best basketball hoop for your house can feel a little daunting due to the sheer number of available choices, but we’ve opted to make that easier for you.


In this article, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the best hoop for kids no matter what their needs may be.


We’ve also included a helpful buying guide for you to look through when deciding which basketball hoop is best for your kids.


The guide is located near the bottom of this post. Anyway, without further ado, here are the top 11 recommendations:


Top 11 Basketball Hoops for Kids


1. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set


Sponsored Ad - Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set


The Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is one of the best options for children.


It is an indoor/outdoor basketball hoop that grows with them from heights of 2.5 to four feet and comes with three junior basketballs to toss into the oversized rim.


With this style of rim, kids can make more shots to keep them engaged and encouraged to keep playing.


You can fill the base with sand or water to make it more stable as your kids make their dunk shots, and the rest of the hoop is as stable with its high-quality plastic build.


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2. Liberty Imports Portable Mini Basketball Hoop


Liberty Imports Kids Portable Mini Basketball Hoop and Stand - Height Adjustable Toy Set with Metal Rim, Ball and Net - In...


Perfect for moving from the playroom to the living room to the yard, the Liberty Imports Portable Mini Basketball Hoop is a compact, lightweight basketball hoop that keeps young kids engaged and playing.


It features a strong metal base that lets small kids and taller kids alike play with the hoop.


No matter who is playing with it or how rough, the water or sand you put in the sturdy base will keep it from tipping over by keeping it stable.


It is crafted out of both sturdy metal and strong plastic.


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3. MICROFIRE Magic Shot Hoop


Liberty Imports Magic Shot Mini Basketball Hoop Set with Ball and Pump (Single)


With a height that can adjust to five feet, the MICROFIRE Magic Shot Hoop is a great option for young kids.


I comes with everything you need to get them playing, including four balls, the basketball hoop itself and the pump to keep the balls inflated.


No matter how enthusiastically your kids play, you can fill the base with water or sand to ensure it doesn’t tip over.


The durable plastic and strong metal blend of materials ensure a long-lasting hoop that will be their favorite for years to come.


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4. Best Choice Youth Basketball Hoop


Best Choice Products Kids Portable Basketball Hoop w/Adjustable Height, Backboard and Wheels


A top-selling portable basketball hoop, the Best Choice Youth Basketball Hoop is one that can grow with your kids when they are tiny all the way up until they reach their full height.


Kids of all ages can play with this hoop, which can be adjusted as high as six or seven feet.


It sits on a strong base that can be filled with water or sand to keep it standing and is designed for use both indoors and outdoors depending on preferences or the weather.


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5. Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop


Lifetime 32" Youth Portable Basketball Hoop


No matter how tall your kids get, they can keep playing with the Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop, thanks to its telescoping height adjustment.


The product features a strong base ready to keep the hoop upright and to resist strong winds, rain or anything else that threatens its integrity.


The 10 gallon base can be filled with your choice of water or sand to ensure this happens.


A 32 inch Impact backboard resists cracks and dents from rough play, while the 15 inch folding rim supports an equally as durable nylon net.

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6. Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System : Lifetime Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard : Sports & Outdoors


The Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System is particularly well suited for kids who are at least ten years of age, thanks to its size and the fact that it adjusts between 7.5 feet and 10 feet.


The high-density polyethylene backboard can withstand any rough and tumble play without cracking due to its strength and resiliency.


The heavy-duty base can be easily filled with sand or water, and then the pole can be quickly attached to it right away.


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7. Spalding Over The Door Unit


Spalding Over The Door Unit (56099)


For kids who want to shoot a casual game of hoops in their bedroom or playroom, the Spalding Over The Door Unit is ideal.


This hoop can be attached above their bedroom doors to encourage casual play and comes with one five-inch rubber miniature basketball to play with.


The padded polycarbonate board is strong enough to withstand rim shots and is padded for their comfort and safety in case they touch it. A steel rim ensures added durability against dunk shots.


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8. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball


SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop


Hang the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball over your kids’ doors and let them enjoy a casual game of indoor hoops at any time.


It is characterized by its shatterproof backboard that won’t take on any damage as well as its professional-grade, break away rim that can handle even the most enthusiastic of dunk shots.


The padding on the hoop cushions any contact that your kids make with it to keep their little hands safe from scratches.


It comes ready to play with the five inch Pro Mini Hoop basketball ready to be shot.


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9. Play Platoon Mini Basketball Hoop Play Platoon Mini Basketball Hoop for Door - 16 x 12 Inch Bedroom Basketball Hoop Indoors Set, Black: Toys & Games


Available with two mini basketballs and a pump to get them inflated, the Play Platoon Mini Basketball Hoop is ready to be played with straightaway.


It boasts a shatterproof backboard as well as a breakaway steel rim, both working together to provide the perfect setting for making slam dunks.


The rim is manufactured out of strong steel and is designed to bounce right back into place after each dunk just like professional basketball hoops.


Better still, it takes only a few minutes to set up and comes with the tools and hardware you’ll need to help make it happen.


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10. Tuko Kids Basketball Hoop Arcade Game Toy


Tuko Toddler Basketball Hoop Arcade Board Game Toy - Kids Toys Outdoor/Indoor Basketball Shooting Training System with Bas...


Little toddlers who want to enjoy a game of basketball will love the Tuko Kids Basketball Hoop Arcade Game Toy.


This toy mimics the game style of hoops found in arcades for a lively experience that can keep them entertained for hours.


You can set it to play various games like around the world, horse, beat the clock and many others.


The product is made out of premium, heavy-duty materials to ensure the unit is as strong as possible.


The game comes with everything you need including a pump, three basketballs, a backboard and nets to create a barrier on either side.


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11. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center


VTech Smart Shots Sports Center (Frustration Free Packaging)


Even the smallest children in your family can enjoy a fun game of basketball with the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center.


This two-in-one hoop game features an animated LED scoreboard that will count the score up to 10 in order to keep them engaged and encouraged as they play.


The numbers will help them count while the various shape buttons help reinforce their shape learning, all designed to be included as it is an early-learning game.


It features sounds, phrases and more than 50 songs to keep them engaged.


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Other Choices to Consider


Alongside the main list, we’ve put together some other options we think deserve a place on this list. The honorable mentions are as follows:


12. Adjust & Jam Toy Basketball Hoop Little Tikes Adjust 'n Jam Pro Basketball Hoop Toy with Sand Base (2 Pack): Toys & Games


Well suited for younger kids who grow quickly, the Adjust & Jam Toy Basketball Hoop is an adjustable hoop that maintains its stability even at its tallest. It is built from strong, child-safe materials.


If you’re interested in this one then you may want to move quickly while supplies last. Some hoops are so desirable that the companies run out of stock within a very short period.


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13. TotSports Basketball Set


Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set for Kids - Basketball Hoop for Toddlers 1-3 Years - Indoor & Outdoor Bask...


In a bright and vivid pink, the TotSports Basketball Set is eye catching and appealing to kids. You can adjust the height with ease to help them make their shots in the oversized rim.


Keep in mind that this was listed as “Amazon’s Choice” for basketball sets. If you have a toddler that you’re trying to get into the sport then this would probably be a good option to start off with.


There are quite a few reviews in Amazon which can attest to this being a high quality hoop.


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14. Shooting’ Hoops Basketball Set Step2 Shootin' Hoops Junior Basketball Set: Toys & Games


With a large rim that helps kids score and a strong base, the Shooting’ Hoops Basketball Set is a strong and reliable hoop that encourages kids to keep playing by making scoring easier to accomplish.


The other nice thing about this hoop is the compact size. If you’d like for your kids to play indoors when it gets too windy outside, you can keep easily transport it into your house without any hassle.


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15. EasyScore Basketball Set


Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, Blue, 3 Balls - Amazon Exclusive


In order for a child to remain engaged in play, it must feel fun and rewarding.


The EasyScore Basketball Set makes sure that is possible by including the large rim and smaller balls that help them make more shots to keep them excited about the game.


This is another basketball hoop which is best suited for a toddler. In case the TotSports Basketball Set runs out, you can always try out this one.


It’s currently rated the number 1 best seller in Amazon with a massive amount of 5-star reviews.


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16. NBA Slam Jam Mini Basketball Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop Set and 12" Dual Action Pump: Sports & Outdoors


On rainy days when kids just want to shoot some hoops, the NBA Slam Jam Mini Basketball is there to make that happen.


Perfect for bedrooms, game rooms and beyond, it has an over-the- door design that you can mount easily. The steel rim ensures its durability, as does the strong backboard.


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17. Grow-To-Pro Junior Basketball Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball: Toys & Games


The Grow-To-Pro Junior Basketball encourages kids to fall in love with basketball at a young age in order to help them build healthy habits as they grown.


The height-adjustable system will grow up right alongside them, making it a fun for toddlers and middle-age kids all the same.


No matter the height, it stays stable due to the strong base. It is versatile in that it can be safely used both indoors and outdoors.


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Let’s take a look at all of the ways that playing basketball could potentially benefit your child to remind you why you’re shopping around in the first place.


How Playing Basketball Can Benefit Kids


Basketball is one of the sports that provides the most benefits for kids of young ages.


Not only does it help to promote the building of healthy habits but also promotes better fitness and help with developing social skills by playing on a team.


Under this umbrella truth, there are more specific ways that playing basketball can help your children, both physically and mentally.




One of the things that parents hope to instill in their children at an early age is a sense of self-worth and confidence, and basketball promotes that from the jump.


The game requires plenty of commitment to practice, and to continue to learn and grow as a player, kids must have the confidence to do so.


As children play and get better, their confidence grows, and when they finally see the results of their hard work, being good at the sport will give their confidence a boost.


This confidence at such an early age may benefit children for the rest of their lives.




In basketball, the ability to continuously change directions and positions at a moment’s notice is important.


This also translates to the way children play outside of the basketball court and can give them skill in movement to benefit them in other areas of their life.


Having fast reactions to situations comes in handy in a number of ways, and basketball can help them sharpen that skill.




Another lesson that basketball provides for your kids under the guise of a simple good time is discipline.


Because basketball, like any other sport, requires participation and practice, kids will need to take it upon themselves to make sure they are always on time to practice and are ready to honor their commitments.


When they play on a team, they will also need to be able to listen to their coach and play by the rules.


All of these aspects help to teach kids to do the right thing while also encouraging them to build community and friendship with their teammates.


Hand-Eye Coordination


While children grow, there are various parts of their minds and bodies that are constantly developing.


One of them is the crucial skill of hand-eye coordination. This is due to the fact that basketball requires putting their focus into aiming a ball toward a small goal and getting it in when they shoot.


While helping them develop hand-eye coordination in this way, kids also become more spatially aware that also improves their spatial intelligence.


By honing these skills, kids become faster, more coordinated and better balanced, which is also important outside of the basketball court.




Basketball requires being quick on your feet, both in terms of changing direction at a moment’s notice and literally in the way of needing to dribble across the court with speed.


This is one of the skills that basketball helps to develop by putting emphasis on it. Being able to run fast can also get their heart beating harder and help give them cardio exercise.


Building Healthy Habits


Along with determination, discipline and skill, basketball helps to incorporate these healthy habits and more into your children’s daily lives.


Basketball players are as healthy and as focused as they are because they are practicing hard daily.


By giving your kids easy access to the ability to play basketball whenever they like, they will begin to get into the habit of playing every single day to where it becomes second nature.


In this way, they will fall into a healthy routine that includes a lot of exercise to keep them healthier instead of leaving them to sit in front of screens all day.




Being a team player is not just something good to be able to do in sports but in many areas of life.


Sharing, working together and having open dialogues about things around them and actions that need to be taken is important for well-rounded children and adults alike.


By playing basketball, kids will need to learn how to work together to achieve the best results as a team, and by doing this will establish a better feeling of connection to the rest of the team.


They will see the rewards of teamwork come in the form of tight friendships and a better score when they play basketball to encourage them positively to continue their team-player mindset.


What to Consider Before Buying a Basketball Hoop


Much like with any purchase you make, you should know some of the ins and outs of the product in order to ensure you are spending your money wisely.


There are many factors to think about when it comes to getting the best basketball hoop for kids in your house, and some of the most important features of these hoops are outlined below.




Since the base is responsible for keeping the hoop upright and stable, it is one of the first things you should read about and examine.


Having a strong base that won’t tip over will prevent many disappointing ends to games prematurely as you work to get it upright again.


Choose a hoop with a base made from premium materials that are heavy on their own, or look for one that can be filled with water or sand to weigh it down. Either one of these options will benefit you in the long run.




Not all basketball hoops are made the same, and that is true for the backboard that the hoop connects to.


The backboard of basketball hoops can be made from a variety of materials including acrylic, polycarbonate and tempered glass.


Each of them poses its own benefits such as the polycarbonate board that is known for its strong, durable build that is resistant to damage.


Acrylic backboards give the hoops that classic glass-like look that you like with traditional hoops without having to pay big bucks for glass, as the tempered glass options are typically reserved for professional level, expensive hoops.





There are three main types of basketball hoops to choose from including mounted, portable and in-ground hoops.


Portable hoops are often on wheels and are able to stand on their own wherever is most convenient to place it.


A mounted hoop can be secured onto any sturdy structure such as a door or wall while in-ground hoops are fixed right to the ground using cement.


More often than not, basketball hoops for kids are typically either mounted or portable.




The type of hoop you get could be determined by where it is you intend to place it.


Basketball hoops come in various shapes and sizes, and whether you intend to place them in a playroom or outside should be factored into the decision you make.




As a parent wanting to get the most for their money on products that kids can quickly become too big for, looking for a hoop that allows you to adjust the height as the kids grow up is a great idea.


Height-adjustable hoops will grow as your children grow to put distance between the first time you buy them a hoop and the next time it is necessary.


Having height adjustability also makes it easy for you to lower or raise the hoop to allow kids of different heights and ages in your home to be able play with the hoop.




For all of those dunks, you’ll need a kid-friendly basketball hoop with a rim that can withstand the rough playing.


Most of the time, basketball hoops are manufactured out of premium steel in order to take on the rough and tumble of gameplay without breaking when overly enthusiastic older kids play.


For younger kids, usually a plastic rim with a softer material composition is recommended for their safety.


Final Thoughts


Playing basketball does more for kids than just keeping them active; this sport can help with crucial developmental skills they need growing up like teamwork and discipline.


In this article, we’ve provided a list of options for the best basketball hoop for kids so you can save time perusing the internet and more time watching your little ones shoot hoops.

  1. I had no idea that there were so many hoops available, from standing hoops to fixed to wall hoops. I agree with you that this is an excellent game to get your kids (and older big kids) outside and exercising together. I love the little hoop games for toddlers and appreciate the care in construction so that they don’t break or fall over on the player.

    I think the Liberty Imports movable hoop is my favorite, as it’s portable and mini.

    • Yeah there’s a large selection to choose from and that sounds like a good choice.


  2. Bernard Breytenbach

    The best choice youth basketball hoop looks like a good option since you can adjust it for the kids as they grow.


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