Vertical Jump Training Equipment


Are you trying to find the best vertical jump training equipment? As we all know, there are many reasons to wish that you could jump higher.


Maybe you are a basketball player who dreams of dunking on a big-league net, or perhaps you want to have a better vertical leap to improve your volleyball spikes.


Many other sports, such as track, and even baseball can benefit from players who can jump higher.


If you are unsatisfied with your current vertical jump, it may feel as though you’ll never be able to improve it.


However, jumping is definitely something that can be trained and improved upon with time and practice.


Here are some ways to add some inches to your vertical.




Jumping requires a lot of muscle power and explosive motion, and there’s no better way to improve your abilities than with regular, targeted exercises.


With more muscle, you can put more force against the ground before you lift off, which will allow you to reach greater heights.


Plyometrics are a very important exercise to perform if you want to improve your jump.


These are movements such as hopping and jumping on flat ground, jumping up onto a box, then back onto the ground, and repeating over again.


As you build muscles, you will be able to work your way up to taller boxes.


Strength exercises such as squats and lunges are also essential tools in your workout arsenal in order to improve your explosiveness.


These are difficult exercises to master but they workout all of your lower body muscles and give you more strength and agility.


Without them, you will never be able to jump higher than you currently can.


If you don’t have access to workout equipment, there are some fantastic exercises you can do with nothing but your legs and some land.


Sprinting uses even more muscles than weightlifting and gives you explosive power.


Another benefit is that it is great cardio which can help you lose excess weight that might be holding you back from reaching your maximum height.


Running up and down stairs is another exercise that anybody can do and that makes for stronger calves, thighs, and glutes.


If you can find a big set of stairs that you have access to, run until you can’t any longer.


Do this every day and you’ll notice your endurance improving and your legs gaining mass.


After that, try out a jump and see how much higher you can get!




As with any skill, practice makes perfect.


Strength training is important to set you up with the tools you need, but practice will help you learn how to use them.


Make sure to stretch and warm up before practicing jumping, but once you’re ready, you can begin easily.


Simply work on techniques such as the lead-up, arm motions, the actual jump, and a soft, safe landing.


If you commit to a regular practice schedule you will certainly see improvements in your jump in no time.


Some Tips


There are some basic movements that will help you to increase the height on your jump, even before you condition yourself fully.


The first thing you can do is swing your arms above your head, bringing them back down behind your hips as you squat, and then repeating this motion before you proceed into your actual jump.


Always make sure to bend your knees as you are landing. This will help to minimize the impact and should keep your joints healthier and happier for years of jumping.


There is plenty of equipment available that will help you to improve your vertical jump.


Some will be based more on strength training while others will be geared towards practicing the actual jump, but they are all valuable tools that will help you to reach your maximum potential.


Here are some of the items that are very useful in making you a better jumper:


Top 14 Products For Jump Training


1. VERT With Drills and Assessments

VERT with Drills and Assessments

VERT is a performance tracker and app that measures all of your movements, including the impact that every motion has on your body.


This unique and powerful device is a great way to see how much force you are putting behind every jump so that you can hone your technique in order to use less energy while providing more height.


Every time you jump, it will tell you how much energy was expended, how high you jumped, and how much stress you put on your body.


This is one of the best ways to track your improvement and to ensure that you won’t get injured, as it will tell you what and when you need to adjust in your jump.


The Drills feature also allows you to measure endurance and consistency, which are key factors in being able to continually jump to your highest.


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2. INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer Leg Strength Resistance Bands

INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer Leg Strength Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are a must-have for any athlete that is looking to improve the height on his or her jump!


Whether you are playing basketball, volleyball, or partaking in track and field, these training tools are highly valuable.


The bands come in a variety of different weights, so you can choose your resistance based on your skill level and comfort.


They wrap around your waist and attach to your feet, providing resistance for every muscle in your lower body.


You’ll notice more strength in your calves, thighs, and glutes, as well as in your hips, flexors, and even your core.


These are a convenient item as they can be taken almost anywhere, so you can work on your jump conditioning even while you are at work or on vacation.


They are suitable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes.


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3. Bound 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box

Bound 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box

A plyo box is an absolute must in any jumper’s arsenal, and this 3-in-1 box gives you 3 different heights without needing to take up any more space!


This can be used for box squats, box jumps, and step-ups – all essential exercises to improve leg strength and add inches to your vertical jump.


The strong plywood can handle athletes up to 400 pounds!


Because it is so easy to assemble, you can put this together in 10-15 minutes and be ready to start jumping immediately!


It also looks nicer than many boxes on the market, so you don’t have to worry about an ugly workout tool taking up space in your home.


This is truly an important item for any athlete and will make a great addition to your set of tools to help you improve your vertical jump.


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4. Tandem Sport Vertical Challenger

Tandem Sport Vertical Challenger - Stand-Alone Jump Measurement Tester Training Aid

This is one of the premier tools used in any jump-heavy sports, from basketball and soccer to football and track and field!


Taking up very little space, the vertical challenger tests the limits of your jump by accurately measuring how high you can reach into the air.


It can be adjusted from 4 to 12 feet, so athletes of any size can measure their performance and work on their improvements.


It is useful for jumps from a standing position or with a running start. It can also be used to measure your endurance as you attempt repetitive jumps and tap the pegs to see how high you made it.


The base is very solid and has casters so that you can roll it easily into and out of where it needs to be for your practice session.


This is a fantastic tool to help you stay on top of your progress and make adjustments where they may be needed.


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5. Power Systems Pro Power Jumper Platform Vertical Jump Trainer

Power Systems Pro Power Jumper Platform Vertical Jump Trainer

A platform that is weighted at 50 pounds, the Power Jumper provides a great surface for those who need to hone their technique and max out their vertical.


With tubing, belts, and resistance bands, you can hold yourself down, forcing yourself to put more power and explosiveness into each one of your jumps.


Not only will this ensure that you are using proper form, it will also help to build muscle in all the important parts of your body.


It is 50” by 30”, so there is plenty of space for you to practice both wide and narrow stances. It also comes with a non-slip surface, so you have a far lower chance of hurting yourself than if you did this on a standard gym floor.


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6. Jump99 Strength Plyometric Training Shoes

Jump99 Strength Plyometric Training Shoes

For the serious jumper, these are a must-have accessory! They may look bizarre on first glance, but don’t let the strangeness fool you – these are one of the ultimate tools to help you increase your vertical.


Some have claimed to have added as many as 10 inches to their jump after using these training shoes!


The trick is that they increase your fast twitch muscles, which are a key part in your ability to jump towards the sky.


They will also help you to build mass in your calves, and that is another important feature to have if you want to jump higher and higher.


Although they feel a bit awkward at first, you will quickly be able to work out in them and will notice the difference within days.


Available in sizes 5-13, there is a shoe for almost everyone, and they are sure to help you reach your goals.


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7. J-Fit Plyo Boxes

J-Fit Plyo Boxes

This is another set of plyo boxes that is perfect if you have the space for them. The box set comes in four sizes, 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches.


It is great to have these options because you can work your way up and practice jumps of different intensity and repetition based on what you are working on.


They are virtually indestructible as they are made out of heavy-duty steel, and they are sure to last a long time with proper care.


With rubber stoppers on the bottom, you can be sure to be safe and that these will not slip as you jump on and off of them.


These are attractive, sturdy plyo boxes that can be used for a variety of purposes, and will help you tone and strengthen your body while improving your overall height on your jump.


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8. Max4Out Wall Ball Medicine Balls

Max4out Wall Ball Medicine Balls, Dead Weight Balls for Fitness Workouts, 10,12,15 lbs

Medicine balls are fantastic workout tools that are valuable for anybody looking to add height to their vertical.


They can be used for a variety of strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, and squat throws.


Due to the different distribution of weight versus a traditional dumbbell, they will help you to define different muscles and work on different movements so that you will have all your bases covered.


They will also help to boost your aerobic capacity, which will help your endurance in the long run as you plan to jump over and over again.


A medicine ball may not seem like a traditional tool for improving your jump, but there are many ways in which it can help.


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9. XMark Olympic Hex Bar Barbell Trap Bar

XMark Olympic Hex Bar Barbell Trap Bar Shrug Bar for Squats, Deadlifts, and Shrugs, 2” Olympic Bar With Tri Grip Handles

Everyone knows that leg strength is one of the first requirements for jumping, and weightlifting routines are highly important for gaining strength.


A trap bar is a great piece of equipment for performing two of the essential leg training exercises – the deadlift and the squat.


Trap bars are often preferable to straight bars for these exercises as they reduce stress on the spine and allow you to load more weight, meaning that your legs will be gaining more strength as you power through each rep.


The Xmark Bar has shock-resistant rubber feet that will protect your floor and comes with easy-load bars so that you don’t have to waste time adding plates to improve your strength.


This is an attractive, functional, and durable piece of equipment that will do a world of wonders for your legs and for your maximum height.


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10. The New JumpSoles Speed & Jump Training System v 5.0

The New JumpSoles Speed & Jump Training System v 5.0

Jumpsoles are jumping platforms that attach to your feet and allow you to perform exercises that will help you to add speed and build fast-twich muscles in your lower leg.


These are muscles that are highly important in the process of jumping, so building them up will allow you to practice harder and jump higher.


All you need to do is strap these on and watch the training videos, and you’ll be ready to go!


Some people have added 5-10 inches to their vertical by simply training with these, and when used in combination with other products, the possibilities are endless.


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11. BowFlex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

BowFlex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are an essential resource in any athlete’s collection, and these BowFlex dumbbells are some of the best on the market.


What makes them so convenient is that you simply adjust them by rotating the dial rather than having to remove plates every time you want to change weights.


This also means that you only need one set of dumbbells for your entire gym, saving you plenty of space to jump around and work on other skills.


Dumbbells can be used for some of the most basic but important leg exercises such as squats, goblet squats, lunges, and even deadlifts.


They provide a different level of straight and resistance than barbells, so they are the perfect supplement to your standard deadlift bar and squat rack.


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12. RUNMax Pro Weighted Vest

RUNMax Pro Weighted Vest

A weighted vest may not sound like something that will improve leg strength, but it is actually one of the most useful pieces of workout equipment out there.


With options of 12, 20, 40, 50, and 60 pounds, you can choose just how hard you want to work out. There is also a shoulder pad option for maximum comfort if you so desire.


By putting on a weighted vest and performing basic routines such as sprints, jogs, air squats, and lunges, you are using more force and adding explosiveness to each repetition.


Even if you just wear it as you are walking around performing basic tasks, you will be training your muscles and even burning more calories.


The constant resistance on your legs will be sure to strengthen them and help you to reach the sky as you jump higher and higher!


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13. Juvale Speed & Agility Ladder Training Set with 6 Cones and Resistance Parachute

Juvale Speed & Agility Ladder Training Set with 6 Cones and Resistance Parachute

The speed and agility ladder training set is one of the best products on the market to help you build muscle and maximize your leg strength.


You’ll quickly notice improvements in your balance, strength, explosiveness, and agility after training with this for just a few days.


The resistance parachute attaches to your bag and adds drag so that you have to use more force as you run and jump. It doesn’t sound like much, but it really packs a punch!


The ladder and cones force you to make more precise movements, which will improve your balance and even strengthen your core as you fight your tendency to lean or fall over with quick motions.


All of this combined make for a great training tool that will improve all of the functions of your lower body and will translate to a higher maximum jump height.


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14. Weighted Jump Rope by Pulse

Weighted Jump Rope by Pulse

Jumping rope is one of those exercises that seems too simple to be effective, but it is in fact one of the most difficult and effective workouts you can perform.


With extra weight in this jump rope, you will have more resistance and will have to fight harder in order to keep up with your own abilities.


This is perfect for building strong, solid calves with fast-twitch muscles. That translates to a higher jump and better overall health.


This has an adjustable length, allowing it to be used by anyone up to 6 feet 6 inches tall.


It is truly an excellent product that can be brought anywhere, meaning that you can train to jump higher and farther at pretty much any time of the day in any part of the world!


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Bonus Recommendation


15. Vert Shock Program


While jump training equipment is essential, there are other ways to increase the height of your jump.


If you’re a basketball player who would like to take their game to the next level, especially when it comes to dunking, then you might want to check out a review on a program called Vert Shock.


This is a product which goes into full detail about the 3 phases your body must go through to jump higher.


Not only is this a solid product, it also gives you the convenience of getting instant access to it because it’s digital.


Some of the content is in video form while the other portion is in PDF form so you can print it out.


Combining the Vert Shock program with some of the equipment listed on this post is a surefire way to increase your vertical so make sure you look through the review.

Check Out This Review of Vert Shock



Jumping may be one of the most basic athletic activities we can perform, but it is one that translates to almost every sport.


Athletes of all shapes and sizes need to work on their vertical height as it is an indicator of overall athletic skill and can help them to gain a competitive advantage in many situations.


Wide Receivers will catch more overthrown balls, baseball outfielders will make spectacular jumping catches, and basketball players will block, dunk, and shoot with more accuracy.


There really is no telling how much further you can go if you add just a few inches to the maximum height on your jump.


Many of these tools can even help you add up to 10 inches! If you play volleyball, imagine how much more competitive you can be with an extra 10 inches off the ground and thus an extra 10 inches of space above the net!


It truly is amazing what some of this equipment can help you to accomplish.


Of course, the key is that you use this equipment regularly and safely.


If you don’t use it enough, you won’t gain the muscle and strength necessary to improve your jump, but if you are reckless with it you could risk getting injured which means your jump will suffer in the long run.


Just remember to always practice, warm up, and stretch, and you will be doing wonders to help yourself prevent injury.


Persistence is key, and if you continue to use these products and train on a regular basis, you are bound to see quite an increase in your maximum height.


You don’t need to buy all of these products in order to gain an advantage, but a combination of some of them will go a long way.


Consider which ones work best for your body type and the sport that you play, and you are certain to find some excellent tools that will improve your physique and help you reach the clouds!

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