Portable Scoreboards For Basketball


Are you trying to find portable scoreboards for basketball?


A scoreboard is an instrumental tool when it comes to keeping time in basketball as well as any other sport.


Keeping time is what helps keep coaches, players and fans in the loop about what is going on in the game and clearly displays the necessary information in order to be able to do so.


Scoreboards can vary from venue to venue, but there are a few items that are universal to most of them.


At the very minimum, a basketball scoreboard will show the time that remains in the period as well as the score of both of the teams.


On the scoreboard, you will also find the last minute of every quarter being displayed with tenths of a second included, something that is required by various basketball organizations.


When it comes to high school basketball games but not professional games, you’ll usually see not only the number of team fouls that have been committed but the number of the player who did it as well as their overall amount of fouls during the game.


Through this metric, you’ll also see which team is currently in the team foul penalty situation and who is in possession.


As for college basketball, the scoreboards will include items such as the number of time-outs that are left for each individual item and shot clocks that keep track of the baskets scored.


This isn’t as common in high school games but seems to be slowly rolling out as time goes by in order to handle the issue of game stalling.


Larger scoreboards can accommodate metrics such as the stats of the individual players on the court.


Regardless of what setting the scoreboard is placed in, each one must have a buzzer or a horn that heralds the end of the period.


Basketball will sometimes be played in venues that also host ice hockey games, and when that happens, the scoreboard will show similar information such as the number of points scored and fouls.


Team fouls will often be positioned in the same place as the shots made, a system that makes the scoreboard well-suited for both basketball and ice hockey.


Professional scoreboards have a spot for scrolling advertisements, while others use that LED display to show other stats and metrics.


In 1991, the NBA made it mandatory for every shot clock to have a duplicate readout showcasing the time left in the period alongside the shot times.


In 2011, regulations were also extended to show the tenths of a second left on that same shot clock, and in many situations, these clocks now also come with a game timer.


Trends boasting the three-sided game shot clocks came into style in the 1990s, and in 2002 after a controversial number of calls made during the playoffs that year, the NBA brought forth a new rule: the use of shot clock times and other specific visibility for certain information to make it more apparent the true information when calling the shots and for the purpose of instant-replay.


In 2004, FIBA also added a similar rule but it was altered in 2005. We see the results of all of these newer rules and regulations on most scoreboards today, and they are also reflected on personal use scoreboards.


If you’re looking to get a full-featured scoreboard with all of the bells and whistles or find yourself more interested in a simple, stripped-down scoreboard to keep track of your game, we’ve got you covered.


In this article, we’ve collected 11 of the best portable basketball scoreboards for your consideration.


11 Best Basketball Scoreboards


1. Innovatronix SureScore 2 Portable Wireless Basketball Scoreboard



Innovatronix SureScore 2 Portable Wireless Basketball Scoreboard - Electronic Scoring System



A wireless scoreboard that takes advantage of typical LED TV technology, the Innovatronix SureScore 2 Portable Wireless Basketball Scoreboard gives players the chance to really customize what is seen on the board.


The LED is controlled by the users themselves to provide both the shot clock and the main display, allowing you to make it as large as you’d prefer.


It comes not only with a wireless UHF connection but also a wireless air horn. Thanks to the battery-powered main controller, you can effortlessly change the information on the board.


If you instead choose to use the rechargeable feature of the remote, it offers up to seven hours of continuous use, so you don’t have to stop mid-game to change the batteries.


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2. Seiko Table Top Scoreboard



SEIKO Table-Top Scoreboard Carrying Case



In settings such as a home basketball setup or a neighborhood outdoor court, the Seiko Table Top Scoreboard provides a great way to keep score.


It can be propped up on a table to give you easy-to-see information anywhere it is placed. You can operate it using the convenient wireless remote or the control panel found on the back of the scoreboard for your convenience.


The game timer is easily programmable to let you choose how the timer counts, either up or down, while also effortlessly taking control over the scores for two teams as high as 199 shots.


When the timer hits zero, there is a buzzer that will sound automatically but can also be controlled manually. It boasts a high-visibility LED display to make it easy to see from across the court.


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3. Gametime Digital Sports Scoreboard Indoor & Outdoor



Sponsored Ad - Gametime Digital Sports Scoreboard Indoor & Outdoor - App Controlled with WiFi, Rechargeable, Portable & We...



Whether you prefer to play under the sun or under the fluorescent lights, this Gametime Digital Sports Scoreboard Indoor & Outdoor will make it easy to keep track of the metrics of your game.


Water resistant and durable, this scorekeeper can be used in any weather. This scorekeeper is modern with its app-enabled design that allows you to easily control it from your phone.


You can plug in the time, period and scoreboard and use the mic to make announcements to the audience.


With the built-in battery pack, you can bring it with you anywhere and enjoy up to four hours of use without it needing a charge.


Finally, you can use the aux cable to play music and sound effects through the system.


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4. Sportable Scoreboards Multisport Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard



Sponsored Ad - Sportable Scoreboards Multisport Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard



Perfect for keeping track of score and time in an indoor setting, this Sportable Scoreboards Multisport Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard is an easy-to-use tool that can be positioned on any table or surface that is convenient to you.


It is designed for easy transport to and fro, and its lightweight design makes that possible.


Choose to set the clock to count up or down depending on your preferences as you control the bonus, period and possession of the ball.


Yellow, green and red LED indicators make the metrics visible. With a size of only 22 inches in width by 15 inches in height by 8 inches in depth, it fits well in any playing space.


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5. Spolehli LED Digital Multisport Scoreboard



Spolehli LED Scoreboard Digital Multisport Scoreboard  with Remote Control Indoor & Outdoor Portable Tabletop Scoreboard f...



Take control of the metrics of your game with a scoreboard that can do it all using the Spolehli LED Digital Multisport Scoreboard.


This scoreboard boasts four main functions of timing, scoring, 24s and period display as well as scores for both the guest and home teams.


To control it, you can simply press the buttons on the remote control instead of having to manually change it, adding to its convenience.


It is built to last out of premium materials that will serve your needs for many basketball seasons to come.


Not only can this Spolehli LED Digital Multisport Scoreboard be used for basketball, but also for football, boxing, tennis, baseball and many other sport.


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6. BSN Multisport Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard



BSN Multisport Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard



Ideal for those who love to play basketball indoors, this BSN Multisport Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard is ready to be positioned on any table or other surface nearby to easily keep the time, score and more.


Because of the wireless remote, you can conveniently alter the information on the scoreboard without having to stop and get up.


The display includes a space for the period, team fouls, bonuses, possession indicators and more to give you a full suite of features you expect from your scoreboard.


Overall, it measures 16 inches in height by 24 inches in width by 10 inches in depth and weighs only 13 pounds, making it easy to bring to and fro.


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7. NBVCX Home Real Time Clock Champion



NBVCX Silent Non Ticking Decorative Round Wall Clock Quality Quartz Battery Wall Clocks Rustic Country Home Decor Round Wa...



With its sleek, modern design, the NBVCX Home Real Time Clock Champion makes it the perfect addition to any indoor basketball court that has recently been updates.


It is as stylish as it is convenient with its easy-to-use remote control that gives you control over the information being displayed without having to manually control it.


The time clock can be mounted on the wall with as much ease as you can place it on a table as a freestanding unit.


It has a digital LED clock that displays large numbers to make it easy to read from a distance, both in the light of day and in dark settings. It measures 61.8 inches by 19 inches in size.


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8. First Team FT810 Portable Scoreboard with Cable Controller



First Team FT810 Portable Scoreboard with Cable Controller



A portable scoreboard that goes anywhere you prefer to play, this First Team FT810 Portable Scoreboard with Cable Controller makes it easy to keep the time like the professionals do.


The scoreboard features a classic design that gives off that old-school look to turn any basketball court into a stylish throwback court.


It features a cable and extension cord that measures a whopping 10 feet in length, making it easy to install onto the wall even far away from a power outlet.


With the included remote, you can comfortably alter and control the information on the board including the possession and bonus dots. It measures 48 inches by 24 inches by 4 inches in size.


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9. Champion Sports Multi-Sport Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard 



Champion Sports Multi-Sport Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard with Remote Control Included



Keep time, score and more with ease during basketball games with the Champion Sports Multi-Sport Tabletop Indoor Electronic Scoreboard at your service.


This classic-style scoreboard shows off all of the information you need to display in a manner that is clear an easy to read from a distance, thanks to both its LE light and large numbers on the readout.


The result is visibility as far away as 150 feet to make keeping up with the information more comfortable for those in the stands no matter how far back they might be.


Using the eight-button remote control, you can adjust the clock and the score from far away. It measures 24 inches by 16 inches by 10 inches in size.


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10. GoaEin Interval Wall Timers LED Indoor Professional 12/24/30 Seconds Shot Scoreboard



Amazon.com : GAN XIN LED Indoor Professional 12/24/30 Seconds Shot Scoreboard Electronic Digital for Basketball, Baseball/Football/Tennis : Sports & Outdoors



Get detailed with the scores you keep during your basketball games with the inclusion of the GoaEin Interval Wall Timers LED Indoor Professional 12/24/30 Seconds Shot Scoreboard.


This wall timer is easy to see from a distance, thanks to its high-contrast display that uses red LED lights to make itself as visible as possible.


With its electric cord and plug-and-play technology, you can start using this scoreboard as soon as it comes out of the box.


Metrics that the product can display include the time clock, game period, fouls and 24s, all in traditional locations on the clock.


With a strong aluminum alloy frame, you can trust it to outlast many seasons to come.


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11. Spolehli Scoreboard Multisport LED Scoreboard



Spolehli Scoreboard Multisport LED Scoreboard with Remote Control Indoor Wall-Mount Portable Tabletop Scoreboard for Baske...



No matter what indoor court it is you prefer to play on, you can bring the Spolehli Scoreboard Multisport LED Scoreboard along with you to keep the score with ease.


It has four main functions that show off the 24s, period, timing, and scoring in a clear and easy-to-see way, thanks to the high-contrast design even from far away.


Using the wireless remote control, you can operate it comfortably from a distance. Manufactured out of premium material, you can trust the scoreboard to outlast years of use.

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Final Thoughts


In this article, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best scoreboards available today, saving you the trouble of having to scour the internet yourself.


With the various options boasting just as many features, you’re sure to find what you need for your specific playing environment.

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