Basketball Face Mask for Broken Nose


Have you been thinking about getting a basketball face mask for a broken nose, or to prevent injury? We all know basketball is an intense, fast-paced sport that is enjoyed by many.


Although it isn’t technically classified as a contact sport such as football or hockey, any player knows that there is a lot of contact that happens on the court, especially near the net.


Some of it is intentional, but a lot of it is incidental, such as hands to the face after an attempted shot block or catching an elbow in a scrum for a loose ball.


Unfortunately, sometimes this contact results in injuries to the face, such as a broken nose or jaw or black eye.


Even a loose ball to the face can cause quite a bit of damage and can be a hazard if you aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in the game.


If you have sustained a broken nose during a game but want to continue to play basketball, you will need to invest in a quality face mask that can protect your bones and prevent even further injury.


While many masks can be uncomfortable at first, they are necessary to keep you safe if you plan to continue playing the game.


There are a lot of great masks out there that are flexible, durable, and easy to break in so that you can play in comfort until you are fully healed.


You will thank yourself for making the decision to purchase the face mask in the end.


Why Get a Face Mask?


The main reason to get a basketball face mask is to prevent further injury after you have broken a nose or cheekbone.


Some players might have certain physical conditions that require them to wear a face mask at all times because any knocks to the head might cause trauma.


If you want to play basketball with a broken bone, a face mask will be necessary to protect you.


If you are a hard, physical player, you might consider wearing a mask just to prevent any injury in the first place.


In any case, it is a wise investment and will help to ensure that you can continue to play ball into the future.


Most likely, you will get a mask to protect an injury that has already been sustained, but it is up to you if you want to wear one as a preventative measure instead.


You might be a recreational player and decide that it’s not worth it to risk a broken bone over a game.


Types of Injuries and How They Happen


In basketball, it is important to protect your face because there are so many different injuries that could take place.


With a pretty heavy ball flying around the court and many aggressive defenders who will go after you at full speed, there’s a good chance that you are going to take some hits throughout your playing career.


Some of these will unfortunately come at the expense of your face and head, so you need to be sure to protect it.


Broken Nose


A broken nose is one of the most common face injuries in basketball, as your nose is right in the center of your face and sticks out.


Sometimes a ball hitting you right in the nose can come at such an angle that it breaks. This can be painful but is not usually serious as long as it did not get too hard.


The ball isn’t the only thing that can break your nose, however. If someone is trying to block a shot but misses, coming down hard on your face, you might be unlucky enough to end up with a broken nose.


Broken noses usually heal within 3 weeks, but some are more severe and require longer time, especially if surgery is needed to get the bones back in place.


The good news is that face masks can keep them protected even while they are healing, so you’ll be able to play after just a little bit of rest.


It is recommended that you continue to wear the mask for a while even after the nose is healed, as it will still be sensitive and more susceptible to injury for quite some time.


Broken Cheekbone


Just like with a broken nose, a broken cheekbone can come as a result of the ball or another person.


Maybe there was a hard block coming your way, or maybe you got pushed hard to the ground, landing right on your cheek without enough time to put your hands out.


This can be very painful, but like a broken nose, it will heal with time. The average healing time for a broken cheekbone is 6 weeks, but nothing is set in stone and it depends on the severity of the break.


Again, wearing a mask after a little bit of rest means that you can still enjoy basketball while your cheekbone is healing, so be sure to invest in a high quality one that covers the proper area.


Black Eyes


Black eyes are minimal injuries and are usually not all that serious, but they should still be protected as they are healing.


It’s common for an errant ball or missed block to hit you right in the eye, and if there is enough force it may start bruising and become black and blue.


Even though face masks have eye openings, you’ll still get protection as the material sits off of the face and the opening is not big enough to allow a ball, hand, or elbow to get in.


Make sure to get one that will not sit too hard on the bruised area, as that can be painful or annoying during gameplay.


Top 7 Best Basketball Face Masks


Now, let’s take a look at some of the best masks on the market for players who want to keep their faces safe and secure.


1. Bangerz HS-1500 Polycarbonate Nose Guard Face Shield Petardos hs-1500 policarbonato Nariz protector de cara por Bangerz: Sports & Outdoors


This Bangerz mask has the distinction of being made to medical specifications, so you know that you are getting a high-quality product that will protect you from the hardest hits.


It is made of strong polycarbonate material that can resist any hard impact that you will get on the basketball court.


With two adjustable straps, it can be sized to fit almost any head, and it will do so very comfortably.


It even comes with a free replacement strap in case you have problems with one of the first ones.


It will not obstruct your vision, which is a major benefit for any athlete, helping you to play to your maximum potential even while wearing a mask.


With EVA foam padding and a minimalist design, you will hardly even know that you are wearing a face mask no matter how hard you are playing ball.


This is one of the best on the market and is worth looking into for anyone who wants to protect their nose, eyes, and cheekbones.


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2. Mueller Sports Medicine Clear Face Guard


Mueller Face Guard | Protección contra lesiones de impacto en la nariz y la cara, transparente, talla única

Mueller has been a mainstay in sports medicine for years, and it’s easy to see why. The Mueller Sports Medicine Clear Face Guard is simple, sleek, and effective.


This is made for any impact sport but works especially well for basketball, as the polycarbonate is indestructible and will protect you from any sort of hits, whether from a person or a basketball.


The material is medical grade and shatterproof, so no matter how hard you are hit, your eyes, nose, and face will be protected.


It is contoured perfectly to fit almost any face shape, so you should have no problem feeling comfortable and ready to play when you wear this mask.


The straps are strong and secure and won’t flop around while you are playing, making it an even better option for those who run around a lot and play a physical game.


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3. Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield

Qiancheng - Protector de nariz para la cara, máscara protectora L2, con acolchado de silicona, color negro


This is another medical-grade mask that uses polycarbonate that can stand up to any hits that you might sustain.


It’s a little bulkier than the Mueller masks, but it has effectively placed ventilation holes that allows it to breathe nicely while still providing a maximum level of protection.


The straps look large but sit comfortably on the face and hold the mask on your head tightly. You likely won’t need to adjust them at all throughout the entire game!


With EVA foam padding, you won’t have to worry about the polycarbonate material digging into your face, as this provides a nice cushion, especially if you happen to get hit by something.


This is a great all-around mask for any basketball player who wants to benefit from total vision and comfort while staying safe on the court. It comes in one size that can be adjusted from 22 to 24 inches.


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4. Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield 2 Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield, Carbon Fiber Protective Mask - Twill Weave Pattern QC-Pro-TW: Sports & Outdoors

This is a slight upgrade on the original Nose Guard Face Shield, as it has a few more options that can be customizable.


For instance, you can purchase silicone gel protective pads if you have sensitive skin, and those will do a great job of separating the high-quality polycarbonate from your face, so the mask doesn’t dig in while you are bouncing around the court.


Speaking of the polycarbonate, it can’t be shattered and will protect you from hands, elbows, and basketballs with the same efficacy.


It can fit cheekbones with a range of 12 to 14.5 centimeters. There are several sizes available for both children and adults and even those who might have a higher nasal bridge than normal.


This is a very strong mask that is perfect for those who are taking precautions to prevent new injuries or those who are trying to nurse a current broken bone.


Either way, you’ll be able to play your game with the same effort and fervor that you always do while wearing this mask.


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5. Sports Knight Nose Guard/Face Shield

Sports Knight Nose Guard/Face Shield

This mask may look a bit more intrusive than the others due to its size and bulk, but it actually sits nicely on the face and provides as much visibility and comfort that you would want from a face mask.


Made of strong, durable material that won’t shatter, you can be confident that you’ll walk away unscathed no matter how hard of a game you played.


The adjustable straps are flexible and strong, meaning it will sit in the same position on your head while you’re running, rather than flopping around and needing constant readjustment like many cheaper masks do.


The padding means that your face won’t be affected by the mask’s material, while also providing a little bit of lift to make for better airflow and give you the maximum level of comfort.


This is another medical-grade mask, so even the professionals trust it to keep their patients safe.


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6. SafeTGuard Protective Nose Guard/Mask SafeTGard Protective Nose Guard/Mask (Protects Broken Nose): Clothing

This one looks a little different than many of the previous masks, but it provides ultimate comfort, strength, and durability.


Made of acrylic, the frame helps to distribute impact away from your nose, making it highly effective and preventing new injuries or exacerbating old ones.


Whether you are simply a hard player taking precautions or if you have a freshly broken nose, this mask will do everything to ensure that you are ready to play with no holding back!


There is a lot more foam in this one, so it is one of the most comfortable masks on the market.


Despite the look of it, it does not hinder your vision in any way, so you’ll be able to see the entire court and play the same game that you always have.


The size, combined with the adjustable straps, means that pretty much anyone over the age of 12 can use this mask as it supports many different head shapes and sizes.


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7. AURAFIX ORTHOPEDIC Nose Guard for Broken Nose


AURAFIX ORTHOPEDIC PRODUCTS Nose Guard for Broken Nose - Basketball Face Guard Face Shield Protective Nose Mask- Protection from Impact Injuries, Basketball Face Mask, Sports Mask (M): Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

This is one of the few masks that has been medically tested and graded to support those who have already broken their nose.


While most masks will do a fine job of keeping you safe, this one is recommended by doctors thanks to the engineering and design that was put into it, as well as its superior materials.


It is used in many sports, but if you want to get back to playing basketball merely days after you broke your nose, this may be the perfect mask for you.


There is padding for the head and the nose, and the material distributes any force evenly across the face so that any sort of impact is only minimally recognized.


Your nose will be kept in place and there is very little chance that even the hardest hits will have any effect on your healing process.


This is an extremely comfortable mask that allows for perfect visibility and will stay snugly on your head in any game, no matter how intense it is.


Aurafix really impresses here, and many players have great things to say about this great all-around mask.


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How to Choose a Face Mask


There are many factors that go into determining the quality of a good face mask for basketball. Consider some of these before making your decision.


Durability and Strength


This is the most important aspect of any face mask, as they are supposed to protect you from injury.


If the mask is not strong, it won’t do a good job of preventing broken bones or bruises. The material should be sturdy enough to take hits from hands, elbows, and basketballs.


It should be durable enough to last a long time, even after dozens of hits a game. You don’t want a mask that is going to fall apart in your first few games.




You can’t play to your maximum ability if you can’t see the ball, court, and players around you. You will need a mask with large enough eyeholes so that you can see everything.


Your peripheral vision will be affected to some degree, but make sure to get one that fits tightly enough to minimize any peripheral problems.


You’ll want one that has very clear material that can be cleaned easily so that you don’t get distracted by scratches or scuff marks.


Fit and Stability


A mask that constantly falls off your face or head is basically useless, so make sure to find a mask that fits snugly and can be secured tightly.


While the tight fit might seem a little bit intrusive at first, you will get used to it and it will be far more comfortable than a mask that is flopping around throughout the entire game.


Make sure the straps are strong and that they can pull tight enough to fit around your head.




This goes along with fit, as something that is too loose or too tight will not be comfortable.


In order to play your best, you will want to feel almost as if there is no face mask on at all, so it is important to find one that works for you.


Things like padding and ventilation holes go a long way in making a mask comfortable, and they are features that you should look for when shopping for one.




Basketball is an intense sport played at a high pace, which makes it physical and means that many players will sustain minor injuries throughout their careers.


Whether you play hard or if you participate in a more cautionary manner, you can always get hit by a ball or take a hard foul from a player who might be getting too aggressive.


That is part of the risk you take when playing sports, but most people feel that it is worth it because continuing to play allows you to be healthier and happier.


By purchasing a face mask to prevent new injuries or protect current injuries, you don’t have to take time off from playing basketball.


These masks are made of lightweight, state-of-the-art material that is strong and durable, taking even the hardest hits without shattering and being able to do so time and again, even if you play in a street ball league with a lot of physical contact.


You shouldn’t get back on the court the second after you break a bone, but a couple of days rest should be all you need before donning a face mask and getting back out there to play ball.


The masks highlighted above are all high-quality products that should do a great job to protect your nose, cheek, or eyes, but each one has subtle differences, making it more suitable for a certain type of person.


You should consider your face size and shape, as well as what type of injury you sustained before making a final decision.


Some people even choose their mask based on how it looks, however we don’t recommend going that route.


If something looks good but doesn’t fit right, it won’t do its full job of protecting your face and will likely be annoying to wear during any game that you might play.


Overall, you should make a decision based on fit, strength, and comfort.


If you want to continue to play basketball at a high level, you don’t want to be distracted by the mask that you are wearing, so this just makes sense.


Most importantly, it should be strong and durable enough to keep your bones safe while you are playing, especially from high impact plays such as blocks and fouls.


Cheap masks will shatter upon impact and possibly exacerbate your current injury or create a new injury, especially to your eyes.


All of the above masks are shatterproof and have been proven to protect injuries, thanks to their medical-grade materials.


Take a good look at all of them and determine which one is best for you. We believe that any of these are a great option, but it always comes down to personal preference and dimensions.


No matter what you choose, go ahead and enjoy your games of basketball for years to come!


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