Custom Basketball Arm Sleeves


If you’ve ever watched the pros playing a tough game of basketball, you’ve probably noticed that many top NBA players wear custom basketball arm sleeves during their games.


It’s one of the protective items players use as a way to improve their circulation when playing.


These sleeves aren’t unique to the NBA. Many players wear them from raw beginners all the way up to seasoned pros.


Arm sleeves are commonplace now, but they are a fairly new addition to the sport. They first came onto the scene in 2001 and were popularized by Allen Iverson.


They’ve stayed with the game for so long because they provide a wide range of benefits for players. Here are just a few of the advantages.


Temperature Regulation


Keeping an appropriate temperature is a big part of basketball. We want basketball shoes that keep our feet cool and basketball shorts that breathe.


Arm sleeves help by keeping arms warm so that they are at their most flexible during important throws.


This in turn helps reduce the risk of injury, so that you are least likely to find yourself on the sidelines due to an arm injury from improperly warming up.


Tattoo Cover


Sometimes, a favorite tattoo may be inappropriate for a basketball setting.


If you have an arm tattoo you’d rather not share on TV, or can’t be shown due to filming for family viewing, an arm sleeve can cover it up without inhibiting gameplay.




Confidence is a huge part of any game.


When you slip on a custom sleeve that you know will help you in a variety of different ways and is also specifically designed to match your color scheme, it can really boost your confidence.


Half of great gameplay comes from inside, and if looking great as you sink that jump shot makes you feel good, you’ll be more likely to make that shot.


Improves Form


It’s not just your confidence that will shine with a custom basketball arm sleeve.


Another feature of these practical tools is that they help straighten your elbow through a throw, which helps improve accuracy and form.


If you’re looking for better accuracy, make sure the arm sleeve you choose offers compression as well, since compression is what helps improve accuracy.




While basketball is a safer sport than full-contact sports, this doesn’t mean you are free from the risk of injury.


Falls happen all the time during games. If you have a cut on your arm you’re trying to recover from, or are looking for protection from cuts during a fall, an arm sleeve can provide some protection.


In addition, some arm sleeves come with padding on the elbow, which is a frequent area of injury during basketball games.


Padding in the sleeve can help reduce shock and impact from falls, helping to reduce the chances of injury.




Compression sleeves squeeze your arm, helping to compress the blood vessels in your arm, and improve blood flow through them.


Better blood flow means that the lactic acid built up during tough games is removed faster and more efficiently, which means in turn less muscle soreness after a game.


Compression sleeves can also be used after an injury, helping a wound heal faster by promoting blood flow to the area.


Our top recommended custom basketball sleeves


If you don’t want to spend hours pouring over different custom basketball sleeves to find the best ones, we have gathered them here for your consideration. 


All of these sleeves have something to offer, from custom 3D printing to a huge variety of different colors, to unparalleled compression or comfort.


You’ve read about what makes a great arm sleeve, so here are a few high quality arm sleeves that not only provide unparalleled comfort and utility, but are also highly customizable.


Some of these arm sleeves are available in thousands of different colors and patterns, so if you are looking for something specific you’ll be able to find what you need.


While there are many great arm sleeves out there, these are our top 10 picks for basketball.


1. Years Personalized Custom Unisex Sun/UV Protectors Sports Arm Sleeves Long Arm Covers 3D Printed 1 Pair : Years Personalized Custom Sun UV Protectors Sports Arm Sleeves Add Image Printed Covers 1 Pair : Sports & Outdoors


If you want full control over how your arm sleeve looks, this company can print any sort of design you want.


The sleeve itself is designed to offer compression, which means you’ll get the healing and temperature-optimizing benefits of this style of sleeve.


The fabric is light, breathable, and wicks away moisture so you can play your best and focus on the game.


You can customize this sleeve with your own personal logo or other design, making this a fun way to set yourself apart from the rest.


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2. Sports Farm New! Custom Number Moisture Wicking Compression Arm Sleeve


Sports Farm New! Custom Number Moisture Wicking Compression Arm Sleeve


This sleeve allows you to customize the number so that it matches your jersey, and also comes in a number of different colors and styles.


Most of the color options are a sporty stripe with a different colored option, but it also has baseball-themed, patriotic, and one to support breast cancer.


Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in women. Chances are that you have a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.


When someone close to you gets diagnosed with cancer, it can make it personal.


You can show your support for those with breast cancer through this sleeve, or simply enjoy one of the many other options.


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3. Custom Personalized Compression Arm Sleeves for Men Women/Students for Elbow


Custom Personalized Compression Arm Sleeves for Men Women/Students for Elbow


If you want full control of what your sleeve looks like, this custom sleeve will 3D print your photo or text onto the sleeve.


With this much control, you can make the sleeve look exactly how you want it. You can personalize it with your name or number, match the color to your uniform, or decorate it with flames.


The choice is all up to you.


Of course, while appearance is important, if the sleeve doesn’t help it becomes nothing more than a fashion statement.


This sleeve offers UV protection, moisture wicking, and compression.


If you’re looking for something special that will keep your arms warm but also look good, these sleeves are a great place to start.


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4. Compression arm sleeves by B-Driven Sports


B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Athletic Sports Arm Sleeve 40+ Designs, Youth and Adult Size, Men and Women


These amazing compression arm sleeves come in 5 eye-popping prints and are lab-tested against UPF 50+.


The thoughtful design has a flat seem to avoid rubbing and discomfort during a tough game, and it offers both compression and moisture-wicking.


Some people complain that it is too tight, but since this is a compression sleeve it may be due to the snugness from that. If you are concerned about tightness, you may wish to order up a size.


Overall, the majority of customers found this product to be well made, comfortable, and easy to use.


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5. Arm Sleeve for Youth and Adults by B-Driven Sports


Sports Compression Arm Sleeves, Variety 3-Pack Football, Baseball, Basketball


Another arm sleeve produced by B-Driven Sports is a premium product that breaks away from the one size fits all model.


Instead, these sleeves are measured by your bicep in order to get the right amount of compression.


This arm sleeve is designed for 10-15mmHG of pressure, and has the same elastic at the top, flat seem, and 3D printing as their first arm model.


In addition, instead of the 5 prints, these arm sleeves come in over 40 different colors.


This is for just one sleeve, so order two if you would like them for both arms.


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6. B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Athletic Compression Arm Sleeves 6-Sleeve Variety Pack


B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Athletic Compression Arm Sleeves 6-Sleeve Variety Pack, 2 White, 2 Black, and 2 Primary Color Slee...


If you are hoping to get several pairs of sleeves so you can wash them or as part of a team uniform, this 6 pack contains 3 pairs of sleeves.


This variety pack brings the same quality of B-Driven’s other sleeves, including the flat seam, but in a variety set.


B-Driven has 4,100 different patterns and colors available, so if you’re looking for a specific color or style chances are they have it.


As an added bonus, if you receive the wrong color, they will be happy to work with you directly to find the sleeve or pattern that is correct for you.


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7. Sports Compression Arm Sleeves Basketball Shooter


bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeve - Youth & Adult Sizes - Baseball Football Basketball Sports (1 Arm Sleeve)


If you are suffering from an injury to your arm or elbow and need real compression to heal the wound, these arm sleeves are a great choice.


These sleeves are specifically designed for faster recovery, by helping to increase circulation through the arm.


On top of this, these arm sleeves are made with quality materials that will keep you cool and dry with all-day comfort, and the no-slip armbands help keep the sleeve from riding down your arm.


If you play outdoors, you’ll also enjoy the comfort of SPF 50+ protection that will keep you from getting a sunburn while you practice your slam dunks.


Sun protection isn’t an empty boast either, these arm sleeves are lab tested to ensure they protect against harmful UV rays.


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8. Sports Compression Arm Sleeves, Variety 3-Pack


Sports Compression Arm Sleeves, Variety 3-Pack Football, Baseball, Basketball


Another offering by B-Driven, this 3 pack will give you a variety of arm sleeves so that you can rotate out as they become dirty and need cleaned.


These sleeves are the same high quality material as B-Drivens other sleeves, and offer compression, UV protection, and custom fit.


This 3 pack is very popular with hundreds of customers leaving 5 star reviews. Customers mentioned that it worked great for muscle soreness, chafing, and general healing.


The company recommends measuring carefully to make sure that the arm sleeve fits, as not all sizes are the same, but many customers also recommend sizing up.


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9. Sports Compression Arm Sleeves – Athletic Arm Cover Shield for Men, Women, Youth & Kids for Baseball, Basketball & Football


Sports Compression Arm Sleeves - Athletic Arm Cover Shield for Men, Women, Youth & Kids for Baseball, Basketball & Football


These compression sleeves have a lot to offer basketball players. They are designed to be snug, but not too snug, while offering all the health benefits of a great compression sleeve.


These quality sleeves will help with muscle soreness, injury, and UV protection.


These basketball sleeves can also help improve accuracy and reduce pain. If you’re looking for an arm sleeve that is more than just a decoration, these arm sleeves are a great place to start.


Most customers were happy with the sleeves and found they helped with pain and soreness, but did mention they fit very snug. If you’re uncomfortable with sleeves being a little too snug, you may need to size up.


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10. Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeve – Youth & Adult Sizes – Baseball Football Basketball Sports (1 Arm Sleeve)


bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeve - Youth & Adult Sizes - Baseball Football Basketball Sports (1 Arm Sleeve)


If you’ve had problems with compression sleeves before and are looking for a no-hassle shooter sleeve, BucWild’s Sports Compression sleeve is the way to go.


Their sleeves are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can simply return it and get the right one, or get your money back if you are unsatisfied with a product.


These compression sleeves are perfect for healing injuries, reducing pain from hard practice or long games, reducing the risk of injuries, and so much more.


These arm sleeves fit very well, and have rubber anti-slip rings around the top to help keep it from riding down.


Once again these come in an enormous range of colors and prints, so if you are looking for something specific, you’re likely to find an arm sleeve that looks good on you.


This one comes with only one arm sleeve, so if you are looking for a matching pair you will need to order two.


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Arm sleeves aren’t just for appearances. They can make a real difference in your playing ability, from improving your accuracy while throwing to reducing your risk of injury.


While you don’t need an arm sleeve to be competitive, trying one out may be worthwhile to see how well it improves your performance.


If you are a serious player, chances are you are familiar with the aches and pains associated with workouts that push you to the max.


These pains can take your focus off the game, and eventually lead to repetitive stress injuries.


Arm sleeves can help prevent these injuries and are well worth giving a try.

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