Best Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop


There are a dizzying number of backboards available to grace your yard, but deciding which one can be difficult.


The last thing you want is to get a backboard that is too flimsy for your needs, or to invest in an expensive one when you hardly ever play.


A great basketball hoop is highly dependent on your individual needs.


We’ve gathered together a variety of great hoops perfect for beginners all the way to athletes who need the best, as well as a guide to help decide which one is right for you.


1. Katop Roof Mounted Basketball System



katop Garage Roof-Mount Outdoor Basketball Hoop System with 48 or 60 inch Backboard,Durable Steel Universal Bracket and Br...



Hands down our favorite roof mounted basketball hoop is the KATOP system.


This system is perfect for everyone from the NBA aimed future stars all the way down to newer players just starting out. There are a number of reasons for why it’s so good.


The first reason why it’s one of the best is because it is built tough in order to stand up to even the hardest of game play.


The backboard is made out of clear acrylic and an aluminum frame, which won’t shatter when a ball hits it at top speed.


The acrylic feels and bounces back similar to a real NBA backboard, which makes this a desirable choice for hopeful athletes seeking to get serious with their game.


No matter what roof mounted hoop you choose, you are going to end up investing some money in it, so it’s important to choose one you know won’t break after just a couple of games.


The KATOP system is one of the sturdiest out there, making it a top choice.


On top of this, the spring mounted hoop flexes when the ball hits it, making it less likely to break from hard hits.


The backboard is heavy, but the three-step assembly for the system makes up for that.


It can be mounted from the roof rather than the attic, which makes managing its heaviness easier.


On top of this, the hoop is somewhat adjustable so that it can be precisely 10 feet off the ground.


All in all this is a great basketball hoop, and the perfect investment for your yard.



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2. Spalding Acrylic Basketball Backboard



Spalding Acrylic Basketball Backboard & Rim Combo



Another top tier roof mounted basketball system is the Spalding Acrylic Basketball backboard.


Spalding is a reputable basketball company that has been in the business for decades, and their experience shows with this superior basketball board.


This system starts off with a steel hoop strong enough to allow players to hang off them in truly powerful slam dunks.


The strong yet flexible backboard is nothing to sneeze at either. This clear acrylic board looks and feels like an NBA board, and it’s flexibility lets it be mounted in other places besides the roof.


You can mount this backboard from a pole or the walls if it turns out the roof isn’t such a good option for you.


It is easy to assemble, and comes with an all weather net that you can practice with rain or shine.


All systems have their cons, and the one problem with this backboard is that if you are drilling basketballs as hard as you can into the backboard, it can crack.


This is the price paid for the flexibility it has.


If you think you will be hitting the backboard hard and frequently with basketballs, it may be better to opt for a different option.


If you think you’re just going to be hitting it with the usual rebounds, then the Spalding should be just fine for your uses.



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3. Lifetime Impact Backboard



Lifetime 90992 Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop, 44-Inch Impact Backboard



If you’re looking for a beginner friendly model, than the Lifetime Impact Backboard is a great choice. This model has a UV protected polyethylene backboard, a classic rim, and an all weather net.


This model is a good starter for those who are new to the sport, or aren’t quite ready for the serious investment some of the more advanced hoops can be.


The board itself is sturdy and will hold up over time, but the rim isn’t sturdy enough for slam dunk practice.


The system does come with springs to help make the hoop more flexible and less likely to break under pressure, but even so if you’re not a very accurate shooter yet, chances are you’re going to hit the backboard a lot.


That means you’ll need a backboard that can take a real beating.


This heavy plastic won’t melt in the sun, won’t fade from being outdoors, and best of all won’t crack under the pressure of far too many missed shots.


Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is our best budget friendly pick that will let you do it all and practice it all without having to drop 4 digits to do so.


The Lifetime Impact will need two people to install, and if you purchase the mounting kit (not included) you’ll be able to hang it on a pole or a wall as well as just the roof.


This isn’t a pro hoop, and if you’re hoping to eventually head for the NBA or are already a competitive athlete, you’ll likely need a better board.


If you’re a beginner looking for a way to step up your game however, this is an ideal choice for you.



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4. Spalding Polycarbonate 44” Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo



Spalding Polycarbonate Basketball Backboard & Rim Combo



Another wonderful product by Spalding is their Polycarbonate model. This is a rim and backboard combo that has a number of attractive features going for it.


One of these features is a universal mounting bracket, which can be used not just for this backboard, but any Spalding backboard.


This way if you ever need to swap your backboard, you won’t have to get a new bracket.


The polycarbonate backboard is framed in with steel to make it more durable, and the rim comes with Pro Slam or Slam Breakway options in case you are interested in slam dunking the ball.


Some customers have complained that the backboard is flimsy and that it is made of thin plastic that will bend by even a gentle push.


Others complain that it cracked early or that it didn’t stand up to kids playing with it.


These are valid concerns, but the good news is that this product is backed by Spalding’s warranty.


If you try this backboard and it fails within the warranty period (5 years for Steel-Framed Polycarbonate backboards) you have protection.


This is a good hoop for beginners, and while experienced athletes should probably invest in a stronger NBA sized backboard, this has everything necessary to get started in the game.


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5. Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Shatterproof Backboard and Rim Combo Kit





Another budget friendly model for beginners is the Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Shatterproof Backboard and Rim Combo Kit.


This model is a great choice for beginners, or for people who have limited space and can’t get an NBA sized backboard on their roof.


This compact backboard can be placed almost anywhere, including mounted on a wall, roof, eave, or pole. This does require a mounting kit, which isn’t included in the base price.


The graphics decorating the backboard are fade resistant, and the all weather net will keep you making baskets rain or shine.


The backboard can stand up to extreme cold, but may not do as well in extreme heat. If you live in very hot conditions, you may want to look for a somewhat sturdier backboard.


This is also the case if you plan to do a lot of slam dunks on the rim, which may not hold up to intensive dunking.


At 44”, this backboard is not NBA size, but it’s still perfect for beginners who want to test out their skills before investing in a more expensive model.


While it may not be the strongest or last the longest, it is one of the most cost effective models available.



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Honorable Mentions


While these aren’t perfect hoops for various reasons, they are still worth mentioning. Here are our honorable mentions to round up this list.


6. First Team Backboard



First Team 36" x 54" FT270 Fan-Shaped Aluminum Basketball Backboard



Sometimes, getting a backboard up at all is a real challenge.


It may be that you have a tough angle to work with that most basketball hoops simply can’t be flexible enough for, or need a safety setback to ensure your wall isn’t going to get destroyed after a couple of shots.


If this is a problem holding you back from getting a backboard up, the First Team Backboard may be the right choice for you.


This backboard is infinitely flexible, with the ability to adjust in almost any direction.


Not only can you adjust the angle if you’re dealing with a slanted surface, it also adjusts height so it can be used starting from 6 feet for small kids all the way up to 10 feet.


It’s also incredibly sturdy, with a 36×60 tempered glass backboard that can take some hard hits without cracking.


The heavy duty flex rim can hold up to some serious dunking, and is in fact made for the purpose.


This is a great basketball hoop for athletes serious about the game, and will last you a long time.



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7. Progoal



PROGOAL Universal UV-Resistant Basketball Backboard Padding Fits All Basketball Systems Indoor Outdoor



If you need the telescoping frame offered by First Team, but don’t have the room for a giant backboard, the PROGOAL backboard may be a better option for you.


You can get the 36×60 option for this backboard, but a smaller 48” option is also available. This smaller option may work if you have limited space and really need to think about what goes into it.


Most customers who purchase this say assemble is very easy, and can be done in just 3 steps.


If you’ve struggled with directions from previous backboards or know you need simple directions to get things done, then this is a really great choice for you.


The acrylic backboard offers good bounce, and is very thick (½” thick) making it ideal for those who need a backboard that will hold up to hard play.


This backboard is good for all levels of play, and will hold up to even your toughest games. This hoop is made of very sturdy materials, and is thus very heavy.


Due to its weight and size, it’s probably best to use the roof mounted option instead of trying to mount it somewhere else.



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8. Lifetime



Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop (54-Inch Polycarbonate)



 This is another good backboard for cramped spaces where full sized backboards are simply not an option.


The smaller backboard can make it possible for you to turn your driveway into a gymnasium space, even where other backboards won’t fit.


Most customers reported the hoop stands up well to small children playing, but that assembly was tough.


If you’re handy even without instructions, this could be a great hoop for the kids. Once assembled, most people report that the backboard itself is good quality, and that the product is sturdy.



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How to choose the right roof mounted hoop


Everyone’s needs are different. The perfect hoop for one person might be different from the needs of someone else.


Before you go out to buy a hoop, it may be worth understanding the differences so you don’t end up buying a hoop you’re unhappy with.


We’ve put together a buyer’s guide that covers all of the features common in roof mounted hoops, so you’ll have an easier time selecting the hoop that is right for you.




Some hoops are easier to assemble than others. In order for your hoop to go up, you’ll will inevitably have to use ladders to lift it into place and secure it.


The less complicated this is, the easier it will be on you.


Weight is also something to consider. Although weight isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, you are going to have to get it on the roof somehow.


Heavy hoops make it harder to install.


Look for a hoop that is easy to install, and balance a realistic weight with sturdiness. Some hoops are heavier, but the fact that they are easy to assemble and install make the weight more manageable.




Let’s face it, even the cheapest possible hoop is going to cost a pretty significant chunk of change.


The last thing you want is for the hoop to break after just a few games, leaving you with a broken backboard or a snapped hoop.


Choose a hoop that has a good reputation for quality, especially when it comes down to the backboard.


While a flimsy hoop has problems of its own, its the backboard that is most likely to crack or break after a few hard hits from a high flying basketball.




What made you decide you need a hoop for at-home use? Is it because you want to spend more time with the kids, or are you an up-and-coming athlete hoping to make it big?


If you just want to throw the occasional ball, your choice of hoop might be quite so important.


The odds are good, however, that if you’re taking the trouble to install a hoop on your roof, you are serious about the game.


That means performance is important. If you care about performance, choosing a hoop that looks and performs as close to an NBA hoop as possible is a good idea.


You should think about what you want the hoop for before making a purchasing decision, and let your own needs guide you.


Your skill level


It’s not just where you want to be as a player you need to consider. You should also take into account where you are now as a player.


If you are brand new to the sport, it might not make sense to invest $1,000 on a fancy new roof mounted hoop.


It may be better to start out with a simpler design and invest in a better hoop as you gain experience.


On the other hand, if you’ve been playing basketball for a while and are ready to get a hoop that will last, choosing a better model is sensible for you.


If you’re new, check out one of our recommended beginner models, and if you’re ready to invest, select something closer to professional.


Strong and flexible baskets


When we think of our favorite basketball players, we often think of them soaring through the air for a slam dunk, making the basket, and then dangling from the hoop for a few moments before dropping down.


This iconic image is something we often want to mimic on our own, but without a strong basket that will support your weight, often isn’t possible.


If you plan to practice your slam dunks, you’ll need to choose a strong and flexible basket that will hold up to your weight.


Rooftop hoops are a big investment, and you don’t want to install one only to later find out you need a different one for dunking.


If you think slam dunks is something you’ll want to do at all in your future, look for a sturdy hoop that can hold up to your efforts.


Frequently asked Questions


If you’re concerned about getting the right hoop, you probably have a few questions running through your mind.


Here are some of the most common questions people have regarding hoops before they purchase.


What is the best material for the backboard?


The best materials depend entirely on your needs. If you want what the professionals use, you’ll want tempered glass.


Tempered glass is what the NBA uses, because it offers the best quality rebounds and allows the player to use the backboard as part of play.


Tempered glass however, is expensive, heavy, and not always practical even for serious players. A good alternative for home use is acrylic.


Not only is this more cost effective, it has a very similar feel to tempered glass.


Which backboard size is the best?


For professional play, you’ll want one of the larger backboard sizes. These sizes include 54” and 60” backboards.


While this might seem huge at first, especially compared to the other options, its what the professionals use for good reason.


The bigger the backboard, the more opportunities you’ll have to use it in play.


Sometimes the ability to bounce a basketball off the backboard and into the hoop is just as important as a normal toss.


What height should I install the hoop at?


This depends on who the hoop is intended for. If the hoop is for an athlete dreaming of the big time, the hoop should be 10 feet off the ground.


10 feet is regulation height, and is the height the NBA uses. Practicing at this height will give you an opportunity to match real world conditions, so you can be better for important games.


On the other hand, if this hoop is to entertain kids, you may want to lower the hoop height so they have a greater chance of making a basket.


Small children may not be able to reach a 10 foot height at all, and may feel discouraged if they can’t make a basket.


Why it all matters


Every basketball legend once picked up a basketball for the very first time. What separated them from average players was practice—lots, and lots of practice.


No matter who you are, or where you choose to practice at, the simple truth is you can never become great if you don’t put in the time.


Great basketball players practice every single day, and train their hardest. While talent matters also, practice is the one key element you can control.


You won’t know if you have talent if you don’t first sharpen the skills needed to use that talent.


A roof mounted basketball hoop can help give you that opportunity to practice. If you want to become a  legend, it starts with picking up the ball.


This is why our number one tip is to choose the best roof mounted basketball hoop you can afford.


While it may not make sense to purchase a quality hoop for young kids or casual play, if you are serious about the game, make this investment into your training, so you too have the best possible chance at becoming a legend in basketball.

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