Protective Gear for Basketball


Are you trying to find protective gear for basketball?


Basketball may not be a as much of a contact sport as something like football or rugby, but it is still a fast-paced activity where a lot of incidental contact takes places.


An errant pass or hard block can also result in a ball unexpectedly flying into someone’s face or body.


The nature of the game means that people will often collide, and although fouls are called for certain violations, there is a good chance that you will have contact and be required to continue playing through it.


For these reasons, protective gear is necessary if you want to prevent injuries while playing basketball.


There’s no guarantee that every item will always work, but if you want to play the game to the best of your abilities, some of these items can help ensure that you don’t suffer injuries in the middle of the game.


Some of the most common protective gear that is available for basketball players include the following:


Mouth Guards


This is the most common type of protective gear for players, and almost every basketball player uses one.


The fast-paced nature of the game means requires you to protect your mouth, as you may end up with a ball or elbow to the face, or incidental contact might even have you biting your tongue or cheek.


A quality mouthguard will protect you from nasty cuts or even from losing a tooth with a big hit.


Ankle Braces


The need to quickly change direction or pivot can put a lot of stress on your ankles, and you are susceptible to injury even without any contact from another player.


Many ballers wear ankle braces to keep their ankles stable and prevent them from overextending or rolling them during a big move.


These braces provide a full range of motion but put enough compression on your ankles that you won’t go too far when pivoting or running.


Knee Braces


Your knees take a lot of abuse when playing basketball, as there is a lot of running and twisting involved.


Knee braces help to minimize the torsion when you are twisting and add some compression so that you don’t suffer from fatigue.


Generally, basketball players wear sleeve-style braces on their knees to allow for a full range of motion while still benefiting from the protection they provide.


For those who have suffered previous knee injuries, stronger braces might be required, but they don’t inhibit your ability to play.


Face Masks


Face masks used to only be worn by players who were protecting an existing injury, but more and more players are wearing them as preventative measures.


The technology behind face masks has gotten better and they don’t cause as much obstruction as they used to.


These masks help to protect and prevent broken noses, which can happen as a result of an errant ball or elbow from another player.


Elbow Pads


Falling on your elbow can be very painful, and many aggressive players wear elbow pads to prevent this type of short-term injury.


They are there to protect your elbow from impact when you fall or get into a scuffle.


This way, you won’t have a direct hit to your bone that cause a lot of pain and lead to further bruising or more serious injuries.


Knee Pads


Much like elbow pads, knee pads prevent bruising and injuries when you fall.


They aren’t as common as other protective gears, but certain players like to use knee pads because of their aggressive style of play that may have them diving for balls or getting into hard-hitting plays.


Compression Clothes


Compression gear looks similar to tights and is used to help with sore muscles or to prevent certain injuries.


These garments promote good circulation and healthy muscles and are often worn so that players don’t suffer from fatigue or simple sprains and strains that are common when playing such a physical sport.


They can also help keep the muscles warm which means that you can be ready to go between plays without hitting the gym.


Kinesio Tape


This is an elastic type of tape that is used to treat minor injuries that happen as you are playing.


For instance, if a player falls and hurts his wrist but not too seriously, Kinesio tape might be used to protect it from further injury. 


It helps to stabilize the joints and muscles and keep them functional even if they have been hurt during the game.


Safety Goggles


For players that need to wear glasses in their everyday lives, safety goggles are very important.


They can be fitted with the proper prescription, but they are stronger and more durable than standard eyeglasses.


They protect the entire eye area and wrap around the head so that they don’t fall off during play. If you have vision issues but still want to exceed at basketball, safety goggles are a must.



Best Protective Gear for Basketball Players


Now that you are aware of the different types of protective gear, you can make a decision to buy those that you need the most.


Here are some of the best items that you can buy to help protect yourself while you are playing basketball.


1. Mueller Face Guard



Mueller Face Guard | Protection from Impact injuries to Nose and Face, Clear, One Size Fits Most



This face guard is a simple, strong, and effective one that prevents you from sustaining injuries to your nose, cheeks, and eyes.


If you are suffering from a broken nose that is currently healing, this guard will protect it thoroughly and allow you to play ball without re-aggravating the injury or making it worse.


With the Mueller Face Guard, you won’t have to take time off after a minor face injury – you can get right back to playing to the best of your abilities.


Thanks to its clear, polycarbonate, shatterproof material, you won’t have any problems seeing the ball or the rest of the court. It will feel as though you aren’t wearing a face guard at all.


It is easily adjustable so it will fit snugly on your head no matter what the size.


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2. Aurafix Orthopedic Products Nose Guard for Broken Nose






For those who are waiting for a broken nose to heal, the Aurafix Nose Guard is vital! This high-quality, durable face mask keeps your vision clear while protecting your nose from even the hardest hits.


You can go right back to playing an aggressive style of ball thanks to the protection that this guard offers. Made from medical grade plastic, this guard has soft contact points so that it fits comfortably but snugly on your face.


It wraps around your head without obstructing your view, so you can play a fast-paced, high-contact game without worrying about making your injury worse.


This mask will not shift as you play your game, even if you are one of the fastest and most physical players on the court. This is a must-have for any player that is nursing a broken nose.


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3. Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield



Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield, Protective Face Mask L5 Medium Size with Padding for Women and Teenagers, QC-L5-M



This small face mask is perfect for children or teenagers who want to prevent or protect current injuries.


The soft padding means that it sits comfortably on the face and won’t aggravate your skin, while the strong plastic material can stand up to even the most aggressive plays.


The eye holes are large enough to allow you to see and the clear material means that even your peripheral view will not be obstructed.


It is important to protect children’s bones, especially as they are growing, so this is a great preventative item as well as one that can help protect existing injuries.


Many young basketball players have raved about the comfort and durability of this mask and the fact that it is strong enough to accommodate such physical players.


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4. Freebee Unisex Kids Sports Goggles




Freebee Unisex Kids Sports Goggles Safety Glasses Protective Goggles for Basketball Football Racquetball Volleyball Soccer...




Goggles are important for kids who need to protect their eyes, especially those who wear prescription glasses.


The Freebee Unisex Kids Sports Goggles have lenses that can be placed with the proper prescriptions, so kids will be able to clearly see everything that’s happening on the court!


On top of that, they are adjustable to fit any kids head, meaning that they won’t fly off or even be affected by an errant ball.


The soft rubber padding that surrounds the lenses mean that these sit comfortably and snugly on the face and won’t dig into the cheeks or leave obnoxious marks.


Because of a smart, ventilated design, they won’t fog up even with the most aggressive breathing during exhausting plays.


They are also fashionable and any kid who needs glasses will enjoy the different color options that these goggles have to offer.


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5. Andux Basketball Sports Protective Eyewear Goggles



Andux Basketball Soccer Football Sports Protective Eyewear Goggles Eye Safety Glasses LQYJ-01



These Polycarbonate and silicone protective goggles are great for any player who needs to protect his or her eyes.


They have an excellent broad profile, so your vision will be unaffected in every direction, allowing you to react and make plays as if you weren’t wearing any glasses at all.


These are also great for outdoor play, as they will keep dust and debris out of your eyes while protecting your face from injuries that might occur from high-impact plays.


The soft gel pads help them to sit comfortably on your face, which lets you focus on the game rather than on the glasses.


Because they are adjustable and fit snugly, you shouldn’t need to keep adjusting while you are playing your game, even if you have an aggressive style of play.


These are suitable for a variety of different sports, but basketball players especially love them!


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6. Professional Sports Goggles




Professional Sports Goggles Protective Safety Goggles Basketball Glasses for Men with Adjustable Strap for Basketball Football Volleyball Hockey Rugby Transparent - -




Available in four different colors, these sleek-looking goggles are fashionable and functional!


The no-fog lenses mean that you won’t have any trouble seeing the basketball court, no matter what the weather or your activity level!


They are incredibly sturdy and will stand up to aggressive physical plays while helping you to see all the action.


The soft padding keeps your face comfortable, and the adjustable strap allows you to easily fit these to your head, no matter what the size.


These are another pair of goggles that are good for outdoor play because of their windproof, dustproof, and shatterproof qualities.


If you want to look great while benefiting from all the advantages that safety goggles give you, these are an excellent choice!


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7. SISU Mouthguard for Youth/Adults





This super-thin mouthguard provides fantastic protection for your teeth and face while feeling like you aren’t wearing a mouthguard at all!


Available in over a dozen colors, you can choose your favorite one to offer dental protection, and you’ll be comfortable whenever you’re wearing it!


Because it is so slim, you’ll be able to talk, breathe, and drink without removing the guard, meaning that you won’t have to delay your game at all.


These mold easily to your mouth with the use of water and can be remolded as you grow or if you happen to wear braces.


These is great for athletes in a range of sizes and provides the perfect dental protection for even the most physical of basketball players.


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8. Shock Doctor Ultra Mouth Guard for Braces



Shock Doctor Ultra Mouth Guard for Braces, Protects Your Dental Braces, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Baseball



Braces are a necessary but often annoying part of life. When playing sports, kids who wear braces are especially at risk, and their teeth to need to be protected.


The Shock Doctor Mouth Guard for Braces allows you to play your game without worrying about what might happen to your teeth, even with the most aggressive contact.


This has a wider profile that allows it cover both your teeth and your braces but is comfortable enough that you won’t feel as if you are wearing any sort of extra gear.


It is easily adjustable and re-moldable, so you can keep using it even after you have had changes made to your orthodontic gear.


It comes in multiple colors and even includes a $15,000 dental warranty! This is simply a must-have product for any athlete who wears braces.


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9. Guardlab Apex Mouthguard for Sports



GuardLab APEX Mouthguard for Sports (APEX) | Adult & Youth Mouth Guard | Pre-Indented for a Precise Fit



For a super cool looking mouthguard that provides all the protection you need, the Guardlab Apex Mouthguard for Sports is the way to go!


This durable mouthguard is designed using 3D Printing technology and is incredibly comfortable and strong.


The pre-indents guide you on how to bite down, and the moldable material will fit perfectly to your teeth every time.


With this mouthguard in, you will have no trouble breathing, communicating, or drinking, meaning that it is great for fast-paced games that require a lot of communication.


You can re-mold this if you have any changes to your dental work, so you won’t have to buy a new one every time.


With a variety of cool designs, this is great for children and adults who want to protect themselves while still showing off their personal fashion.


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10. ACELIST Kids Honeycomb Compression Knee/Elbow Pads



ACELIST Kids/Youth 5-15 Years Sports Honeycomb Compression Knee Pad Elbow Pads Guards Protective Gear for Basketball, Base...



For those who are looking to protect their knees and elbows from both impact and torsion, these honeycomb-styled compression pads are sure to do the job.


They are made of breathable fabric, so you won’t get too sweaty as you play, but they still have plenty of strength to provide you with the proper protection while you play basketball.


These pads promote good circulation and keep your joints in place, preventing them from becoming twisted or overextending while you make quick decisions on the court.


They also have protective padding that will make falls easier to take and will prevent bruising or other injuries.


They come in a variety of sizes so you will find the right pads whether you are a growing child or a full-grown adult.


These are the perfect pads for anybody who wants to play basketball but remain comfortable and safe while doing so.


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11. BOSONER Kids Youth Knee Pads and Elbow Guards



BOSONER Kids/Youth Knee Pad Elbow Pads Guards Protective Gear Set for Roller Skates Cycling BMX Bike Skateboard Inline Ska...



These cool-looking knee pads and elbow guards are excellent for kids who want to prevent injuries on the court.


They also come with wrist guards, so every one of your major joints will be protected during the game and will feel great even after putting a lot of stress on them.


These are really good for basketball, especially if you have an aggressive style of play that requires you to run and jump after the ball in order to gain possession.


The hard ground or floor of a basketball court can be painful on your knees or elbows, and these guards will protect you on even the most hard-hitting plays.


This kit come with 2 knee pads, 2 elbow pads, and 2 wrist guards, and is available in a variety of colors, so kids can look just how they want to on the court while protecting themselves.


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12. UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves



UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves - UPF 50 Compression Arm Sleeves for Men/Women/Students for Elbow Brace, Baseball, Baske...



These arm sleeves have cooling technology that will prevent you from sweating or overheating on even the hottest of days.


These are excellent for playing outdoor basketball games, and they also provide compression for your elbows, so you won’t overextend them or twist them too much, even on very technical or quick plays.


These are incredibly comfortable, and you’ll barely feel like you are wearing any protective gear when you put these on.


They are machine-washable, so you can easily clean them even if you had an aggressive, sweaty game.


Because of their protective properties, you won’t feel sore after any of your games, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by preventing certain injuries that you might not even notice during your games.


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13. Compression Knee Sleeves/Pads for Basketball



CopperJoint Performance Compression Knee Sleeve - Copper-Infused, Promotes Increased Blood Flow to The Knee, Provides Enha...



Whether you have a nagging knee injury or are simply hoping to prevent one from developing, these knee sleeves are the way to go!


With pads built into the front, you simply slip these on, and you will benefit from compression and protection in case of impact or major falls.


The soft pads only protrude minimally, so it won’t feel as though you have some sort of bulky pads that prevent your maximum range of motion.


However, they are strong enough that you won’t bruise or break you knee when you fall on the ground after a fast-paced play.


The promote good circulation, keeping your legs fresh and comfortable throughout the game.


They also prevent you from twisting too much during plays, so you won’t suffer from torquing or twisting your knees too much.


These are fantastic items to help facilitate your basketball game.


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14. Knee Compression Sleeves: McDavid Hex Knee Pads



McDavid 6440 Hex Sports Knee/Elbow/Shin Medicine Knee pad



Available in nine different colors, these combination knee sleeves and pads look really cool while offering the maximum amount of compression.


You’ll have good circulation and stability for your knees, even if you are coming off of a major injury that prevented you from playing ball for some time.


They’ll also prevent injuries in case you fall on the floor or ground, thanks to the hex-patterned knee pad that is built right into the sleeve.


They slip on easily, so you don’t have to spend time strapping in or dealing with fidgety Velcro or straps that detract from your overall game.


Just put them on and start playing, and you’ll be benefiting from their comfort and protective properties.


These are available in multiple sizes and are sure to help your game, no matter how aggressively you play!


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15. 3D Breathable Elastic Fabric Finger Brace



IRUFA, FS-OS-11, 3D Breathable Fabric Finger Splint, Stabilizer Brace Wrap Support for Trigger Broken, Curved Bent Mallet ...



This neoprene finger brace is perfect for those who have minor but nagging injuries that make it difficult to play basketball effectively.


Whether you fully broke your finger or just jammed in on a wild play, this will provide comfort and relieve while keeping it strong and sturdy, allowing you to catch, pass, and shoot the ball effortlessly.


It is easy to put on and very breathable, so you won’t feel as though it is obstructing your ability to handle the ball.


This brace can help with many different finger injuries, including repetitive strain injuries that just keep coming back to haunt you.


You don’t have to wear it all the time, but if you are feeling like some pain is coming back, it is portable and easy to bring with you so that you have access to it at all times.


This is great for children and adults alike.


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