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If you’re trying to find a derrick rose signed jersey, you’ve come to the right place.


Derrick Martell Rose is a legendary basketball player still livening up the game to this day.


While you take a look at some of the jerseys available for this exceptional player, take some time to read about his story.


Although he comes from humble beginnings, he beat the odds to become one of the most talented players to ever step on the court.


Derrick Rose was born in 1988, part of a close knit family of three brothers and their single mother.


Although Derrick didn’t have a traditional father in his life, his brothers came together to give him a fatherly experience.


Rose grew up in a tough neighborhood, but his mother and brothers made sure he chose the proper path in life.


In an interview with Sports Illustrated, “”My mom would walk down the street and drag us home if she heard we were getting into trouble.


Even the drug dealers, when they saw her coming, would stop dealing and tell her where we were.”


The dedication of his family was formative to him as a basketball player. By 8th grade, it was obvious that Derrick Rose had a talent for basketball.


He seemed to glide through basketball in point guard position with incredible grace and speed.


His brothers protected him as much as they could from things that might stand in his way, escorting him to and from his basketball games and punishing him if he acted out.


If you’d like to know a little more about his upbringing, make sure you check out his autobiography in this list of basketball books (his book is listed as number 1).


High School Life


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In 2003, Derrick Rose was admitted to Chicago’s Simeon Academy.


He had already gained attention for his incredible skills before high school.


College coaches were already measuring his skill and showing interested in him as a talented young player.


Yet even so, his first year at the Academy would launch him into fame. He dominated in his first season at Simenon Academy.


He played freshmen and JV basketball for the Wolverines. Even though he was incredibly talented, he was not allowed on the Varsity team due to longstanding tradition from the high school’s coach.


Despite not being allowed to play on the varsity team, Derrick put in an astounding performance with an average of 18.5 points, 6.6 assists, 4.7 rebounds and 2.1 steals per game.


He lead the Wolverines to championships in both his freshman and sophomore year, including a record breaking 24-1 game.


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Perhaps seeing the raw talent in Derrick Rose, the school coach responsible for the tradition, Bob Hambric, decided to allow freshman to compete in time for the state championships.


Although he was now allowed to play, Derrick declined in order for all of the players to get their chance in the spotlight.


The following year however, he would get his chance to shine. Hambric retired, and a new coach was put in his place. Robert Smith became the new coach for the Academy, and he allowed freshman to play.


His very first game under Smith, Rose truly showed what he was made of. He scored 22 points, 7 rebounds and 5 steals against Thornwood High School.


This game was incredible all on its own, but it would also end up being important to his career.


The game was completely sold out, and many of the people who purchased tickets were college scouts and coaches watching him play.


Although the Wolverines would eventually lose the Nationals that year, but it was still a good year for Rose.


He got his first National award that year, the third spot on the Parade All-American team—a compilation of top high school players.


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Many of Parade’s picks went on to become famous players, and of course, Rose would be no different.


In his Junior Year, the Wolverines won the Chicago Public League championship, in which Rose scored 25 points. They would eventually go on to win the state title, the Wolverines first since 1986.


Rose would win a number of new awards during this year, including another Parade mention, as well as an All-State Illinois mention, and an EA Sports All-American Second Team pick.


In his senior year at high school, all eyes were on Derrick Rose. He was the 5th best prospect in the nation as chosen by Sports Illustrated.


In his final year at Simeon Academy, Derrick Rose would help the Wolverines defend their state championship once again, becoming the first public school in Chicago to win two back to back championships.


College Days


To say the least, Derrick Rose was in high demand when it came down to college opportunities. College coaches all over the US wanted Derrick Rose for their own. He selected University of Memphis to attend.


Rose would only spend one year at Memphis, but it was a miserable one. He would end up leading the Tigers to victory in a record 38 games, the most in NCAA history.


Unfortunately, his season at Memphis would be scarred by Memphis being ordered to vacate the results due to a player faking SAT test results.


Although the name was redacted in order to protect the privacy of the student, it’s very likely that the person involved was Rose.


Derrick Rose would not play another season with Memphis, instead opting to declare availability for the NBA draft in 2008.


Playing for the NBA


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The Chicago Bulls had the right to pick Derrick Rose, and unsurprisingly they did. Since the Bull’s right to pick Derrick Rose was clear, there was very little fuss about the choice.


Derrick Rose had a strong start to his first season, becoming the first player to score 10 points in his first 10 games since Michael Jordan.


He won Rookie of the Month for November, December, and March for his playing skills. Rose would win Rookie of the Year, becoming only one of 3 Chicago Bulls to do so in the past.


His 2009, Derrick Rose suffered an ankle injury in the very first preseason game. He was out for the rest of the preseason, and though he played only limited amounts of time during the first real game, his ankle continued to cause him pain.


By 2010 however, he was able to play closer to his true talents. His average points per game shot up to 25 points, and the NBA named him their MVP. This honor would make him the youngest player to receive it.


As Derrick Rose got better at playing, his strategy for playing the game developed too. In his first three NBA seasons, Derrick transformed his already incredible game style for the better.


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He was well known for slam dunking the ball with impressive leaps and athletic performance, as well as mid-range jumps and 3-pointers.


He performed well under pressure, scoring better in difficult games than in easier ones. He was also a good team player, looking for openings for his team mates and sending the ball to anyone who was in the clear.


He also performed well as a defensive player, anticipating where the ball would go, blocking shots before they could make it to the basket, and guarding the ball with amazing skill.


His flashy moves are part of what caught the attention of the world and captivated their attention as fans of this iconic player.


Outside of the NBA, Derrick Rose also scored a gold medal in 2010 for the United State’s Mens National Team during the FIBA world cup. He would do this again in 2014.


In 2011, things were looking good for Derrick Rose. He had just signed a 5 year extension with the Chicago Bulls, and was once again voted as an All-Star Game starter.


He was averaging a respectable 21.8 points per game, when in the first game facing off against the Philadelphia 76ers, he suffered a crushing knee injury.


The knee injury was so bad he had to be helped off the court.


It turned out to be an ACL tear that would not only keep him off the court for the rest of the playoffs, but for the entire next year as well. He missed the entire 2012-2013 season due to his knee injury.


The following year would be no better. Derrick Rose would return to the court, only to tear his meniscus in yet another injury. This one would require surgery.


He would continue to be on and off the court with injuries, scoring sporadically when he wasn’t injured.  The Chicago Bulls eventually traded him to the New York Knicks during his injury prone season.


Trading Derrick Rose was a difficult decision for the Chicago Bulls. In a statement, they talked about how much they liked him as the local MVP kid, but that they were trying to move towards a younger and more athletic team.


The Chicago Bulls traded Derrick Rose in a multi player deal involving Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant. Although this was the first time Derrick Rose would be traded, it wouldn’t be the last.


Derrick Rose played well for the New York Knicks, scoring 30 points in one memorable game. Unfortunately he injured himself once again requiring what would be his 4th round of knee surgery.


The following season he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was out for 2 months with various injuries, and even became so frustrated with his injured body that he considered leaving the NBA.


He was no longer sure if he loved the game that continued to hurt him so much.


In 2018, Derrick Rose signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he seemed to be enjoying the game again. He averaged 14.2 points in 23.8 minutes of play during the play offs.


Although they lost that game, Derrick Rose seemed happy with his choice and resigned with the Minnesota Timberwolves for the rest of the 2018-2019 season.


He was on fire for his first game of the season, and scored his highest number of points of his career thus far with a game where he scored an amazing 50 points during a 128–125 game against the Utah Jazz.


The 2018-2019 season was filled with victory for Derrick Rose, he would defeat his original home team the Chicago Bulls after facing off against them for just the second time in a 119–94 victory, and would also reach 10,000 points that year.


Unfortunately injuries would plague him once again, and he ended up missing a significant portion of the season due to an elbow injury. His ankle also troubled him earlier in the season.


Derrick Rose is still in competition in 2020, and is still at the height of his career. In the 2019-2020 season, he signed with the Detroit Pistons, who he is still currently playing for.


Just as he sparkled in all of his previous seasons, he continues to add new highlights to his career.


He set a new record for the Pistons by scoring over 20 points in 14 consecutive games—an unheard of record for them. It was made even more impressive by the fact that Derrick Rose was playing as a reserve at the time.


Although he performed great most of the year, he ended up out once again with a grade 2 ankle sprain.


As of now, the injury is still plaguing him, and he is currently in a boot to try and help speed the healing of the ankle. He will be receiving 2-3 weeks of extensive treatment before it is expected he can play again.


As of now, he is averaging 14.3 points per game.


Personal Life


Derrick Rose had his first child in 2012 with his girlfriend at the time, Mieka Reese, a boy named Derrick Junior. He would later marry Alaina Anderson with whom he would have two more kids.


Alaina and Derrick married when Rose took time off from basketball to recover from injuries and reevaluate whether he wanted to play or not.


Derrick Rose continues to play basketball today, and is a well loved and skilled player. He is as good with his team as he is with the ball itself.


It’s unknown how much longer he will continue playing, but it’s likely he will be on the courts for a long time to come. In 2012, Rose signed a 13 year deal with Adidas for $185 million.


If he chose to retire now, he would not receive the $80 million still left on the deal.


While it’s possible he may retired in the next 3-4 seasons, or be forced to retire due to injury, it’s likely we will still have Derrick Rose wowing us on the courts for years to come.

  1. I always look up to people who got up from humble beginnings, they are the very definition of hope and Derrick Rose is definitely one to look up to with his touching backstory of how his family helped him reach where he is today. I’ve been eyeing the Rookie Chicago Bulls Auto Jersey Game Warm Up, that would definitely make a good Christmas present, can’t wait! 

    • Hi Riaz,

      Yeah his background story is very inspirational, I’m real glad he made it to the league and overcame so many obstacles along the way. And that sounds like a good pick, hopefully there’s still some available.


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