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For anyone looking to become a better basketball player, there are so many things to work on.


Basketball is such an all-encompassing sport that it can be truly difficult to try and understand how to play it to your best.


If you find basketball a hard sport to understand and to work out, then you are not alone.


Many young players, or even experienced players, can find it tough to ‘get’ basketball.

If you are looking to grow as a player, though, one thing you do need to work on is your vertical jumping.


That’s why so many people are looking at this program. You can always utilize certain shoes to increase your vertical, but this system provides more support for reaching your goal.


Vert Shock, for those who are not aware, is a vertical jumping program that has exploded in popularity online.


Many basketball players are trying it out, and many training groups are using it commonly. However, is it the right training system for you?


Let’s take a look. If you’ve been reading various reviews, you no doubt have an understanding of what to look out for.


It’s tough to understand normally, but it’s not impossible to get to grips with. If you want to become a better basketball player, vertical jumping improvement is essential.


It’s a tough thing to get right, but many reports suggest that Vert Shock could play a role in helping you to become a much more robust, improved dunker of the ball.


Is that true? It appears so. Athletes at all levels have been noted at finding a genuine improvement to their vertical jumping height.


By using this system, you can enjoy the improvement that you would have hoped for when you first started out. And best of all?


It shows you how to improve all without having access to gym equipment, heavy weights, or just about anything else associated with most classes.


But is it for you, though? Keep reading to see if it is.


So, let’s take a look and work out whether or not you should try out this system.


Now, before we get into the pros and cons of the program, let’s review what the program is about.


What is Vert Shock?


The program is put together by professionals you can trust to give you a good lowdown of what you are actually getting.


It’s a great starting place for many young basketball players, but also players who want to improve during their professional career.


This is a 3-phase program that uses various techniques to help you hone and improve your vertical jump quality.


It’s done by using body weight only, meaning you don’t need to use any kind of weights.


It’s going to be managed over a period of around eight weeks, though, so don’t expect rapid solutions.


It’s one of the first programs that we have come across that is targeted specifically at plyometric jumping.


It’s made for basketball players in particular, too. Other plyometric jumping programs might exist, but none are aimed at those who want to improve how they dunk a basketball. Instead, this shows you how to do this in particular.


This is a system that utilizes an explosive plyometric exercise system. The aim behind Vert Shock, and the name, is that this particular system is used to shock you into action.


By “shocking” the central nervous system, you are able to get a much bigger boost and a much more progressive set of end results.


One thing to say is that Vert Shock is extremely effective. It should give you the results that you are hoping for so long as you willing to push it and really go the extra mile during your training.


Who runs Vert Shock?


Justin Darlington

Vert Shock is being run by two experts who you can put your faith in to improve your game. One of the people behind this is the famous Justin Darlington.


Some know him as “Just Fly”. He’s become a big name in the basketball community. The main reason why is that he’s known as the “best dunker in the world” in some basketball circles.


You can check out some of his work online; you definitely should, too. Darlington is one of the most impressive dunkers of a basketball that we have ever seen!


If you want to know more about him, then you can find out ample video footage of what he can do online.


Adam Folker

You can also find footage of him showing off his amazing dunking skills over on the Vert Shock website itself. He’s capable of a 50” vertical jump, so he’s someone worth listening to.


The other expert behind this is Adam Folker. Folker is a former professional basketball player and is a fantastic player.


Getting advice from him would make a lot of sense; he has built a career for himself in the game, and his tips can definitely improve your long-term basketball output.


The Vert Shock Story


It has to be said that when Vert Shock first came out, the reviews were less than stellar. If you look around and see reviews from a few years ago, you might notice that people aren’t too happy with the outcome.


However, like many products over the years, Vert Shock has been refined, adjusted, and optimized.


One thing you will find when reading through old Vert Shock reviews is people found it lacked valued for money. Now, though? Now that is not the case whatsoever.


Vert Shock has grown massively in the last few years, though. It’s grown so much, in fact, that we’d feel confident saying it’s the best vertical jump system on the market.


For those who are looking to improve by using body weight only and by using plyometrics, this is the best product around.


It’s great for players who need to improve marginally or exponentially


Make no mistake, you will start to see huge changes to your game if you try this out.


The program has come through some rather tough and trying times in the last few years, but it’s safe to say that it’s robust information today is well worth investigating.


What’s included in Vert Shock?


Vert Shock has been growing for years, and it’s been the result of close to a decade of work for Adam Folker. It’s a program that you can get online, downloadable.


You don’t have to worry about waiting weeks for it to arrive in the post, then. This is a system that you can buy online and get delivered as soon as you have made your payment.


In terms of layout, you can get around the Vert Shock program with relative ease. It’s easy for you to pick out what you need to find, with a smartly designed website.


This means that you can get access to all of the learning content – mostly through video format – without much issue.



It’s broken down into a range of phases, with three primary phases (plus a maintenance program).


These phases include the Pre-Shock Phase, the Shock Phase, and the Post-Shock Phase.


The former and latter last for one week each, while the Shock Phase makes up six of the eight weeks.


Presentation is highly impressive for a start. As soon as you get your account and you get logged in, you’ll be taken to the login screens.


Here, you’ll get to look at your Requirements and Expectations under the Quick Start Guide section.


You can also get a great workout explanation of the whole program, as well as various Workout Table sections to see exactly what you are going to be doing.


For those unsure about what this is all going to entail, this should give you some great insight into what is to come.


You’ll also get access to Exercise Videos and a whole host of useful Bonus Gifts.


There’s also a great piece we recommend reading during and after the course, known as the Secrets of Jumping Higher.


You will learn some great hidden secrets in that, so be sure to read it!


Users can also benefit from the User Support Forum, which is crammed with support information and chat. If you like a social aspect to your workout, you’ll love that section.


This lets you get plenty of added support, making sure that you can learn all about the experience without much issue.


It’s also going to give you some great tools to use, such as your Vert Tracker for keeping in place all of the progress you are making. Sounds very useful, right?


Anything else?


On top of this, though, you also get some useful learning material. This includes content like the:


  • Jump Killers E-Guide. A very useful e-book to look over that is loaded with some great tips and some otherwise useful learning material to help you become a better jumper. This shows you where you might be going wrong, and what might be inhibiting your success.


  • Diet Checklist. A very useful dietary book that can give you a good idea of what you should be eating to help boost results and cement your performance increase.


  • E-Mail Responses. You also get a personalized e-mail check-in from the team behind the system. This is good for making sure that you keep on progressing and that you can feel the momentum.


  • NBA Jump Secrets. A great NBA-inspired add-on that gives you insight into the training methods used by some of the best players in the NBA today.





Do I get any reading content with Vert Shock?


Not everyone is going to want to handle all of their Vert Shock workout information through video. And fear not – with the workout PDFs included, you don’t have to do that at all.


This covers the three phases that we spoke about, helping you get from week one to week eight without any of the stress you might assume.


These PDFs are great for reading over so that you know exactly what to expect as you move through the three critical phases of this program.


You’ll be shown what exercises you will be doing each day, how many sets of each workout, and how many reps in each set.


This is going to give you all the information that you need. You just then need to watch the videos of each workout to make sure you are doing it right.


From squat jumps to horizontal bounds, you’ll try out a range of different exercises.


The main part of the program is of course the Shock Phase. This is 6 weeks long and in this you will learn some very intensive shock exercises.


The first week, the Pre-Shock Phase, is all about preparing yourself for what is to come.


Just remember that this is not a course for someone with no base level of fitness; you will struggle to do all of this is if you are not in a great physical shape to begin with.


Keep that in mind, though, and you can soon enjoy taking part in the reading material provided.


Alongside the bonus content and the videos, you should have no problem in learning all about being a quality vertical jumper.


You just need to follow the guide and you will start to notice a significant change in your workout capacity.


What does Vert Shock actually do for me?


While we’ll go into this further below, we do think it’s important to try and lay out what Vert Shock is going to actually entail in the first place.


So, workouts which are carried out through this particular program are managed to “shock” your system.


This is done by utilizing a range of techniques that put our central nervous system into a state of shock and alarm.


That might sound dangerous, but for this kind of training it’s pretty much essential to see the kind of results that you would have been hoping for along the way.


One thing that you will find this particular kind of training is that the workout regimes are so defined and so distinct.


By giving you a range of actions that cause the reaction we want in the body, you’ll be able to learn how to jump higher naturally.


The workouts are designed in a way that allows you to really push a specific kind of result.


The main reason why is that you will be working to try and make your muscles and tendons feel more “elastic” in nature.


By using these exercises, you can work on making the very elastic properties that we need to optimize vertical jumping naturally.


This leaves you with a body that feels immensely strong physically. It also allows you to enjoy the experience of being able to just hop around without any of the associated discomfort you might hear of elsewhere.


It’s a big reason why we think that anyone who is serious about improving vertical jumping should try this out.


The actual exercises that you do with Vert shock will make a big difference. Since the end result is a more elastic, flexible body, the results are proven.


How long does Vert Shock take to show me results?


The thing with Vert Shock is that if you read the reviews, it can seem to differ based on so many factors.


One thing you will find, though, is that you only have a 56-day period to get the system done. In that period, you will be working out for around 41 of those days.


It’s 5 workouts per week, for 8 weeks. That’s going to be quite intense, and while it’s not too taxing physically you need to make the commitment.


Slacking off, missing days, or simply not putting in the effort is going to lead to a drop-off in performance for the most part.


We recommend that you avoid making that mistake and instead invest your time into doing the exercises as you are demanded.


It’s going to be much better for you physically, and it should go some way to making sure you see the kind of results that you would have expected of yourself.


By working on these systems on a regular basis, though, you should start to notice a big improvement to your core strength.


Having a solid and effective core is vital to making sure you can make the kind of growth that you would have wanted in the time that you have available to you.


It’s a big reason, too, why you should notice a genuine change to your physical power over time.


By doing exercises like squat jumps, you’ll start to build up natural power in the legs.


One thing you will notice, though, is that Vert Shock will work various parts of the body to help minimize over-exertion on any one particular part of the body.


What kind of results can I expect (really)?


With a system like Vert Shock, results are going to be more or less based on what you are willing to do physically.


The end result of what you get back from a training program like this will be based almost entirely on what you do physically.


However, the program “guarantees” that you can see a jumping increase of 3-5” in just seven days.


At the time of this review, they have testimonials on their website which you can find here.


By the end of the 8-week program, it claims to be able to help you see a jump increase of 9-15”


However, keep in mind that this comes with a 60-day money back system.


If you feel like it failed to deliver on the quality that you wanted/expected, then you can get a refund from the program.


However, given the longevity of the program and the number of results you can find online, it’s fair to say that this is a program with a track record of making some kind of progress.


You have to keep in mind though, results are only going to be measurable by the work you put in.


If you skip days, if you don’t take the exercises seriously, and if you don’t follow the form of the book, then you could find it hard to see any kind of results.


Like any other kind of regime like this, it all comes from making an actual effort.


If you expect to see results by only giving it 50%, then don’t expect to see anything like the above improvement.


If you take every day of the sessions seriously, though, there is no reason why you cannot see a genuine improvement in your vertical jumping.


The results are there for you to see; you just need to be willing to actually put in the graft to make it work!


Should you want to see results from Vert Shock, then, be prepared to work hard.


The Positives of Vert Shock


If you read the other Vert Shock reviews out there, then you’ll see the case is easily made for its success. Some of the best features of Vert Shock, though, include:


  • This isn’t aimed at any one particular gender. Whether you are a male or female basketball player, Vert Shock can provide you with some good results. For that reason, we would recommend that you consider the positives of Vert Shock as much as you can.


  • With a ‘guaranteed results or your money back’ plan, this is one of the safest vertical jump solutions out there. This should make it easier for you to get more done with less.


  • As mentioned above, you don’t need any gym equipment or gym space to do this. So long as you have a flat floor to do it on, you can enjoy the progress that Vert Shock offers without needing too much else.


  • Excellent standard of content within. The HD videos are easy to follow along with, and the instructions (plus demonstrations) are very easy to follow. This should help you to retain the form that you need.


  • So long as you are ready to commit to the program, you can see results in around eight weeks of work. This should leave you feeling physically fit and healthy. It should also go a long way to making sure you can feel like you are making progress.


  • The process itself is quite easy to follow along with. While other programs can seem needlessly complex, this is one of the best vertical jump programs for most people. However, just beware that while the exercises are simple enough, it takes hard work to see the results.


  • With one-to-one coaching available, too, you can get some very specific help. From issues to your fitness and your form to making mistakes in your landing, you can find that all of the technical issues you are having can be resolved with easy by using the help available.


The Negatives of Vert Shock


However, while Vert Shock is definitely a high quality program, it’s not infallible. Some of the issues that we found with the program include the following:


  • One thing to note about Vert Shock, though, is that the results are entirely up to you. You have to be able to do the exercises and do them properly. You need to be able to retain the right kind of body shape and form as you go through them.


  • Also, one thing that should be made clearer is that you need a decent level of base fitness before you take this on. This could be made a bit clearer; we think. Many people think they will see massive a difference, but without a good base fitness level that might not be possible.


  • Results aren’t always going to be fast; you might need to do more prep work on your shape beforehand. The fact that no weights are used is a positive in many senses, but it does mean that your physical condition and your form have to be taken into account.


  • We do find that the program is somewhat expensive at around $134. However, they do offer some decent discounts from time to time. The major issue regarding cost is the amount of cross-promotion inside the program. For those on a budget, this can seem like a lot of pressure.


  • While the results are shown to broadly work so long as you put in the maximum effort, there isn’t enough scientific proof in Vert Shock. The results appear to speak for themselves, but there could be more definitive details given throughout the program.


Our Verdict


By changing it up from the usual weight regimes that you often need to follow for such a program, this offers a fresh and unique perspective on what is often a very hard part of basketball training.


Packed with useful information and great tutorial tips, we would recommend that more or less anyone takes the time to try this out.


The level of detail and insight within is tremendous, making it very easy for you to keep yourself on the right path to progress.


While it does require a huge amount of personal input from you, the results will speak for themselves if you let them.


Definitely a vertical jumping system that we think you can trust. If you want to start seeing general improvements to how you work out, then you should absolutely look to try out this Vert Shock system.


It’s not perfect, but it’s got a good enough guarantee that you should definitely look to give it a chance. And remember, if you don’t get the results you want, you can get your money back.


Check Out The Vert Shock System

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