Best Arch Support Basketball Shoes

If you want to find quality shoes, you need to know what constitutes the best arch support basketball shoes.

For any basketball player today, one thing that is going to really inhibit your game will be sore feet.


When the arches of our feet in particular are going to get strained, we can really feel the pain.


It’s not something that you want to go through too often, as it will drastically lower your performance output.


If you would like to avoid such an issue, then you have to be ready to go for something that can let you really stretch out your arches and feel the positives.


Let’s take a look, then, and try to work out what actually matters when it comes to getting some choice sneakers.


We’ll make sure that you can leave with a full understanding of what will keep your feet feeling fresh for the next game you play.


It’s a tough thing to get right, so let’s try and make the experience a bit easier for you overall. In total, then, what are the best sneakers to go and try on?


Making a Wise Investment


If you do intend to go out and buy quality basketball shoes to support your arches, knowing where to start is vital.


If you need some help in choosing, then might we recommend that you take a look at some of the following ideas for suitable inspiration?


This might just help you to make some decisions that you can feel much happier about.


The choice that you make is going to determine more or less how comfortable you feel as you play basketball.


If your feet feel weak or they are not able to handle the bounce, then it can become really hard to keep on playing.


Our aim, then, is simple; to help you find quality arch supports via good quality basketball shoes. We recommend that you take the time to look at our various suggestions for shoes below.


But beforehand we recommend that you use the following tips to your advantage.


These tips should really help you to make sure that you go ahead and buy only the best quality of basketball shoes for your support.


Always Look Into the Slip


One thing that you don’t need when buying quality basketball shoes for flat arches is the slippery nature of the sole.


Many shoes are made that have a natural slip to them, but for your kind of foot that is not going to be much use to you at all.


So, try and make sure that you always look to find quality shoes that have a reliable traction pattern.


Always look for something with a traction pattern that is more detailed than the generic.


Generally, the more there is to a pattern the more likely it is that your feet can move and glide around the place emphatically.


The less sophistication there is to the traction pattern, though, the more likely it is that you can find it hard to retain solid footing. Keep that in mind when looking at available shoes.


Are They Made To Last?


Nobody wants to shell out for a pair of basketball shoes for flat arches only to find out they don’t last.


These shoes are all going to cost you a pretty penny, so buying a pair with more than a few months in them is vital.


We recommend that you understand that you want to buy shoes that aren’t going to lose that natural condition anytime soon.


While it might not be the most physically painful game to play, basketball puts a lot of pressure and stress on the bottom of the feet.


Keep that in mind, as you are doing a heck of a lot of bouncing around and movement.


You need to get shoes that aren’t going to lose that natural verve and bounce anytime soon.


For your reference, all of the recommended shoes are made to keep your feet moving around easily without long-term conditioning damage.


What Can You Afford?


When it comes to purchasing quality shoes, you need to always factor in the fee to your decision making.


Buying basketball shoes can be seen as an investment and you should always expect to pay more for the shoes that are actually worth the money.


You should always be prepared to pay something in the region of $100 or above, though you can obviously find great deals on sale if you shop around enough.


The main thing to recall is that when it comes to buying quality basketball shoes, you need to find something that helps to support your feet accordingly.


Always try and stretch your budget if you can, though; sometimes that extra $20 to $30 can be the difference between shoes lasting months or shoes that are capable of lasting for several years or more.


What Do the Experts Say?


Below, we’ve covered a range of what we believe to be the best arch support basketball shoes. Our research is based off of customer reviews, credible blogs and product descriptions.


The more that you can learn about them with regards to how they may work for you personally, the more effective your purchase is going to be.


So, make sure that you take the time to look into the expert appraisal of each shoe suggested below. We’ve given you some good ideas about what you should expect from each model.


Now, you just need to go and work out what kind of shoe you think would be the most effective for you personally.


Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find that the best shoes will always be covered by more than one outlet. As we mentioned earlier, this shoes aren’t just a reflection of our own opinion, they’re recommended by other sites and customers.


Where, though, should you start if you want to find quality assistance in getting the ideal basketball shoes?


Top 10 Recommended Shoes For Arch Support


1. ASICS Gel Sportlyte Retro

ASICS Men's Gel Spotlyte Fashion Sneaker

A classic looking pair of basketball shoes with a real old-school look and feel to them.


These ASICs shoes are ones that we would recommend for anyone who is searching for the sufficient arch support.


These will give you plenty of comfort in the feet area, with a lot of protection for not only the arches but your ankles, too.


This should really leave you with a much more comfortable experience, giving you maximum protection around the ankles and a really impressive insole that feels almost like a good pair of socks.


Definitely a good pair of basketball shoes for those who need extra arch support.


The only thing that we would say is that they toe box isn’t the most comfortable in the world.


If you tend to have toes that are right up close to the guard, then you might not have much wiggle room in these shoes.


However, they are a fine pair of basketball shoes for playing comfort.


If you aren’t so fussed about being able to wiggle your toes around all game, then this should be a good pair of basketball shoes for you to try out next time.


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2. AND1 Downtown

AND 1 Men's Downtown Basketball Shoe, Alloy/Black camo/Copper, 9.5 M US

These are the best lightweight basketball shoes on the market for us.


They are so easy to get on and off, yet once on they feel like they were made specifically for your feet.


They shouldn’t move around at all once on, and they should allow your feet to breathe with consummate comfort and style.


They also make a good choice for those who aren’t a fan of the more bombastic options we’ve covered in terms of aesthetics and styles.


If you are looking for something that can support your arches, though, these are easily among the best in the market.


They are great for offering arch support and they are very good for making sure your feet will adjust to the shoe without being overly right or too stuck to the foot.


The inner padding is very comfortable, ensuring that you can move your feet around without anything like the challenges you might have expected.


The only negative with Downtown is that they can sometimes feel a bit too light on the foot.


If you worry about them wiggling around too much, then you should consider that as you go ahead and make your purchase.


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3. Nike Air Jordan XXXII

Nike Air Jordan XXXII Low AA1256-603 University Red/University Red Men's US 14

If you would rather stick to a ‘big’ brand, though, going down the Nike route always makes sense.


Just about every basketball player will have worn a pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes at one point in their basketball lives.


The XXXII is a fine place to go for if you are looking for a pair of shoes that offer great, consistent and comfortable arch support.


They utilize the typical Flyknit material in a bid to make sure that your feet can move around and wiggle about with any issues.


They are also some of the most secure shoes that we have seen for fraction support. You might find them a tough tight in the first few matches that you play, though.


Should you get over that, you will be left with some very high quality shoes.


These shoes should give you some of the most reliable arch support around.


This will also help you to get the comfort that you need during the game, as unlike other shoes the support never feels like it’s pressing down on your feet in a negative manner.


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4. Nike The Air Overplay IX

Nike Men's The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

Another fine alternative in the Nike range would be to down the route of getting the Nike The Air Overplay IX shoes.


These are fantastic basketball shoes; the kind that offer the solid arch support that we all want and need.


With these shoes we reckon that you enjoy some of the best all-game support.


You shouldn’t ever feel as if your feet are getting too fatigued wearing a nice pair of these.


They look good worn just generally, too, so these are quite nice if you want something casual-stylish as well.


They look good, but they are fantastic for those who are looking for something with all-around support.


They are breathable and they can deal with water relatively well, so they make a good choice for playing even in the less hospitable weather out there.


That nice, thin layer of soul padding and the custom orthotics will make sure that you can enjoy maximum comfort day-in, day-out as well. so, why not come and check out these shoes?


If you are looking for some sneakers that work as a fashion accessory, look no further.


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5. Nike Zoom Evidence

Nike Men's Zoom Evidence II Basketball Shoe

A fine choice for other Nike shoes then the above would be the Nike Zoom Evidence.


We like these as they offer some of the most lightweight basketball shoes for your arches.


They are great for offering added and impressive ankle support, too, which is quite uncommon for lightweight shoes.


By helping to encase your ankles and keep them nice and comfortable as you play to the max, they are also built to resist wear and tear.


So, you can wear these without ankle discomfort, and you can enjoy the ability to bounce from foot to foot. Yes, even if you are delaying with normally flat feet.


The ankle support is sublime, and the only real thing that we would say is a negative or a downside with these shoes is the fact they aren’t very well padded around the sole of the foot.


However, the general shape and structure of the shoe means that you shouldn’t face too much discomfort at all.


For the price and what you are getting, the Zoom Evidence by Nike make a fine place for you to start with. They are fun, flashy, affordable, and reliable for long-term basketball playing.


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6. Adidas Crazy Bounce

adidas Performance Men's Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe

If you aren’t so keen on Nike and want to go down a different route, though, the Adidas Crazy Bounce make a fine place to start.


They are a fine choice as they allow your feet to move around with total comfort. Other shoes that can offer flat foot support can be quite uncomfortable to play on with excessive movement.


These shoes are so lightweight, though, that it can feel like flying around the court in your socks!


The outstanding build quality is something that you should notice more or less as soon as these go on the feet.


They feel good and they come with great traction support, allowing you to really bounce with comfort.


The all-around comfort and support levels are simply sublime, and this can go a long way to strengthening foot support all over.


One thing that you will notice, too, is the level of the quality in the color options.


If you want to get something a bit more creative in terms of their look and feel, then these shoes should offer a very easy way for you to do just that.


Though the toe box is somewhat narrow, the overall standard of these shoes is exceptionally high.


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7. Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid

adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

These are some of the best basketball shoes for arch support if you are an Adidas player.


They tend to feel better around the ankle than some of the other shoes mentioned, but they also tend to be quite costly.


For a pair of these, you will need to be ready to shell out a few bucks to pay for them.


However, these are some of the best shoes that you could find on the market for a flat arched foot.


They tend to work so well because it helps you to stay active on the feet and on the tips of your toes without discomfort.


Other shoes can feel as if they are compressing your feet too much, while this will make that you aren’t suffering from that problem.


With the help of this pair of shoes, you are getting something that is going to cost you a right few pennies but will 100% be worth the fee that you end up paying.


So, why not make sure that you take a look at these Adidas shoes?


The only negative, really, is the cost. For what you are paying, though, you do receive some excellent shoes.


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8. Under Armour Torch Fade

Under Armour Men's Torch Fade Basketball Shoe, Black/Graphite/Aluminum

If you want to avoid the ‘big two’ and go down a more specific route, go for the Under Amour Torch Fade.


Under Armour has really grown in reputation and in quality over the last decade, and it’s so easy to see why.


The condition of their stuff is tremendous, and you should have no problem at all in enjoying comfort from Under Armour basketball shoes.


Where the main ‘issue’ might stem from the Torch Fade is the cost.


You will have to pay more for these than almost any other shoe on the list.


One thing you will find with this, though, is that the extended support for your ankles and your knees will be a long-term health saver for you.


Pick up these quality Torch Fade basketball shoes by Under Armour, and you should feel the benefits in the long-term.


The cost might put some of you off, but the overall quality – and the tremendous lifespan – makes these some of the best premium sneakers available.


If you are a fan of Under Armour clothing and attire, then you should absolutely adore these shoes moving forward.


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9. Under Armour Team Drive 4

Under Armour Men's Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

These look like something from a different era, but some people will like that look.


The classic high top style is one that many people will fall in love with, and you should really appreciate the look.


These new high top sneakers make an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a good, comfortable pair of shoes to try out.


The fact they are made by material masterminds Under Armour can give you extra confidence that they will last.


These are some of the best kicks because they offer so much protection from the sole up.


They are made to be very flat so you can get the support that you need.


Using these should also help to offer protection to the ankle and the rest of the foot area.


This can stop ankle rolls, metatarsal damage, and various other common injuries for a baller.


Under Armour shoes are known for helping to avoid wear and tear elsewhere in the body.


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Making a Decision


With some of these shoes, you can avoid some extra and needless pain in the knee and other key joints. So, keep that in mind as you consider your ideal basketball shoes.


Yes, it can be quite the challenge to pick out what kind of shoes you would like to wear the most.


Hopefully, the above ideas will be useful to you when it comes to making your final decision.


The above list of shoes should also go a long way to inspiring you into making the right choice with regards to your chosen basketball shoes.


Good quality basketball shoes will always cost you a fair bit of money – it’s just how the market is today.


However, it always pays to get the best shoes that you can. Your feet will thank you for it, as will the overall arches of your feet.


If you are looking for an easy way to truly appreciate having quality support for your feet, then try on one of the pairs of the above in a store.


If you do that, you should soon notice just how big a difference the right shoes can make.


A wise investment into good quality shoes today will make your game not only more comfortable, but also less likely to cause physical discomfort and damage.


So, what pair do you like the look of the most? Be sure to leave any comments or concerns you have below!

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