Best Basketball Hoop For Driveway

So what is the best basketball hoop for driveway installation?


For anyone who is looking to get a brand new basketball hoop for their household, it pays to invest in the right one.


However, going through the purchase of a basketball hoop can actually be more challenging than you might first assume.


If you are unsure about how to best go about getting a basketball hoop installed, then read on.


This simple guide will help you to:


  • Work out why you should invest in a basketball hoop for your driveway.


  • Understand what matters when choosing a quality basketball hoop.


  • Make some immediate recommendations about the best hoop to go and buy.



Thanks to this detailed guide, you can learn all of the information that you need for buying a basketball hoop.


While it might seem like an easy purchase, you want to get the purchase just right if you can. To do that, we recommend that you follow our simple list of ideas below.


It will help you to work out what you are buying and understand why making that investment is so important.


So, without any further delay, let’s help you find a quality hoop for driveway installation!


Why should I buy a basketball hoop for my driveway?


The main thing that we see people wondering when it comes to buying a basketball hoop is “Why?” – why should you buy one for your driveway? Won’t it just get in the way?


The are many reasons why this might be the smartest investment that you can make.


For many people, the reason to get a hoop on the driveway stems from the lack of space anywhere else.


Even if you do have a lawn or a yard, you might not have enough space for a basketball hoop.


Having it installed on your driveway ensures a few key factors:


  • You have enough room to play and to have an actual game of basketball safely.


  • You will be playing on a safe, comfortable surface that is conducive for playing.


  • Your ball itself will bounce well on the surface of your driveway.


  • This gives you a simple and easy place to turn to if you want to get some exercise.


  • It means you don’t have to go and shoot hoops in a public location any longer.


  • For the price, you can get a very easy way to stay fit and entertained at home.



Choosing to buy a hoop, then, makes a lot of sense. If you are one of the many people who live in an area without a local basketball court, this can help.


So long as you make your investment with the knowledge of what you need, you can buy a quality hoop.


It will give you the chance to play regularly and on your own terms. No more waiting for shots or paying a lot of money per week to rent a court space.


With a hoop at home, you can play on-demand, whenever you would like to. What, though, actually matters when buying a hoop?


What matters when buying a basketball hoop


Many people make the mistake of investing in a basketball hoop for their home without knowing 100% what they are buying.


In a bid to help you avoid making that mistake, we’ve put together a list of solid ideas for you here.


Put these ideas to good use, and you could be very easily playing basketball on a high quality hoop.


The main thing that you want to do, then, is read through the following criteria BEFORE you check out our hoop recommendations.


The Base


Every good basketball hoop that you buy is going to be secured with the help of a solid, secure base.


While these should be portable, but it should give you the stability that you need to be able to handle powerful shots.


If someone messes up and smacks the foot or the side of the support, it shouldn’t come crashing down to the ground.


With the right kind of base, you can make sure that the hoop isn’t going to be damaged in any way, shape, or form.


It will give you the extra stability and durability that you need, making sure your hoop isn’t going to fall over needlessly.


If you feel like your hoop needs a bit more strength and balance, then add some base gel to the bottom.


Anything from 27 gallons to 50 gallons can be used to help keep your hoop in the one place. If you don’t intend in moving that hoop around, this should be more than enough for you.


If you want to keep it portable, though, you should look to pick something in the 27 gallon mark.


The Backboard


The next thing that we always suggest you look for in a hoop is a good quality backboard. The back board has to be made of high quality materials, otherwise, you could be throwing money away by disregarding longevity. 


No matter what you are doing when it comes to playing B-ball, a solid backboard is a necessity.


If you want to make sure that you can get a high quality basketball hoop, then you need to make sure you buy one with the right qualities!


What matters when buying that backboard, though? How do you determine if the backboard is of a good enough standard?


Good quality backboards stay in condition


First off, make sure you look out for good quality material to buy your backboard in.


Typically, we recommend that you take the time to look into three materials; polycarbonate, glass, and acrylic.


With glass, you often get a higher bounce that will ensure it comes back the furthest to you.


Polycarbonate, though, is more likely to make the ball drop to the ground more or less where it hits the board.


Keep that in mind, as it’s important that you buy the right kind of board. Avoid plastic if you can; it’s suitable for kids and beginners.


For an adult, though, you want wither glass or acrylic. Acrylic is usually the happy medium, while glass is often the classiest looking board to go for.


Get the right size of board


We personally recommend that you look to buy a high quality board that comes in the right size.


The NBA/NCAA standard size is 72”, but anything from 54” upward is going to be a good choice for you.


We recommend that you avoid the smallest size, 44”, unless you are really pushed for space in your driveway.


For the most part, though, a board should be in the 54-72” range. If you have to settle on a specific size, then go for 60”.


This is large enough to look good and give you the right level of resistance. At the same time, it will be large enough to suit your playing needs.


Buy a hoop with the right rim


Another factor is to consider is the rim.


Ideally, you want to make sure you buy something with a rim of around 18” and then choose one that comes with the right kind of rim.


While all rims are going to be around the 18” mark, some will be fitted differently. Some use a standard rim that is simply screwed onto the board.


This is solid and secure, but it does mean that you end up with a needless number of shots bouncing in and out of the net.


So, we recommend that you look to try and get a breakaway rim.


These use compression springs to ensure the bounce on your shot is not going to be quite so pronounced.


Breakaway rims are an essential purchase for anyone who is thinking about buying a rim for dunking in.


If you intend on doing anything other than the most basic of shots, then it pays to keep an eye out for some proper rims.


What about the support pole?


Another important investment to make when buying a good quality basketball hoop is the support pole.


Make sure that you consider the importance of buying a good quality pole.


Typically, you want to get a portable pole that can be adjusted and edited for different heights.


The little ones in the family might not be able to reach the same shots that you can at your 6ft plus height! Try and find a two-piece support pole, though.


While they are more expensive, they do tend to give you the extra level of solidity and durability that you need and want.


You can normally find a height in anything from 7.5ft up to 10ft in height, so make sure you look into this closely.


Buying a high quality hoop for your driveway


Alright, so now that we have covered some of the most important factors in buying a high quality basketball hoop, let’s move on.


Now that you know what to look out for, we recommend that you begin your search by looking at the following products.


These are some of the best basketball hoops available.


If your aim is to play basketball on your driveway all day long, then be sure to invest in one of these hoops.


Top 7 Recommendations:


1. Lifetime 51544 Front Court

Lifetime 51544 Front Court Portable Basketball System, 50 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

The first option on our list is probably the most well-rounded.


If you are looking for something that is high quality and affordable all at once, the Lifetime 51544 Front Court is a fine place to start.


We would recommend this particular basketball hoop to anyone looking for a simple, affordable investment.


At the time of writing, this product is around the $285 mark.


That’s a good price, though, given the condition and the build quality of this particular basketball hoop.


For one, you can easily adjust and edit the rim size. That’s quite good as many hoops come with a set in stone hoop size.


If you want to make sure that you can make a purchase that you will e happy with, you’ll find this a good place to begin.


For those looking for something with a classy backboard, too, this is a good place to start. The suave, stylish 50” backboard comes with a see-through finish.


That looks great and helps to make sure that you have a high quality looking hoop to play with.


Overall, this would be a wise investment. So long as you accept it’s not dirt cheap, it’s a great purchase.


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2. Lifetime 51544 Front Court

Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54" Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System (Black, 54")

The Spalding Pro Slam is probably one of our most enjoyable and popular options for a basketball hoop.


With a 34-gallon base, this is capable of being moved with just two people. The acrylic backboard, 54” in size, is a good pick for anyone who is looking for a solid choice of backboard.


Large but made from solid material, you don’t ever need to worry about this one giving you any structural headaches.


One thing to note about this, too, is that it uses a covered breakaway. This means that you can get a solid rim that shouldn’t see too many shots shooting off to do something else.


With a good quality net, you can easily set up the whole thing without issue. You can also make the most of the fact it can reach as high as 10ft in height.


That’s why this might be one of the best choices on this list for all-purpose basketball play.


Yes, it might lack something in terms of the size if you are looking for a pro-style basketball hoop.


At just $255 on average, though, this makes a wise investment indeed. It’s a good, high quality hoop that’s definitely worth your money.


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3. Lifetime Portable Hoop

Lifetime Portable Basketball System

Another good choice for some people would be this portable hoop.


While those who want something that can stay in place more or less all the time might want something different, this is very easy to move.


With a 35 gallon base, this is something that you could easily move with two people.


The covered breakaway on the rim also ensures that this is a piece of cake for you to change if you so choose.


With a maximum height of around 10ft, too, this is a pretty large basketball hoop.


If you can find someone who finds 10ft too small to try and play with, then they might be the tallest person ever!


However, one thing we have to say is that this uses a polycarbonate finish on the backboard. We spoke before about how you should try and avoid this.


It looks kind of childish. If this is a basketball hoop for athletes or even aspiring pros to shoot into, then we recommend that you take a look elsewhere.


Without doubt, though, this is a solid one to buy for kids. With a price of around $255, it’s also quite an affordable option.


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4. Silverback NXT

Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop Assembles in 90 Minutes

The Silverback NXT has become a very popular choice for those who want to buy a high quality basketball hoop.


In fact, the only thing we could say against it, really, is the use of polycarbonate for the backboard.


While a fair size at 54”, it does lack something in terms of the overall power that one would expect.


You can get some odd rebounds from the polycarbonate, so keep that in mind if you are wanting to buy something as accurate as it should be.


For the price, around $500, you are getting a good quality basketball hoop. Just don’t expect the polycarbonate background to be any use to you if you wish to replicate NBA-style shooting.


The 7.5ft to 10ft size, though, should mean that you can easily get enough shots away for any average height basketball player.


If you are looking to buy a good quality basketball hoop that might lack something in the creativity stakes, then take a look here.


It’s definitely a good choice for most players, though; you just need to choose if you are happy with the backboard.


If not, you should take a look at something else on this list.


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5. Lifetime 1221 Pro Court

Image result for lifetime 1221 pro court

Next on our list would be the awesome Lifetime 1221 Pro Court.


The Pro Court is a tremendously enjoyable little basketball hoop to play on. It’s got great affordability, too, with one of the best prices in the industry.


However, we do have to say that you are going to have to accept that build quality is not the best here. Out of all the products on our list, we would say the 1221 has the worst build quality.


However, it’s not so much that it is badly built; the standard of the quality of the products we have here on this list is just so high.


For any kids in general, this is a fine choice. We would recommend that an adult might wish to look for something a bit more powerful.


If your aim is to buy something that the kids can learn on, though, you would do well to find a more suitable choice than the 1221. It’s a solid starting place.


With the price you will pay, you are getting pretty decent value for money moving forward.


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6. Spalding Beast

Spalding The Beast 60" Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

The Spalding “Beast” is one of the most popular hoops out there for those with a few bucks to spend.


At around $1,200, it’s easily among the most expensive hoops for a driveway.


With 55 gallons in the base, though, you can make sure that it would take a hurricane to move this thing without plenty of effort.


It also boasts the largest frame of anything mentioned on this list.


With a 60” backboard size, using tempered glass for the pristine finish you deserve, this looks and feels just right.


It also uses a covered breakaway on the rim, making sure that it has enough strength and support for you.


If it is your aim to find a high quality basketball hoop that can take plenty of physical punishment, this is the one for you.


With a height of up to 10ft, too, it’s a great pick for anyone. The fact it costs you a fair amount, though, should not put you off.


This is absolutely quality, and easily one of the best products on the market to go for.


If your aim is to find a brilliant basketball hoop for your driveway you won’t need to replace for many, many years then this is the place to start.


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7. Spalding Pro-Tek

Image result for Spalding Pro-Tek

The Spalding Pro-Tek is a fantastic choice of product for anyone looking for a high quality basketball hoop.


With a high quality covered breakaway rim, this might be one of the wisest investments that you could make.


It’s also got a base with a whopping capacity of 40 gallons.


This should ensure that you can easily and effectively build up your Spalding Pro-Tek base with enough durability to ensure it won’t fall and/or tumble over.


You should look to buy this because it’s a good quality basketball hoop, especially as it uses tempered glass.


Just make sure you aren’t too vicious with your throws. Whilst the glass is tempered, it is not invincible.


It’s a good quality choice for anyone looking for a high quality basketball hoop that uses the glass backboard material most prefer.


Add in the fact that it’s around 54” in size, too, and it’s a very good choice for most buyers. The main thing that you should think about, then, is the price.


At around $600, this is a fair bit more expensive than some of the other models we have suggested here. For the price, though, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment.


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Making The Right Choice


Based on all of the information that you can find above you should now understand what basketball hoop would work best for you.


By mixing in the reviews with the information we gave at the start, you should find it much easier to locate the right type of hoop for driveway gaming.


What will you choose? With so much to pick from, take your time and evaluate each one.


We’re sure, though, that one of the following hoops will be just what you were looking for!

  1. I love the spalding beast. That strong support beam and wide backboard will give you that slight NBA feeling when you are going up for layups and dunking.

  2. You’re right about the polycarbonate finishes on some of the backboards on different hoops, it just doesn’t feel the same. For the general ball game, I think I’m going to go ahead and go with the Lifetime 51544 one because it seems like a great starter hoop for the driveway, which is what I need. Definitely works for my budget too.

    Great post, thank you!

  3. Hello James, I am a big fan of basketball and I really wanted to grow to be a player of the sport, but it didn’t go as planned. However, my 12 year old son is really interested in it and I am willing to give him all he needs and a basketball hoop on the driveway will do a lot since there is no court around the area where he can go and play. The Lifetime 51544 Front Court would fit just fine. 

    • Hi Justin,

      That’s a pretty good choice and it’s nice to hear that you’re getting your son into the sport. I hope he enjoys it as much as you do!


  4. Awesome review! I was looking into buying a driveway hoop for my boys so they could at least engage in physical activities at home instead of staring all day in front of gadgets. I remember my pops made one out of DIY, cement, pole, wooden board and ring! Haha, we had so much fun. It’s great though that there are ready made basketball hoops that are much better now.

    • Hi Kyle,

      Yeah I catch my nephew in front of gadgets all the time as well, I’m hoping things will get better soon. And that’s really cool that your dad did that, sounds like a real handyman. Hope you’re able to find what you need for your boys and thanks for leaving a comment.

  5. We had an outdoor basketball hoop that we got for real cheap at one of those discount places, and it was busted up within three months! That’s why we’re shopping for a new one, we need to get the boys out of the house. They are going buck wild without some way to get all that energy out. Plus, since we’re all doing the at home school now, you know we’ve got to have some sort of PE class for them!

    • Hi Agnes,

      I hear you, I know these are hard times we’re living in but you have to do what you can to make the best out of it. And in general, the price of something normally reflects the quality of it so yeah I hope this post provided you with some nice options.


  6. My sister wants one of these so I’m going to forward this to her, the Silverback NXT looks like it will do the job.

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