Best Basketball Shoes Flat Feet

Are you trying to find the best basketball shoes for flat feet? For athletes with flat feet, finding the best shoe that gives the proper support is crucial.


Players who have flat feet or low arches tend to experience greater stress and pain on their feet that makes playing sports like basketball a hassle.


Besides the aches and pains, flat-footed people can also easily slip. Doctors have suggested that those with flat feet need to ensure they have proper arch support both for stability and to reduce pain.


In this article, you’ll find a list of the best basketball shoes which can help you step up your game, so make sure you read the descriptions in full to get the best possible option.


Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes Flat Feet


1. Adidas Crazy Bounce

Adidas Crazy Bounce

The Adidas Crazy Bounce may sound familiar to you, and that is because it is an evolved version of the classic Adidas Mad Bounce.


The Adidas Crazy Bounce takes all of the best parts of that shoe and upgrades it for those with flat feet who need extra arch support while wanting to still take advantage of what the Mad Bounce has to offer.


The shoe was designed specifically for wear on the basketball court with its combination of excellent grip and plenty of support.


The Adidas Crazy Bounce features plenty of padding inside of the shoe that gives support where it is needed most, particularly along flat arches.


The support there will make up for the lack of natural support that your arches might otherwise give you, and the result of this is better control and stability on the court.


Thanks to the GeoFit construction of the shoe, it hugs the natural shape of the foot in order to make you feel like you are in greater control with every step.


Not only this, but the GeoFit technology also makes the shoe feel more lightweight, reducing the sense of bulk and fatigue that heavier basketball shoes might otherwise cause.


The shoe is also highly breathable, thanks to the TPU mesh-coated fibers that allow air to be pushed into and out of the shoe with each step to reduce moisture to keep your feet feeling cool.


The rubber outsole has a specially designed traction tread pattern that will keep the shoe gripping the court both indoors and out, ensuring you aren’t slipping and sliding.


A combination of the traction and the lightweight nature of the Adidas Crazy Bounce allows you to move more quickly on your feet, enhancing the bounce as you navigate your way down the court with greater efficiency and control than ever before.


The Adidas Crazy Bounce also has updated the look of the Mad Bounce to give it a more hip-hop-inspired look, letting you express your personality and sense of style while on the court.


Part of this comes down to the high-top style that does more than just support the ankle; it also enhances the silhouette and gives the shoe a more modern design.


The design of the shoe is available in a wide variety of colors to give you the opportunity to match the jersey colors of your team or with the colors that you like to wear the most.


Even so, because of the white color that runs through the shoe here and there, keeping them clean is crucial to ensuring the shoes always looks their best.

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2. Nike Kobe XI Elite Low

Nike Men's Kobe Xi Elite Low Basketball Shoes

The Nike Kobe XI Elite Low is another shoe that is designed specifically for those with flat feet due to several different factors of the shoe.


This begins with the cushioning along the inside of the shoe that supports all sides of the foot, most specifically, the arches.


The full-length lunar foam that is integrated into this shoe is designed in such a way to support the arches to make up for the flatness that is present.


The integrated heel also allows for total support, bringing the cushion from toe to heel to make every step you take more comfortable.


The Nike Kobe XI Elite Low also comes with a rubber outsole that is cut with the perfect amount of traction, helping to keep you steady on your feet, a problem that those with flat feet often experience.


The grip sticks to the court just the right amount, so you can move light on your feet and take quick steps without skidding.


The rubber outsole will help stabilize your steps no matter what quality of court you are playing on, whether indoors or outdoors.


In an effort to make it even more comfortable, the Nike Kobe XI Elite Low features Nike FlyKit material that is every bit as strong as it is lightweight, ensuring that it won’t weight your foot down.


The material also provides remarkable breathability through the movement of air into and out of the shoe in an effort to prevent your feet from becoming overheated and sweaty.


The Nike Kobe XI Elite Low is also made with a FlyWire lacing mechanism that is integrated into the shoe, not only helping to further reduce bulk but also ensures that you get the perfect fit.


The shoe fits true to size and hugs the foot in such a way as to feel like an extension of the foot. Inside, the shoe is silky smooth, furthering its sock-like feel.


Because of the molded heel counter and the TPU infused right into the Flyknit, you will practically forget you are wearing them so you can focus only on the game you’re playing.


For those who want their shoes to look as good as they are comfortable, the Nike Kobe XI Elite Low makes an excellent choice.


The shoe comes in a variety of different colors for you to choose from, so you can match up the shoes to your team’s jersey colors and style, or simply choose the one that best suits your personality—allowing you look and feel your best during the entire game.


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3. Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid

Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas is yet another popular basketball shoe brand that has created a shoe especially for those with flat feet, and in the case of the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid, they are made for those with flat feet that are particularly wide.


These basketball shoes are also one of the more cost-effective basketball shoes for flat feet. You won’t have to break the bank to get the sort of support you need while also looking stylish at the same time.


The Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid takes into consideration the fact that basketball is a sport that requires you to be able to move swiftly and expertly on your toes, and in order to be able to do so, you need a solid pair of shoes that facilitates that type of action.


That’s where the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid shoe comes in. These solid shoes use CloudFoamilation technology to give you all of the solidity that you need to play at your best without weighing your feet down.


Because of the CloudFoam, the bounce rate of the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid is also exceptional, helping you to be lighter on your feet.


Due to their incredible level of responsiveness, they are perfect for playing on basketball courts of any quality, even the outdoor courts that seem to be a bit rougher by interacting with the traction of the shoe.


Even though these shoes respond to every movement of your feet, they aren’t tight and uncomfortable; they don’t pinch at the toes or constrict the forefoot like many other kinds of basketball shoes have the potential to.


Instead, they are roomy and spacious, letting your feet breathe easily to keep you comfortable as you play.


The Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid is also known for its great impact protection, which can go a long way toward not further stressing out your arches, helping to prevent with the discomfort and soreness you often feel in your arches after you play.


The shoes also have an integrated sock liner that helps to not only improve upon its overall breathability but also makes the shoe feel more acutely comfortable.


Thanks to the midsole in the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid, you get plenty of cushioning where you need it most, providing maximum support to your feet without the inside of the shoe feeling clunky or heavy.


The shoes are also very lightweight, providing you with all of the benefits you could need to enjoy a more comfortable game without having to worry about the shoes weighing down your feet and causing greater distress.


Overall, these are the perfect roomy shoes for those who have wide, flat feet.

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4. NIKE Zoom Evidence

Nike Mens Zoom Evidence II Basketball Shoes

Another solid choice from Nike, the NIKE Zoom Evidence is one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet that money can buy.


Their appeal begins with the physical appearance that sticks with the current trends of basketball shoes to keep you looking your best on the courts and feeling at the top of your game.


The shoes have that classic Nike basketball look and come in several colors that allow you to choose the one that best matches your team colors or suits your tastes and personality. Now, onto the important stuff—what they can do for your flat feet.


The NIKE Zoom Evidence is remarkably comfortable, thanks to responsive cushioning that seems to pay attention to the places your foot needs the most support and shock protection by conforming to the shape of the foot.


The shoes provide you with plenty of cushioning with none of the bulk that you have likely come to expect from other basketball shoes, offering all of the support you need without any additional weight.


The lightweight nature of the shoes is also due in part to the composite upper that feels light against the feet.


The composite upper also helps reduce the interference that many basketball players complain of having in their shoes.


The upper isn’t the only aspect of the NIKE Zoom Evidence that assists in its performance.


The shoe also boasts a Phylon midsole that enhances performance during competitive play by helping to support your feet where they normally lack control due to your flat arches.


Not only does the shoe help promote stability that makes it easier to move around, it also helps your feet become more responsive to quick movements.


The NIKE Zoom Evidence also helps to absorb any impact and shock that comes with sudden movements and landings, helping to keep your feet steady and your posture under control, something that those with flat feet often struggle with.


The foam heel pad also works in this regard, ensuring that your feet don’t slip around while you play.


The high collar of the NIKE Zoom Evidence helps to support the ankle as well, providing plenty of support for all of the most crucial parts of your foot and leg during games.


Even the laces are designed to help you play at your best through the Flywire cables that are integrated seamlessly and perfectly with the traditional lacing system.


All of these elements combine to make the NIKE Zoom Evidence one of the best shoes you can wear to compensate for flat feet if you are committed to playing at your best every single time.

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5. Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct

Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoes

One of the most popular types of shoes in the Nike franchise is the Kobe line.


These shoes were made famous by their remarkable performance on the basketball court as well as their profound comfort and support.


The supportive nature of the Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoe is perfect for those who have flat feet and need the right pair of basketball shoes to compensate for shorter arches.


Because Kobe is so well loved, it is worth mentioning the shoe is made particularly for those with flat feet. The Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoe has plenty of cushioning along the foot.


The Lunarlon midsole helps to directly support the arches, giving you all of the support you need to move more comfortably and stably as you dribble up and down the court.


The shoes in particular are known to stand out from other types of basketball shoes when it comes to support for flat feet due to that midsole, making them totally one of a kind.


The remarkable support and comfort also lends players the ability to bounce more easily on their feet, making the shoe crucial for easy control when making quick stops and turns.


The responsive shoe is also lightweight, which adds to their performance, and it won’t weigh the foot down or cause fatigue prematurely.


Alongside the support, the Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoe also has a unique traction pattern that holds fast to the court, keeping you from slipping around.


No matter what court you’re on, you will be given total control over your stopping power and can run and walk with greater confidence.


Even with the remarkable grip the shoe provides, the rubber outsole won’t make the shoe feel bottom-heavy like some other basketball shoes.


When it comes to style and shape, the design of Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoe is a subtle one.


It allows you to more easily match them with your favorite basketball outfits or team jerseys without clashing, while also being stylish enough to wear off the court.


The low ankle design won’t inhibit any movement, ensuring you won’t feel restricted as you move around.


The Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoe is thought to be one of the best basketball shoes for the money due to all of its supportive features including padding.


If you want to eliminate the problems you experience on the court due to your flat feet, the Kobe Mamba Instinct Mens Basketball Shoe may be the shoe for you.

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6. Nike Air Jordan XXXII

Nike Air Jordan Men's XXXII Low Basketball Shoes AA1256 603 Size 13 New in The Box

Nike is one of the most popular brands of basketball shoes and for good reason.


In the case of flat-footed shoes, they offer the Nike Air Jordan XXXII, which provides plenty of stability and support.


They have been exclusively designed for players who have flat feet, making them an easy choice when you want to play more comfortably and in great style.


One of the things that makes the Nike Air Jordan XXXII unique is the traction pattern of the shoe.


It not only has a unique shape but also features a special kind of rubber in the traction grooves that grabs onto the ground and doesn’t let go until you’re ready. The traction has been heavily improved over time from its predecessors.


The Nike Air Jordan XXXII also uses an altered herringbone which is found in many different Nike shoes, but in this instance, they have once again altered its state to give it greater performance over the earlier shoes in the line.


Any dirt or debris that gets onto the shoe and threatens performance can easily just be dusted off with a quick wipe, making it easier to play on older, dustier courts.


You can get the Nike Air Jordan XXXII in two different versions known as the low and mid.


When you are wearing the low version, the rubber tends to work better at gripping the court than the mid, but both are equally as powerful everywhere else.


The shoes also feature a full-length Unlocked Zoom that gives you total stability on the court, which is a key feature that many Air Jordan lovers have complained about the lack of with some of the other shoes.


Because of the leather band, the shoe helps to pull your foot and ankle back to keep them in place and double down on the support they offer.


The all-around performance and appearance of the shoes has made them a fan favorite among dedicated basketball fans.


When you first slip the Nike Air Jordan XXXII on, they may feel a little bit tight, but they are true to size and need just a little bit of breaking in.


This is especially true for those whose flat feet are wider than most others. Stretching around in the shoe will make them more easily take to the shape of your foot.


The upper is forgiving and breathable, fashioned out of premium materials that offer the perfect fit by being tight where you need it.


Those who have flat feet and tend to struggle when keeping their balance on the court are sure to benefit from wearing these Nike Air Jordan XXXII.

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7. Nike The Air Overplay Ix

Nike Men's The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

Finally, the Nike The Air Overplay Ix is another great option when considering what new basketball shoe to buy for flat feet.


The Overplay lx is a Nike shoe that is made to give you plenty of support along the arches, so you won’t suffer from the varied difficulties that might arise when playing due to short arches.


While the shoe provides excellent arch support, it does not lack in other areas.


The Nike The Air Overplay Ix features an encapsulated heel that brings all of the videos of Nike Air Technology that makes every step feel bouncier and more comfortable.


Those with flat feet will benefit greatly from that heel technology as it will help to absorb some of the shock and impact that those with shallow arches usually feel more than others.


The Nike Air Unit in the shoe also helps to make every step more comfortable throughout the entire foot no matter how long you are playing.


For those looking for more customized support, you’ll be happy to know you can remove the sole padding and put in your own custom orthotics to maximize your comfort and support without making the shoe feel bulky.


Furthermore, the Nike The Air Overplay Ix is fashioned out of super lightweight materials that prevent your feet from feeling heavy and fatigued, letting you play at your best for longer.


The lightweight material also allows for plenty of airflow to stop your feet from feeling sweaty and hot, furthering your comfort so you can focus only on the game.


The material also removes some of the odor issues that may arise when wearing other shoes.


Anyone who values their style as much as comfort on the court will benefit from wearing the Nike The Air Overplay Ix.


The shoe features a classic Nike style with the check mark on the side and the AIR logo beneath it, keeping things subtle yet fashionable.


The design can be easily integrated into any outfit whether it is something you wear for a casual game with friends or you want to match it with the team jersey you will be wearing. Choose from colors such as green, pink, blue, black or wolf gray.

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Anyone with flat feet looking for the right basketball shoe can definitely benefit from any one of the shoes above. Find the perfect one that fits your needs and get back out on the court in comfort and style.

  1. Great article. My son plays basketball and is flatfooted for size 13. At the department store, it’s not very clear what shoes are best for flat feet, not to mention, I doubt there’s a wide selection for stylish ones, but the basketball shoes you’ve shown here look like excellent choices, especially for those that need the arch support. I’ll go over all these shoes with my son, and have him pick a pair. Thanks for the info.


    • Hi Michael,

      Glad I was able to help you out. Yeah I’m aware that department stores don’t have a specific section for categories like flat feet so that’s why I made this post. Hope your son finds what he wants.


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