Best Basketball Shoes Under $50


With any sport, having quality equipment and gear is crucial to playing at your best.


When it comes to shoes, comfort and support are paramount, as they provide the foundation that you need no matter what your sport of choice.


However, having the proper shoes becomes especially important when it comes to sports like basketball which requires a lot of swift movement, quick turns on the toe and a bouncy, light step that allows for plenty of jumping.


Not only this, but because of the strain that basketball can put on shoes, they need to be crafted out of materials that are able to hold their own during intense play while also providing excellent traction on indoor and outdoor courts alike.


Proper support is also important in order to ensure players’ feet don’t get tired early with the game still running on.


High quality basketball shoes are notorious for being expensive, especially if you are after showier name brands that look as good on the court as they do off of.


Because of the materials that go into them to ensure the wearer is able to stay on top of their game, they run at the higher end of the scale for both sports and everyday wear.


Even so, obtaining quality basketball shoes that won’t break the bank is possible if you know where to look, letting you get the styles you love at a price you can afford all while setting yourself up for support from the ground up.


If you’re interested in getting basketball shoes that are under the $100 price range, then make sure you check out the following article: cool sneakers under $100.


In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best basketball shoes under $50 to show you just how many options are available to you.


Top 11 Basketball Shoes Under $50


1. Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe

Featuring a high ankle that provides ample support and a mesh tongue, the Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe is a comfortable and breathable basketball shoe that is well-ventilated and easy to wear.


It features a thick but flexible sole as well as lightweight uppers that work together to create a shoe that is comfortable enough for long periods of wear without making your feet feel fatigued or weighed down.


Pros of Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Pros of Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Flexible sole makes for comfortable running

  • Ventilation keeps your feet cool

  • Lightweight yet durable materials


Cons of Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Lacks proper padding and cushioning

  • Takes a while to break the shoes in

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2. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe


A mid-height shoe, the Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe is a supportive and amply padded shoe that keeps your feet well-cushioned no matter how long you play.


The thick rubber outsole provides plenty of grip on the court, no matter if you’re playing indoors or outdoors.


The mesh panel allows for ventilation to keep your feet nice and cool, and its lightweight design prevents your feet from feeling overly weighed down.


Pros of Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Extra padding where you need it most

  • Reliable traction keeps you stable on your feet

  • Ultra-lightweight to prevent foot fatigue


Cons of Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

  • The materials are rather low quality

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3. Adidas Men’s Rise up 2 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Rise up 2 Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Rise up 2 Basketball Shoe features a lightweight design that is important for basketball players that need to stay light on their feet.


They are quick to break in without leaving behind blisters and won’t cause your feet to slip around.


On the court, you’ll be just as stable thanks to the special traction on the rubber outsoles that provides traction that makes playing on courts an effortless, easy experience.


It is worth taking into account that these shoes do not have much arch support.


Pros of Adidas Men’s Rise up 2 Basketball Shoe

  • Runs true to size

  • Won’t cause blisters on the heel

  • Lightweight material

  • Plenty of traction on any court


Cons of Adidas Men’s Rise up 2 Basketball Shoe

  • Low quality material

  • Little to no arch support

  • Not well-ventilated

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4. AND1 Mens Xcelerate Basketball Shoe

AND1 Men's Xcelerate Mid

The AND1 Mens Xcelerate Basketball Shoe puts emphasis on traction with its unique, thick rubber sole whose grooves provide remarkable stability.


Because the shoe comes true to size, it won’t rub your heels the wrong way, which could reduce the risk of you developing painful blisters.


Their fit makes them quite narrow and may not be ideal for wide feet.


Pros of AND1 Mens Xcelerate Basketball Shoe

  • Features mesh panels that keep your feet feeling cool and dry

  • Fashioned out of reliable, long lasting materials

  • Excellent traction on the thick rubber sole

  • Vibrant color choices


Cons of AND1 Mens Xcelerate Basketball Shoe

  • No extra padding in the shoe

  • Not good for anyone with wider feet

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5. Adidas Men’s Cf Racer Tr

Adidas Men's Cf Racer Tr

The Adidas Men’s Cf Racer Tr is one of the best affordable shoes for those who play on indoor courts.


They feature soles designed to grip onto indoor courts and provide stability that will stop you from slipping around.


The shoes are lightweight, letting you make quick movements and to play for a long time without your feet feeling prematurely tired.


Pros of Adidas Men’s Cf Racer Tr

  • Fashioned out of premium, lightweight material

  • Flexible, breathable shoes ensure your feet are comfortable and well-ventilated

  • Rubber sole works particularly well for indoor basketball courts


Cons of Adidas Men’s Cf Racer Tr

  • Fits tightly which could run the risk of blisters

  • The interior padding tends to wear down quickly

  • The low cut design makes it likely to rub uncomfortably against the heel

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6. Nike Men’s Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Air Versitile Ii Basketball Shoe

The Nike Men’s Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe is one of the softest and most comfortable basketball shoes without having to sacrifice its durability in order to achieve this.


A rubber outsole complete with unique grooves and valleys provides heightened levels of traction ideal for courts of any kind while mesh panels make it well-suited for playing on warm days outdoors.


Pros of Nike Men’s Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe

  • Reduced risk of foot fatigue thanks to its lightweight design

  • Features ample grooves on the rubber outsole to give you better traction

  • Soft yet durable materials make it a comfortable choice for long periods of wear


Cons of Nike Men’s Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe

  • Firm sole takes a while to be broken in

  • Tight fit could cause blisters

  • Awkward shoe height that many consider uncomfortable

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7. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoe

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes Anti Slip

The Beita High Upper Basketball Shoe is a classic basketball shoe that not only has the style you’re looking for but is practical as well.


It features a high ankle that delivers unmatched support and a lacing system that is easy to navigate.


The rubber outsole features one of a kind traction grooves to provide you with unmatched grip on any court.


Pros of Beita High Upper Basketball Shoe

  • High-top design provides plenty of support against the ankle to promote stability

  • Wear resistant and durable materials promise to outlast even the longest basketball season


Cons of Beita High Upper Basketball Shoe

  • Because of the poor ventilation, your feet could easily become sweaty

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8. AND 1 Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

AND1 Men's Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoes

AND 1 is one of the most popular and famous manufacturers of basketball shoes, so you can feel confident that you’re wearing stylish footwear on the court.


This is one of the best basketball shoes for players who find themselves playing on outdoor courts due to the design of the traction on the rubber outsole.


Pros of theAND 1 Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Mid-top delivers the stability your ankle needs without restricting your range of motion

  • A padded tongue provides plenty of support for the top of the foot


Cons of the AND 1 Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Limited color designs to choose from

  • Elastic lacing system limits lacing styles

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9. LI-NING Speed V Series

LI-NING Speed V Series

As its name might suggest, the LI-NING Speed V Series allows you to move light and quick on your feet, thanks to their lightweight design that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.


The shape of the sole provides support in the arches for more comfortable play no matter what your style or position may be.


Pros of LI-NING Speed V Series

  • Quality ankle support offers plenty of stability while playing with no slipping around in the shoe

  • Cloud cushion technology brings ample padding where you need it most

  • The outsole is made from strong rubber bonded EVA for maximum grip


Cons of LI-NING Speed V Series

  • Many consider the design and appearance of the shoe to be outdated

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10. Nike Hyperdunk

Nike Men's Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoe AO7893-001

One of the oldest basketball shoes on the market, the Nike Hyperdunk is an iconic and instantly recognizable basketball shoe that not only speaks to your sense of style but also provides great gameplay support.


The shoe is well-loved by players who are working on their vertical leaps due to their bouncy rubber outsoles and their ultra-lightweight design.


They feature high ankles to provide you support around them, making each game more comfortable.


Pros of Nike Hyperdunk

  • Vertical training is made easier with the high top design and the lightweight nature of the shoe

  • The weight of the shoe affords optimal speeds when running and turning


Cons of Nike Hyperdunk

  • Reports show that the shoe wears down quickly because of the mediocre quality of the shoe

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11. PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoe

PEAK High Top Men's Basketball Shoe

The PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoe is a traditional high top basketball shoe that gives you the styles you have come to love and the comfort you need to play at your best.


It sits around the ankle to provide support from top to bottom with a rubber outsole that gives you a reliable and stable grip.


Pros of PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoe

  • Unique module in the shoe provides stability that most shoes can’t

  • Wrap-style design provides support where you need it most.

  • Ideal for wear by players of any skill level

  • Upgraded rubber outsole makes it particularly well-suited for outdoor courts


Cons of the PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoe

  • Can take a long time to break in and could leave behind blisters

  • Reported to have a tight fit

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Things to Consider For Basketball Shoes




Just like shoes of any niche, not all basketball shoes are made to the same standards.


While people tend to believe that in order to get basketball shoes of the highest quality they have to spend a lot of money; that isn’t necessarily true.


When shopping for basketball shoes, you can look for certain features and materials that speak to their quality and longevity while still staying within your budget.


Points to pay attention to when shopping for quality shoes include the lacing system, the uppers, the padding in the ankle or lack thereof, and of course, the rubber outsole.




Tying into the quality of the shoe is its durability. Basketball seasons last longer than most other sport seasons with even most high schools playing between 25 and 30 games.


That doesn’t even factor into the hours of practice you’ll be putting in between those times.


You are going to want a shoe that is going to ideally last you a couple of seasons before needing to be replaced—so being mindful of how the shoe is built is important.




Indoor and outdoor basketball courts are made of different materials and will require unique traction for each.


Traction is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for new basketball shoes, as without the proper kind for each court, or a hybrid outsole that can tackle both, it’ll be hard to stay steady on your feet and play a good game.


Furthermore, just because the traction is reliable in the beginning, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to last through the seasons.


It is recommended that you pay attention to the material that the outsoles are made of, but do keep in mind that just because a shoe has a thick rubber outsole, it does not necessarily mean that the traction is all that good.


Instead, look for the design of the traction and the depth of the channels to get a better idea of what to expect from your new basketball shoes.


Putting a lot of thought into the traction during the initial purchase will go a long way in the end.




Similarly to traction, stability is something basketball players specifically need to keep in mind when purchasing a shoe.


You’ll want to get a basketball shoe that won’t slip around on the court and one that fits properly to make sure your foot doesn’t slide around inside the shoe.


Otherwise, you could end up losing your footing. A basketball shoe with high, padded ankles helps to provide the support your ankles need as well, adding to the overall stability you’ll feel when playing.




In the same vein as any other athletic shoe, emphasis should be placed on the support a basketball shoe will provide.


It’s important that the shoe you choose has plenty of support, since basketball is such a demanding, high-activity sport.


With all of the movement that is required of basketball players, from sharp turns to jumping and landing, you need to look for a shoe that is going to provide you with plenty of support not only for the foot but also for the ankle.


When considering how supportive a shoe is, it is important not to conflate the idea of comfort with the idea of support.


Supportive shoes aren’t always comfortable to wear, and on the other side of the coin, a comfortable shoe doesn’t always provide you with the support you need to play the game.


Some shoes will offer additional padding along the entire sole, while others focus on the heel or toe.


Be sure you pay attention to what part of your foot needs the most support and ensure that the right sort of padding is placed where you need it before committing to the shoe.


A shoe with poor levels of support may leave you regretting your purchase and kicking yourself for it later.


Keep in mind that plantar fasciitis sprains are a fairly common occurrence when playing basketball, but having proper support in place, especially along the midsole, can reduce the risk of this happening.


Comfort & Proper Fit


With the idea of comfort in mind, it’s important to remember that all shoes need to be worn a few times to be “broken in” before they feel entirely comfortable.


You can plan ahead for the best shoe for you by being mindful of both your foot’s shape and size.


Poorly fitted shoes can pose a whole slew of risks to your feet that go well beyond a general sense of fatigue or discomfort.


You’ll want to avoid your toes being pinched and holding you back while you sprint across the court and also rubbing against your skin when you jump and land, which could eventually cause blisters.


All of this, along with the other risks that come with a bad fit, can be avoided by paying special attention to how your foot would fit into the actual parameters of the shoe itself.




Naturally, you want to buy shoes that are stylish and trendy and will not only have you playing your best but also looking your best as well.


Still, before putting too much thought into the stylish aspects of the shoe, you should consider the practical aspects first, such as the traits mentioned above.


Once you find the shoe that provides the overall effectiveness you’ll need to play, you can then look through the variations that are offered through the manufacturer to choose one that best suits your personality.




Since basketball shoes are known for being very expensive, price is likely to be your first concern.


Fortunately for you, by shopping the selection we’ve reviewed on this page, you can get the most effective and stylish basketball shoes while still staying within your budget—so pricing isn’t necessarily a concern for you like it usually might be.




Regardless of whether you play on indoor courts, outdoor courts or both and in spite of whatever your position and play style might be, the sneakers you wear are an important consideration to make before you ever step out on the courts.


Typically, basketball shoes are known to be pricey, discouraging players from purchasing the shoes that are best for them both in terms of effectiveness and fashion.


The end result can be a pair of uncomfortable shoes that keep you from playing at your best.


In this article, we have reviewed some of the best basketball shoes under $50, leaving you with plenty of options toward new sneakers that will keep you on top of the game without draining your bank account.


Even so, not all shoes under $50 are the same, so you should pay close attention to the various specs of each one to ensure you’re getting a shoe that will last.


No matter what your needs are when it comes to basketball shoes, you’re sure to find the one that best suits those needs in our list.


Keep the items on our buying guide in mind while browsing the options and bring home your new favorite pair of kicks today.

  1. This is some good insight highlighting the different options for affordable basketball shoes. I think there is a lot misconception that you have to pay a lot of money for basketball shoes in order to achieve the right fit. However, from what you have recommended, I feel more confident that a lower price will still achieve the right comfort levels for playing on the court. 

    Thanks for going into so much detail, this is a good post for people like me who don’t know the best footwear options. 

  2. This is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve been trying to find some cheap basketball so I wouldn’t break the bank getting regular ones. Thanks for sharing this. 

  3. I love the fact that it’s possible to get a good basketball shoe for under $50.  When my kids were playing sports in school, it was necessary to spend in the neighborhood of $100 to get a shoe with the support, durability and sure-footedness you speak of here.  Style, of course, is important to the school-aged set as well so these definitely fit the bill, even the LI-NING Speed V Series. Despite your comments, I think it’s a good looking shoe.  Do you have any suggestions for women’s basketball shoes?

  4. Hi there, thanks for the great info all in one place! My teen son has been really interested in playing basketball, but to be honest he has these phases and then I buy all the stuff only for him to never carry it through! So I appreciate a resource where I can get these basketball shoes for a fraction of what some retailers are charging! You never know he may become a star, but until I know he’s in it for good ill be sticking to the cheaper models lol! 🙂

    • Hi Sophie,

      Good to know you got value out of the article. And I hear you, nobody wants to go all out only to have their kid back out. Taking gradual steps is the best way for sure 🙂



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