Best Gifts for Basketball Players


Basketball is a popular sport worldwide, both among younger and older players.


The fast-paced, high-intensity sport draws millions if not billions of fans because of the level of excitement and skill involved in every game, even starting at the youth levels.


While only a fraction of players ever makes it to the big leagues, that doesn’t prevent millions of people from playing the game for their own enjoyment, whether in pick up games on the street or in organized leagues.


It can be difficult to find a gift for the basketball player in your life.


If they are a regular player, they’ve likely already obtained some of the things they need the most.


But there are plenty of creative and entertaining gifts that you can find that will be sure to make them smile.


When looking for a gift for a basketball player, you want to give them something that it is fun, unique, and that they don’t already have.


It should definitely be basketball related, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that they would use in every basketball session.


Whether or not you want to go the creative route or get something functional is up to you.


As long as it has to do with basketball, they are likely to be happy with the gift.


There are many gifts out there for the enthusiastic basketball player, but these are some of the best gifts for basketball players available today.


Top 16 Gift Ideas For Basketball Players


1. SKZ MagnaCoach Professional Coaching Clipboard

Elite Clipboards Double Sided Dry Erase Coaches Marker Board

While this might be geared more towards the coach than it is to the player, it’s still a cool thing to have.


Players can check out their stats on the sideline and even draw up their own plays in their downtime.


When they’re tired, they can go over strategy and look at the scores of previous games.


It includes a dry erase marker and eraser, so it’s easy to use and minimizes waste.


This is a solidly built clipboard that looks great and provides all the functionality that you need.


For the basketball player that’s interested in pursuing a coaching career, this is a great start!


Learning some skills outside of the court is a great way to make yourself better during the game.


Basketball may be a very physical sport, but it’s important to train the mental side of the game as well, and this will help in doing so.


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2. The Mug with a Hoop

The Mug With A Hoop

For the baller who loves coffee, hot chocolate, soup, or even ice cream, this is a must have!


This creative mug has a bottom half that is designed like a professional basketball and is topped off with a cute mini basketball hoop!


Try to land some threes with marshmallows, crackers, or any other food that might top off your delicious snack.


The mug holds 16 ounces of fluid and is made with high quality material, so it will last a long time, providing hours of fun and plenty of nourishment!


If you know two ball players, give this gift to each of them and laugh as they square off in one-on-one marshmallow basketball.


This is a highly entertaining gift that provides a functional purpose too, so it might be perfect for the basketball player who spends more time thinking about gaming than eating!


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3. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

If your basketball player doesn’t have a personal mini hoop yet, then this is the perfect gift to furnish their room!


Unlike cheaper plastic hoops, this one looks like the real deal, just smaller.


Whether they’re doing homework, watching TV, or just lounging, these hoops provide hours of entertainment and let them practice their shooting skills without the need to go to a full-sized court.


The spring-action rim allows for monster dunks and breaks away with enough effort to emulate some of the fiercest dunkers in the game.


The crystal-clear backboard is made of extra-strength polycarbonate which means there’s no risk of this one shattering.


The mini basketball is 5” in diameter and feels like a real basketball.


This is great for young and old players alike.


The foam padded door mounts will keep parents happy as it won’t scuff up your home and will help keep the playing noise to a minimum.


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4. The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy

The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy

This comprehensive book written by the legendary Bill Simmons contains all you need to know about the history of your favorite game.


It isn’t for the faint of heart as Simmons is known to never hold back on his opinion, as controversial as it may be.


However, it is an entertaining read for anybody who considers themselves a student of the game.


From tidbits about the storied Lakers and Celtics rivalries to analysis of Michael Jordan’s dynasty Bulls, fans can learn quite a bit about basketball in this full but easy to read book.


If you want to get some big laughs while keeping yourself educated about basketball.


Even if it doesn’t teach you any particular skills, there’s a good chance you’ll step on the court a smarter and better playing after getting through this hefty volume.


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5. Performance Basketball Socks

Men's Cushioned Crew Socks Basketball Sports Sock

Socks might not be the most exciting gift for a basketball player, but they are highly necessary for anyone who constantly finds themselves shooting hoops.


Basketball games are heavy on footwork, and your friend is sure to burn holes through hundreds of pairs of socks in their playing days.


Nike has long been a premier name in basketball, and although they are known for shoes, their socks are some of the best that money can buy.


Made with a strongly stitched fabric blend, these socks will stay intact far longer than any others on the market.


On top of that, they use Dri-fit technology to ensure that the player’s feet will stay dry and securely placed within the sock.


They also provide a bit of compression to give even more stability. Even if these aren’t a flashy gift for a basketball player, they will definitely be used.


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6. Men’s Nike Pro Combat Elite Shooting Sleeves

Men's Nike Pro Combat Elite Sleeve

Every serious player needs a pair of high-quality shooting sleeves, and Nike once again comes through with a superior product.


These comfortable sleeves help prevent wear-and-tear on the elbows, especially for those players who play hoops on a daily basis and still have time to practice their shooting at night.


The fit is tight, but the state-of-the-art material is highly flexible, making for plenty of comfort but giving the player his full range of motion.


Coming in three different colors, not only do they look cool, they are customizable and will help to prevent elbow injuries down the line.


This is a great functional gift for any basketball player, whether or not they currently have elbow problems.


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7. SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder

SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder

SKLZ is known to have some of the best training and conditioning products in the game, and this speed and agility ladder for creating better food speed is no different.


Footwork may not be the flashiest part of the game, but it is quietly one of the most important, and any serious player should put time and effort into improving their ground game.


With 11 heavy duty rungs, this gives plenty of space to go through all of the most important foot drills and training sessions.


In addition to improving speed and agility of the legs, there are balancing workouts that will help to improve core strength and stability – both things that are highly important during any game or practice.


Shooting may be the most important part of the game but using this to hone your agility will help make you a better shooter in the long run.


This includes a carrying bag for easy transport.


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8. Adidas Men’s Reversible Practice Jerseys

adidas Mens Reversible Basketball Practice Jersey

With a wide variety of colors to choose from, these practice jerseys are great for any player – competitive or pick up.


Because they are reversible, it makes it easy for the player to fit in with whichever team chooses him on the court.


They’re also great for simply shooting around or practicing footwork drills.


Made with 100% polyester mesh, these are extremely comfortable and keep you cool at the same time, letting you practice and play for hours on end if you so desire.


They sport the cool but minimal Adidas logo, which not only provides a style flair but also lets you know that these are high-quality jerseys that will last a long time.


Adidas has been a major player in the basketball circuit for years and everything they put out rivals any other brands.


With 13 different sizes to choose from and 11 different colors, you are sure to find the perfect jersey for your basketball lover, no matter how large or small!


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9. NBA 2K20 Legend Edition for Xbox One or PS4

NBA 2K20 Legend Edition Xbox One

The NBA 2k line of games is the premier leader when it comes to basketball video games, and it’s not even close.


For the player who also likes to relax and spend time gaming, but still has basketball on the mind, NBA 2K20 Legend Edition is sure to be a hit.


This offers the best graphics on the market, and the gameplay is out of this world.


No other game rivals this in terms of player control, realism, and feedback. The details in this game are amazing, everything down to the shoelaces are different for every player.


And you’ll be fascinated at how they capture the dribbling, shooting, and running motions of each of the game’s biggest stars (and even of the lesser-known names).


For those with aspiration of making the NBA, the ability to create your own player and watch him succeed is certain to be a ton of fun.


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10. Nike Hoops Elite Hoops Pro Basketball Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Hoops Pro Basketball Backpack (Black/Metallic Cool Grey)

Another slam dunk by Nike, the Elite Hoops Pro Backpack is a simplistic but fashionable and functional backpack for active basketball players.


It has a slim profile but still provides plenty of storage.


You can carry two basketballs and multiple other items on your way to the gym or the court.


If you only need one basketball, then this opens up a whole world of options for you.


Bring an extra pair of shoes, a change of clothes, or even your laptop and some books.


If you want to get a game in but need to go immediately out afterwards, this is a great backpack for storing all of your things.


The unassuming look means it will match with any outfit, so you’ll look like a serious player in your jersey but will look just as great when you change into other clothes after your game.


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11. Dribble Up Smart Basketball

Image result for Dribble Up Smart Basketball

The Internet of Things is taking over the world, and basketball is no exception.


Smart technology is becoming ubiquitous in sports throughout the world, and it’s easy to see why.


The Dribble Up Smart Basketball comes with groundbreaking technology that allows you measure a number of things like your dribble speed, crossover speed, hesitation, endurance, and shooting.


It comes with an app that lets you easily read and assess your numbers and see where you need to improve.


This isn’t just a basketball, it’s an entire training staff built into one small object.


One might expect that this sort of technology would make the ball feel clunky, but it is regulation size and weight and feels just like an official ball.


With a microfiber composite skin, it can be used indoors and outdoors, so you can take advantage of this ball all year long.


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12. Spalding NBA Official Game Ball

Spalding NBA Official Game Ball

The basketball player in your life might have plenty of basketballs lying around, but there’s a good chance that he doesn’t have an official NBA ball from Spalding.


He may even have some Spalding balls, but they won’t be as high-quality as this one.


An official NBA ball is made with a full grain Horween leather cover – this is some of the best leather that money can buy, and it makes for a beautiful look, a lush feel, and extremely durable performance.


While you may not know much just by looking at it, the basketball enthusiast will be enamored with the beauty and quality of this basketball.


Keep in mind that this is for indoor use only, as outdoor use will get the ball dirty and damage the leather.


This is backed by a Spalding warranty so if it doesn’t live up to all of your expectations, you’ll get your money back with no questions asked.


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13. Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop Assembles in 90 Minutes

While going to a gym or outdoor court is a great way to learn the game of basketball, there is no better way than to have a hoop of your own that you can use at all times of day.


The Silverback hoop is a lightweight but sturdy one that assembles in just 90 minutes!


The base contains a steel substructure that keeps it holding steady no matter how hard you’re playing, and the wheels on the back make it simple to move, whether to take to your friend’s down the street or to store in the garage.


This is great for players of any age as you can adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, all in 6-inch increments.


If you’re interested in checking out a few more quality hoops, you can review a post on this site which discusses the best types of hoops.


This specific hoop will be with any player as he grows up throughout the years thanks to the high-quality build and the adjustability.


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14. iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

Anybody who has spent time shooting hoops alone knows how frustrating it can be to chase the ball around after it bounces in every such direction.


Well, that’s no longer a problem with the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer.


This shot returner doesn’t just give you your ball back – it actually makes you a better shooter because it makes you shoot a perfect arc in order to hit your shots.


But whether you make a sweet basket or throw up a brick, this net will catch the ball and the return slide will send it right back to you.


Just adjust the ramp angle to where you want to be shooting from, and every time you throw up a shot you will get the ball back in no time.


This is made with a sturdy steel frame and high-quality netting, so it will last for years and years of shooting practice.


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15. NBA Player Basketball Jerseys

Nike Mens Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James 2018-19 NBA Swingman Gold Jersey 100% Authentic

Every young baller looks up to an NBA star, and even older players have their favorite professionals.


For the enthusiasts who have a professional hero, a jersey of that player is always a fantastic gift.


Adidas may not be the official brand of the NBA, but they make some of the best jerseys out there at a more reasonable price.


They come in adult and kid sizes and use Climacool technology to prevent players from sweating too much, wicking it away and drawing heat away from the body.


So, whether this jersey is just a fashion statement or something to wear while balling out, you’ll be comfortable, dry, and stylish.


Even if he or she already has a jersey of his favorite player, you can always get a different home or away jersey, or an alternate or throwback jersey.


There are so many options that you can never go wrong with this gift.


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16. McDavid ¾ Length Tight Compression Girdle

Image result for McDavid ¾ Length Tight Compression Girdle

Compression clothing has become all the rage in sporting circle, and there’s a good reason for it.


It helps extend a player’s life in the game by taking stress off of the joints, bones, and muscles.


A girdle is important in basketball because of all of the impact that the body sustains from running, jumping, and shooting on the hardwood floor or the outdoor court.


Compressing the muscles keeps them warm and more stable, helping to prevent strains, sprains, and pulls.


This means you can play for longer and with more intensity than if you weren’t wearing the product.


McDavid makes an excellent pair of compression pants that are highly breathable yet very sturdy and lightweight.


With articulation at the knees combined with their body mapping technology, these pants will stay on tightly without bunching up in any area.


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Basketball is a sport that provides intensity in both the physical and mental aspects of the game.


Players who are serious about basketball are likely to eat, sleep, and breathe it, so when it comes time to get them a nice gift, they will likely want it to be about basketball.


While each player is different, they will all be happy to receive a present having to do with their favorite sport, whether it’s a book, a silly mug, or an official basketball from the NBA.

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