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As one of the most prolific and exciting stars in the NBA, James Harden has enjoyed great success over his 11-year career and continues to dazzle both on the court and off.


Born in Los Angeles in 1989, Harden spent much of his youth playing ball in Compton where he lived with his mother, brother, and sister.


James experienced early success in the game of basketball, leading his high school team to back-to-back state championships and becoming one of the most sough-after prospects for colleges across the nation.


He eventually settled on Arizona State, quickly becoming the centerpiece of a team that turned around its fortune in a major way after he joined.


By the time he graduated, he was considered one of the greatest ASU players of all time, and his jersey number was retired shortly after.


In 2009, Harden was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and within 2 years he was an integral part of a team that made it to the NBA finals only to lose to the juggernaut Miami Heat with Lebron James.


Still, these seasons cemented James Harden as an emerging start with the potential to become one of the most elite shooting guards in the entire league.


In 2012, a blockbuster trade sent Harden to the Houston Rockets where he took the next step in his career and blossomed into one of the league’s biggest superstars.


His first season with the Rockets landed him his first of many All-Star appearances.


He continued to impress in every following year with the Rockets, despite the team not experiencing a ton of success in the playoffs.


Still, his individual efforts paid off with the ultimate prize in 2018, when he won the league MVP award.


Harden has continued to be one of the league’s top players and has become the face of the Houston Rockets. 


Noteworthy Accomplishments


Some of Harden’s noticeable accomplishments, on top of winning the 2018 MVP award, include the following:


  • 8 Straight appearances in the NBA All Star Game, including every year from 2013-2020


  • Winning the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award in 2012 before becoming a starter and all-around superstar.


  • His success was starting to unfold even in college, when he won the Pac-10 Player of the Year award


  • His number 13 was retired by the Arizona Sun Devils


  • He has led the league in scoring 3 separate times, in 2018, 2019, and 2020. He could potentially continue to do so at a record pace.


  • Led the league in assists in 2017, so you know he isn’t just a selfish player who wants to score points. He makes his teammates better.


  • Record a triple-double while scoring 60 points on January 30th, 2018, during his MVP season. This has never been done, and the 60 points are also a Rockets franchise record for a single game performance.


  • Recorded two triple-doubles with more than 50 points in the 2016-2017 season, becoming the first player to ever achieve that milestone.


  • Led the league in free throw attempts and made free throws for every year from 2014 to 2019.


Harden’s Competitive Edge


Harden stands 6’5” tall, so he isn’t one of the league’s tallest players, but he is the ideal height for a shooting guard.


He uses this to his advantage as he has become an elite dribbler and passer, making him one of the greatest all-around players in the game.


As mentioned, he tends to make the players around him better, and it is easy to see why every time that he has played for has experienced quite a bit of success with him leading them.


He isn’t just a great shooter, and that’s why he is a perpetual MVP candidate.


Harden has also had plenty of success as a businessman, inking a 13-year deal with Adidas and coming out with several lines of shoes and clothing.


If you are a James Harden fan and are looking for some of the greatest Harden memorabilia, read on below for some of the best options.


Top 12 James Harden Collectibles


1. James Harden Signed Houston Rockets Custom Framed Jersey



James Harden Signed Houston Rockets 35x43 Custom Framed Jersey (Beckett COA)



Custom framed jerseys are some of the coolest pieces of art that you can add to any man cave, and a signed jersey is even better!


This display measures 35” x 43”, so it will take up plenty of space on your wall without filling up the entire room.


The red Rockets jersey is signed by James Harden in black ink, and the signature has been authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services, so you know you are getting the real deal.


With two great action shots adorning the bottom corners, this is a must have for any James Harden fan.



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2. James Harden Houston Rockets Autographed White Jersey



Sponsored Ad - James Harden Signed Houston Rockets (Home White) Jersey BECKETT BAS - Autographed NBA Jerseys



If you prefer the white Rockets look and want to keep your jersey out of a frame, or possibly decorate it yourself, this is a fantastic option.


This autograph has been authenticated by Fanatics Authentic, with the signature placed on the “1” in Harden’s number 13 on the jersey.


This jersey makes a great addition to your NBA collection, whether you have more signed jerseys or simply want to show your appreciation for the 2018 MVP. There’s no going wrong with this item!



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3. James Harden Autographed Signed Rockets 19×31 Photo Framed Steiner JSA



James Harden Houston Rockets Framed 11



This in-game shot shows just what Harden is made of on the court and provides a fantastic view of the star in a mid-dunk pose.


With his signature just under the ball, this is an authentic piece of Rockets memorabilia and will look great in any office, man cave, or bedroom.


Whether you use this as part of a larger set of pictures or hang it up solo, it is truly a one-of-a-kind item that celebrates Harden’s success as one of the greatest players in the league.


The autograph has been authenticated by Steiner JSA so you know you are getting an dependable piece.



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4. James Harden Autographed Signed Houston Rockets Custom Framed Jersey



James Harden Autographed Signed Houston Rockets 35 X 43 Custom Framed Jersey (Beckett COA)



Another framed jersey, this one in the classic road whites, is available with James Harden’s authentic signature gracing the numbers.


This makes great complement to the red home jersey but is just as beautiful of a piece hanging on its own in any room.


The frame measures 35”x43”, making it a large and prominent work of art that will impress anybody.


The two action shots in the corners add to the allure of the framed jersey, and you know that you are getting a valid piece because the signature has been authenticated by Beckett.



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5. James Harden Houston Rockets Autographed Adidas Black and Red Individual Shoe



James Harden Signed Autographed Adidas Vol. 1 Black Signature Shoe TRISTAR COA



As much as you might want to wear this one, this is a true collectors’ item with James Harden’s signature adorning the front of the shoe.


Not only was this shoe designed by James Harden to complement his style of play, it was signed by him so that you can enjoy a lifetime piece of memorabilia, no matter where you decide to display it.


You know this is the real deal because it has the Fanatics Authentic hologram which is only used on authenticated items.


This is a true piece of basketball history and will make a great addition to any sports shine, whether you are doing it for fun or out of your fandom for the Houston Rockets.



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6. Harden, James, & January Autographed Magazine



Harden, James & January, Briann 11/17/08 autographed magazine



This one really digs back to James Harden’s roots as a young superstar, with a Sports Illustrated cover showcasing his time at ASU in 2008.


Autographed by James Harden and Briann January, this is truly a piece of college basketball history that you can show off right in your own living room!


SI King is known for their large collection of autographed magazine, and you know this is real because it has been authenticated and witnessed with a Certificate of Authenticity.


The vendor offers a 100% guarantee, so if you are looking for a great magazine to add to your autograph collection, this is the one!



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7. James Harden Houston Rockets Framed 5-Photo Collage with Piece of Team-Used Basketball



James Harden Houston Rockets Framed 5-Photo Collage with a Piece of Team-Used Basketball - NBA Player Plaques and Collages



This is a truly unique framed set of pictures because it also includes a piece of a basketball that was used in an actual Rockets game!


Not only that, there are five in-game shots of James Harden doing what he does best, all taken by professional NBA photographers.


If you are a fan of the game, this is one of the pieces of art that will simply resonate with you every day. Hang it in your bedroom, office, or even in one of the main rooms of your house.


It is a nice-looking piece of work with a solid frame that will match any décor, even if you aren’t a huge sports fanatic.



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8. James Harden Houston Rockets Autographed Indoor/Outdoor Basketball



Sponsored Ad - James Harden & Chris Paul Houston Rockets Autographed Indoor/Outdoor Basketball - Autographed Basketballs



This licensed NBA basketball is hand signed by James Harden and authenticated by Fanatics Authentic.


They are one of the best in the business when it comes to providing valid, autographed memorabilia, and you’ll be sure to enjoy this professional basketball with your favorite player’s autograph.


There will even be a hologram to show that this is the real deal and that you have an important piece from one of the game’s biggest stars.


Display it proudly in your bedroom, office, or home gym. This is a wonderful addition to any basketball fan’s collection.



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9. James Harden Autographed MVP Basketball



Sponsored Ad - James Harden Houston Rockets Autographed Indoor/Outdoor Basketball - Autographed Basketballs



If you want to commemorate James Harden’s historic 2018 MVP Season with a true work of art, this basketball is a must-have!


The ball contains beautiful drawings of James Harden, commissioned by Jolene Jessie, who is one of the biggest names in the world of sports art.


The drawings show James mid-game and in action doing what he does best, especially in 2018 as he won the MVP Award for the entire league!


Only 100 balls were made, and James Harden personally signed each one, so this is a true rarity in the world of sports collectibles. If you are a Harden fanatic, this is a piece that you have to get!



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10. James Harden Signed 8×10 Photo Oklahoma City Thunder Autographed



James Harden signed 8x10 photo BAS Beckett Oklahoma City Thunder Autographed



He may have only spent a few years with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but James Harden had a huge impact there and this picture is part of NBA history!


Measuring 8 inches by 10 inches, this photograph is autographed by James Harden in black ink and has been authenticated by the PSA/DNA, who are some of the best in the business.


The photo shows him dribbling past a defender with a determined look on his face, and this picture of a young Harden is just what you need to round out your fanatic’s collection!


Even if you are a Rockets fan, this is an excellent piece of memorabilia.



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11. James Harden Signed 8×10 Photo Autographed Arizona Sun Devils



James Harden signed 8x10 photo PSA/DNA Houston Rockets Autographed Arizona Sun D at Amazon's Sports Collectibles Store



This photo digs even further back into Harden’s past to his time with the Arizona State Sun Devils.


As one of the most highly touted players in college basketball, he helped to turn around an entire team and became one of the most feared shooting guards, even before he ever reached the NBA.


Whether you are a Rockets fan, a Sun Devils fan, or simply a fan of the game, this is definitely a piece of basketball history that will go great in any collection of sports memorabilia.


Authenticated by the PSA/DNA and including an authentication certificate, this item is the real deal and is backed by a strong guarantee.



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12. James Harden Signed 8×10 Photo Autographed Arizona Sun Devils

James Harden Signed 8x10 Photo Autographed Arizona Sun Devils

This is another photo of Harden’s time with the Sun Devils, showing him dunking over a defender from UCLA.


With his signature authenticated by PSA/DNA, you’ll even get a certificate that proves that this is a valid piece of memorabilia to add to your collection.


There’s nothing quite like framing a photo of your favorite NBA superstar, and this professionally shot picture will add plenty of character to any room.


This is truly a must-have item for any fan of basketball, especially those who root for the Houston Rockets or went to Arizona State.


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