Supplements for Basketball Players


Are you trying to figure out what the best supplements for basketball players are?


For the longest time, supplements among the basketball community were something that no one really talked about or acknowledged as being beneficial.


Just like with any other active lifestyle, people who play basketball are using more energy than the average sedentary person and require more nutrients to help them play at their best.


Until recently, no one seemed to acknowledge that, which left athletes performing at less than their best.


Supplements are now something that most athletes are familiar with and are beginning to come around to the benefits of.


In the modern age and with the use of supplements, getting adequate nutrition is easier than ever.


Everyone from the athletic trainers to the professional basketball players have started to realize that by adding supplements to their diet to help them better train and workout, they can play at their best and train more efficiently.


Every sport is different, and because of this, athletes of different kinds likely need supplements that can benefit them directly according to the sort of physical output that is required.


This is true for basketball players as well.


No matter what kind of supplement you end up taking, at their most basic level, supplements are substances that have been isolated and individualized in the form of powder or tablets that are taken to supplement various nutrients in the places that your diet lacks.


They work the same as any whole foods that you eat, except they come in a quick and easy to consume concentrated form.


This makes it easier for you to ensure that you are getting your recommended daily value of various nutrients—something that is particularly beneficial for athletes who use up more energy.


What are supplements?


Some supplements are used as entire meal replacements, but usually, they are just added to an existing diet based on standard meals.


Supplements can be made from a variety of ingredients, including milk, plants, vitamins and minerals, and their varied forms make it easier for consumption.


Most commonly, especially for basketball players, you’ll see supplements like whey protein, glucose, creatine, multivitamins and even supplements meant to help you gain wait.


Do supplements make you better at basketball?


Of course, supplements shouldn’t be seen as quick fix that’ll transform you into the best athlete from the moment you take them.


There is no magic pill you can take that will help you perform better without you doing your part to train at the gym and practice a lot on the court.


However, if you’re already doing those things and pairing it with a well-balanced diet, supplements are a good way to give you that little bit of lift your body needs to allow you to really play at your best.


This is because instead of being some powerhouse of transformation, supplements tend to play a small role in your sports performance, but that small role is still quite significant.


Consider the scenario in which you are vitamin or mineral deficient, and that makes it difficult for you to get a higher vertical jump or find the energy to push yourself for that speedy, fast break run.


Getting that extra boost can mean the difference in stamina and endurance that can cost you the game if you aren’t operating at your most efficient.


How can different supplements help basketball players?


As mentioned, there are a number of different supplements on the market that are able to help in various ways. Below are a few of the most common supplements basketball players take and why.


The 7 Most Common Supplements


1. Creatine Creatine Monohydrate (Micronized) (1 Kilogram)

When it comes to building strength and getting the hang of sprints, creatine is an excellent way to supplement your performance.


This is due to the fact that, even though you are able to get small amounts of it through eating things like red meat, creatine isn’t a substance that your body is able to produce enough of in order for you to fully take advantage of its benefits.


Because it is good for adding muscle weight, it is usually used by weightlifters, but more basketball players are beginning to see it’s benefit as well; besides adding to your strength, it can also provide you with plenty of additional energy, making it ideal for players who tend to lose stamina during the fourth quarter.


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2. Glucosamine

Glucosamine with Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia. Supports Occasional Joint Pain Relief. Helps Inflammatory Response, A...

Glucosamine is famous for its purported ability to encourage better joint health.


There are many things that can cause joint pain and aches, and whatever the cause, less than perfect joints can make it difficult for athletes to play basketball due to all of the running, jumping and throwing that it requires.


It is especially useful for basketball players who have knee problems for this reason.


Glucosamine’s main job is to help repair the cells of the joints that are damaged through daily activity while also relaxing the joints to reduce inflammation and tension.


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3. Yohimbine


Yohimbine Extra Strength Supplement 2.5mg, 270 Capsules - Premium Yohimbe Bark Extract Supplement for Body Recomposition, ...

Yohimbine is a supplement in which research has shown to help lose fat by making the cells in the body more sensitive to the loss.


For those with a higher body fat percentage that feel like their performance is being slowed down on the courts because of it, this might be a good supplement for you.


It tends to deposit in places where stubborn fat lives to help it disappear.


That said, it is known to affect the heart by raising the heart rate, so it isn’t recommended for anyone who has heart issues.


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4. Whey protein

Bodybuilding Signature 100% Whey Protein Powder | 25g of Protein per Serving (Vanilla, 2 Lbs)

Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements for almost any athlete including basketball players.


This protein is often used in weight training as it helps build and retain muscle, but it offers more than that, making it a go-to for many basketball players.


It is a fast-absorbing protein that makes a great substitution in the event that you miss a protein-based meal, and it is especially useful for those who don’t eat enough dairy, fish or meat.


It can be consumed any time of day is especially beneficial when consumed before or after a game or even some practice.


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5. Fish Oil

Amazon Brand - Solimo Fish Oil 1000 mg, 250 Softgels, Eight Month Supply, Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish oil is another supplement thought to benefit joint health while also helping to reduce stress, both of which can be contributed to the addition of natural omega-3 fatty acids in one’s diet.


These fatty acids work to relieve joint pain while also reducing the stress hormone, cortisol and keeping it in check as not to allow a damaging buildup of it in the body.


Because basketball players tend to have problems with their joints and since fish oil is difficult to get naturally from the food you eat, fish oil is often a good choice to add to your diet.


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6. Magnesium


Amazon Elements Chelated Magnesium Glycinate, 270 mg per Serving (2 Tablets), Vegan, 240 Tablets (Packaging may vary)

Not getting enough sleep can affect your performance. This is true for everyone, but it is especially true for athletes.


Magnesium is a great natural sleep aid that helps you get a more restful night’s sleep to ensure you’re performing at your best the next day.


Not only this, but magnesium is thought to regulate blood pressure and improve upon the function of your nervous system, because it is an important aspect of hundreds and hundreds of chemical processes in the body.


Not only that, but magnesium is needed to build practically every cell in your muscles. Having enough of it can really put your body in the best condition to train and perform at your best.


Some claim that it also helps their concentration, which is every bit as important as your physical stamina and endurance when you need to hone in on the goal and make that shot.


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7. Blueberry

Whole Fruit Blueberry Concentrate Made from Organic Blueberries ~ Non-GMO & Gluten Free (60 Liquid Softgels)

When playing any sport such as basketball, you need to pay attention to more than just the body and consider the mind as well.


After all, you need plenty of concentration, memory and focus when you’re getting ready to throw the shot that can make or break the game.


Dark berries, such as blueberries, feature certain molecules that you’ll also find in the brain.


By eating them, you can replenish the various chemical compounds that help to protect and power the brain itself.


Blueberries specifically are responsible for activating an important growth factor called NGF for short.


It helps various neurons in the brain to become elevated and, in turn, facilitate better communication with the other neurons in the brain for maximum efficiency.


Studies have previously shown that blueberries are an effective and safe supplement to take in order to help your brain to function better overall.


Because of this, it means that they have the power to improve your focus and memory especially, since basketball is a game that requires a lot of thinking, for instance remembering a play or focusing at the free throw line.


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Best Supplements for Guards, Forwards and Centers


Point Guard


The unique characteristics that makes a point guard different from their teammates include the following:


  • Moving mostly with the ball


  • Being first on defense whenever they find themselves defending a fast break


  • Usually needs to throw a quick, strong pass


  • Helps compensate for any height disadvantage with swiftness


The best supplements for this position on the team are:


  • Blueberries to help the point guard think and focus while practically running the game and leading the team


  • Fish oil to help reduce strain and inflammation on the joints due to the excessive movement in the game


Shooting Guard


The unique characteristics that makes a shooting guard different from their teammates include the following:


  • Playing one-on-one games


  • Usually running first in a fast break


  • Usually has the highest number of shots, or at least the highest number of attempted shots, in each game


  • Attacks the rim


The best supplements for this position on the team are:


  • Creatine for giving the shooting guard strength in the seconds where they are constantly shooting and going for the rim


  • Whey protein to ensure plenty of protein for strength, especially if they don’t get enough in their diets


Small Forward


The unique characteristics that makes a small forward different from their teammates include the following:


  • Usually is thought to work the hardest while playing


  • Constantly is moving to new positions in the game


  • Able to pass well and rebound just as well


  • Makes a lot of movements without the ball


The best supplements for this position on the team are:


  • Blueberries for focus on the plays that need to be made


  • Whey protein to help overall strength and endurance as they go


Power Forward


The unique characteristics that makes a power forward different from their teammates include the following:


  • Excellent rebounders


  • Usually among the strongest players on the team due to constant gym work


  • Defense is an important, and sometimes, primary task


The best supplements for this position on the team are:


  • Whey protein to ensure they are as strong as can be and have plenty of fuel for their muscles to play at their best


  • Fish oil to stimulate the body with the omega-3 fatty acids


  • Creatine for extra bursts of energy and strength when it matters the most




The unique characteristics that makes a center different from their teammates include the following:


  • Need to be a top-tier rebounder


  • Often does not focus too much on free throws


  • Usually slower because of the constitutions of their bodies


The best supplements for this position on the team are:


  • Whey protein for overall muscle power and stamina


  • Yohimbine to help regulate their weight while also pairing this supplement with the proper levels of nutrition


  • Glucosamine to help relieve the stress and strain on the joints from the amount of weight they carry around


Do basketball players need those supplements?


Basketball players do not necessarily need supplements to play, and this is especially true if you are eating a balanced diet.


Still, with how busy life is, it is difficult for the average person to be sure they are getting all of the nutrients they need through their meals; being an active athlete can make it even more difficult, especially if you require more than the average person.


While no one is going to need to take supplements in order to ensure they live a healthier life, supplements can benefit practically everyone, and this is especially true for those who play basketball or any other high-energy sport that requires a lot of output.


In order to reap the benefits of these supplements, it’s important to take them with a well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise.


Still, if you find yourself eating well, training hard and still need that little extra boost to really get you on top of your game, there is a chance that you, too, could benefit from supplements.


There are a wide variety of supplements available on the market, and some of them are better geared toward basketball players than others.


In this article, we are going to explore what the best options are for promoting a better game the next time you head onto the court.


Top 10 Supplements for Basketball Players


1. OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard Pre-Workout with Creatine


Packed full of energy-boosting creatine as well as other goodies such as vitamin D and caffeine, the OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard Pre-Workout with Creatine is a tasty supplement that can really help you up your game.


There are three grams of creatine in each serving in order to boost our overall performance while 1.5 grams of beta-alanine work to support your endurance throughout the game.


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2. Nutricost Beta Alanine Powder 300 Grams


For plenty of beta alanine on its own, try the Nutricost Beta Alanine Powder 300 Grams.


This product packs a whopping 300 grams of beta alanine in each bottle with three grams available in each serving scoop, which comes with the product to make measuring and taking your supplements easier.


This GMP compliant supplement is gluten free and non-GMO to help satisfy the dietary needs and preferences of various players.


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3. MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Monohydrate Powder


MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Monohydrate Powder is designed to work better for those who want to build up strength and muscle size while getting the most out of each workout.


The creatine formula helps to combat the breakdown of muscle while also increasing the level of growth to give you fuller, larger muscles.


With no added sugars and no fillers, you can be sure that you’re getting 100 percent pure creatine powder in each serving.


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4. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder


Be sure that you are always performing at your best and getting plenty of protein where your diet lacks it with this Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder.


It is made up of a 100 percent whey blend that features 24 grams of total blended protein, including whey protein, whey protein isolate and whey protein peptides that help support the health and development of lean muscle mass.


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5. Glucosamine with Chondroitin


Take care of your joints easily with Glucosamine with Chondroitin.


This supplement targets joints all throughout the body to help support their lubrication, promoting lower inflammation rates which lead to lower levels of pain and stiffness.


It also targets the cartilage in the body in order to improve mobility and help you play at your best. The product is also enhanced with other nutrients for even greater efficacy.


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6. Collagen Peptides Powder


Collagen is known to be one of the most crucial nutrients in order to help not just your joints and cartilage but also the health of your tendons and bones.


The older one gets, the less collagen they produce, leading to a need for supplementation, and this Collagen Peptides Powder makes it easy to get it.


You can simply mix it into any hot or cold liquid to enjoy.


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7. Men’s Daily Multimineral Multivitamin Supplement


Sometimes, getting all of your vitamins and minerals in one place can feel easier for the busier athlete than measuring out individual servings of each ingredient.


The Men’s Daily Multimineral Multivitamin Supplement features dozens of nutrients in each dose, giving you a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.


This can support your active lifestyle and give you more energy while promoting your overall health and wellbeing.


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8. Organfi Green Juice


The Organfi Green Juice is among the best supplements for basketball players who tend to feel fatigued and worn down after an intensive game.


While it does promote better overall health, it is particularly geared toward improving upon the performance of the player in the heat of the action while also making it simpler for them to recover after everything is said and done.


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9. Nature Made Fish Oil 1000 mg Softgels


A crucial source of a nutrient difficult to obtain through diet alone, Nature Made Fish Oil 1000 mg Softgels are rich with the omega-3 fatty acids naturally occurring in fish.


The softgel design of these supplements, in particular, make them easy to take alongside the rest of your supplements or to take them as a part of your meals for even greater ease of access.


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10. KetoGenic Accelerator Plus Pills


Ketogenic Accelerator Plus Pills Weight Loss Keto Blend Diet Capsules, Weightloss Lean Fat Burner, Advanced Thermal Fat Loss Supplement for Women and Men

Last but not least is the KetoGenic Accelerator Plus Pills, a supplement geared toward helping you keep your weight under control while also enhancing your metabolism for better overall health.


It is purported to help bring you the benefits of the ketogenic diet without needing to restrict so many carbs like most basketball players do.


This ensures you still have the energy to play at your best without feeling fatigued.


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Final Thoughts


The importance of a balanced diet cannot be stressed enough for everyday life, and that means this is especially true for basketball players.


While supplements should not serve as full meal replacements, they are an excellent way to ensure that athletes are getting the nutrition they need in order to stay healthy while playing their best game.


In this article, we’ve helped you understand some of the most popular supplements as well as who and what they are good for.


No matter what position you play on the team, chances are you could benefit from one of the above products.

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