Basketball Hoops for 5 Year Olds

Got a 5 year old at home? Then you might have noticed just how much they love playing basketball.


The sport of choice for many people, basketball is the ideal starting sport for most kids.


The low-to-no contact nature of basketball means that you can enjoy the game from a young age.


It’s all about technical skills and teamwork; something that other, more physical sports simply cannot provide.


So, if you have a little 5 y/o who wants to start playing some basketball, it might be time to help them out.


How, though, do you find quality basketball hoops for 5 year olds?


Let’s take a look. Before we give you some ideas about which basketball hoops you should consider though, we recommend you look at the following information.


What actually matters when picking out a quality basketball hoop for a kid?


It’s important that you understand this.


This will help you to make sure that you can make a wise purchase and thus ensure that your kid gets the best basketball experience that they can.


1. First off, look for safety


The biggest mistake that you could make is getting a basketball hoop for a 5-year-old that isn’t safe enough.


Who wants to have to worry about every shot or every play being dangerous to the kids? Not you!


So, if you want to avoid that problem then we recommend that you look at making sure it’s going to be safe.


The most important factor in safety stems from the materials it’s made from.


Sure, it might make sense to go for fiberglass for the most realistic playing experience from a young age…but it’s quite dangerous.


We recommend that you instead look to get some plastic instead. Plastic is much less likely to snap, crack, or fall.


This removes the fear of having to worry about the back board becoming a dangerous problem.


After they get used to the basic skills needed to play basketball, you could think about getting them moving on from plastic.


For now, though, you want to know that your kid can play away without having to watch their every move and action through the gaps in your fingers!


Keep that in mind, and you can easily buy the right basketball hoops for a five year old.


2. What about the rim?


Also, consider the importance of getting a rim that can break away.


The rim of the hoop is often something we don’t really think about, but the hoop rim definitely matters!


We will try and only suggest basketball hoops for 5 year olds with this feature.


This is much more likely to help you make sure that the rim isn’t going to become painful or sore for the child.


It’s vital that you take this into account to avoid any needless pain as they play outside.


3. How stable is the hoop?


Another important part of the process is making sure that the hoop is going to be stable enough for the kids to play with.


Small plastic hoops might not hurt if they end up falling over, but still.


We want to make sure that you try and get something that cannot be moved from the one solid spot until your child has gotten used to how to play basketball properly.


They should be introduced to the problems that can come from a slam dunk.


If you take the time to show your child the risks of excessive and aggressive dunking, then they’ll know what to avoid doing.


However, if you want to get something with a solid and stable experience, pay attention to the backboard. The backboard should be made from polycarbonate or fiberglass.


This is going to make it much more durable and avoid your child from being hurt by the backboard at any point.


The hoop that you look to buy should be strong, secure, and stable. This is all very important stuff and can contribute to a generally happier basketball experience for your child.


4. Is this hoop built to last?


The next thing we want to look at is how long the hoop is actually going to last.


The durability of a hoop is something you should always consider. Buy a cheap hoop, and you would be lucky to get 1-2 years out of it.


Buy a high quality hoop, though, and it’s far more likely to be able to last for a good few years. One thing to think about regarding lifespan is the way that the hoop is built.


Is it tall enough for them? For example, you might want to buy an adjustable hoop instead of going for the same old one you are using just now.


The reason is quite simple: kids grow up, and at age 5 they’ll be growing and taking growth spurts in no time.


This can mean having to buy a new hoop all the time as they have gotten too tall for the old one.


You should therefore look at getting an adjustable hoop. The adjustable nature is very important, as this allows you to change the height to something as high as 7.5ft.


The adjustability of the hoop means you aren’t going to have to change hoops every time your little NBA future pro takes a growth spurt.


That’s why so many people choose to instead go for something like the door-mounted hoops that they can go for.


These tend to last quite long, and they can be a good choice in general.


If you are looking for an easy way to keep your kid enjoying the basketball, though, get them a hoop that actually can be adjusted.


Adjustment is essential to ensuring that you can make effective decisions.


That’s why we recommend that you look at getting one of the various adjustable basketball hoops available.


6. Are they actually having fun?


The biggest problem that you could run into, though, is buying them a hoop that lacks the fun factor.


Basketball is something that your kids needs to be ‘into’; you can’t just buy them a hoop and hope that it clicks into gear.


The problem is that you might have is that if you buy a hoop that is too easy, they won’t enjoy the challenge of playing.


They might enjoy it at first, but they’ll soon plateau and stop improving as a basketball player.


Buy them something too challenging, though, and you might just find that they stop playing due to lack of success.


This is a hard thing to get right, and it’s another reason why we suggest getting one with an adjustable height.


A good way to help make the process a bit easier, though, is to kit your child out with something a bit more colorful and creative.


Help them pick out something that is easy to make the easy fundamental shots on, before progressing up to dunks.


Once they start doing this, you could take the time to give them the chance to step it up to a higher standard of basketball hoop overall.


This is why you should always look to buy something with the adjustable height feature.


We cannot really focus on this any more – it’s such an important part of enjoying the basketball experience.


If you manage to have a challenge and a fun level that can be adjusted to give equal measures of both, your child is going to really enjoy the gaming experience.


Start off on the smallest height and then gradually build it up.


For a 5-year-old, though, the main concern should be making sure that they are actually having fun when playing initially.


What are the best basketball hoops for kids?


So, the next thing we want to look at is what hoops you should actually look to buy your kids. The criteria you look for is going to be a little different from a regular basketball hoop.


With so many options on the market today, you might not have a good idea of where to begin. This is going to help you break down the process in an easier way so that you know what to buy.


Now that you have a good idea of what to look out for when you are shopping around, you should be able to pick out the best basketball hoops with relative ease.


It’s a tough thing to get done correctly, but it shouldn’t be too hard to correct if you use any of the below hoops. 


These are all high quality hoops that we would be happy to use in our own homes.


If we were to be training a young and potentially prodigious 5-year-old in the art of basketball, we’d recommend starting on any of the next solutions.


Each of these are known to be a good choice for just about anyone who is looking to pick up some basketball hoops of genuine quality.


Your little kid deserves the very best, so make sure that you give them the best. So, where should you start if you are going to make a purchase for them?


What are the most ideal hoops for a five year old to start learning and honing their skills?


Top 5 Recommended Hoops For Kids


1. Little Tikes Totsports Easy Score Set


Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, Blue, 3 Balls - Amazon Exclusive

This is a fine starting place for most little kids, and it would be a reliable starting place for a lot of young players.


While the hoop definitely comes off too easily, the rest of the system makes it a great starting place.


For one, it comes with a smart little 6” basketball that should be more than big enough for them to start playing with from a young age.


On top of that, it’s great as it comes in heights from 2ft to 4ft.


This should make it a fine choice for just about any average-height five year old.


If your kids show a desire to start playing basketball and you want to give them encouragement, then something like this is a fine way to do so.


It’s easy to stet up and simple enough to keep secure and in the right place.


We would recommend that you try and use it for learning the simpler shots, though the oversized nature of the rim means that showing them technical shots will be difficult.


As such, we think that you should look to make the right choice regarding their development. For an easy start, begin here.


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2. Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball Set

Image result for Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball Set

A fine choice for those who want something that should last far beyond age five.


This is a solid choice that should be suitable for any five-year-old, as it can be set to a height as low as 3ft.


The adjustable height – taking it up to a whopping 6ft – will mean that even teenagers can use this for skill games and the like.


This sleek and stylish looking basketball set is only let down by the fact that it can be so easy to blow over.


So long as you put some water or some sand in the bottom, though, it should have no problem in staying upright even in a risky weather situation.


However, this is not supplied so you will have to go and get your own sand to keep the thing standing up for the whole event.


We recommend that if you want to make sure that they can start learning and have the room to grow into a more advanced player that you start here.


The rim isn’t as oversized so they should have to actually play a bit of quality b-ball to get it in the hoop!


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3. Little Tikes Adjust & Jam Set

Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Basketball Set, Blue

Another one from LT, this is a good set if you can see a rising star in your 5-year-old.


Capable of going to heights as high as 6ft, this is more than tall enough to let most kids play and have some fun during the game.


It’s also capable of being dropped down as low as 4ft, meaning that your kid could grow with this one if they so choose.


We would say that the hoop is a bit too prone to falling, which is a bit of a bummer.


If you can get used to that option, though, this is a solid and high-value alternative to what most people would go with.


You should also fill up the bottom so that you know the base is strong enough to take their weight during dunks.


This is a good overall product, but it’ something that we would recommend you pay attention when you first buy it.


Some models are fine with the hoop, while others can be quite weak from the offset. Perhaps it would be worth swapping yours out for a replacement model if you notice the hoop is increasingly problematic.


If you get a model that isn’t too hampered by this issue, though, this is a fantastic basketball hoop.


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4. Step2 Shootin’ Junior Basketball Set

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Junior Basketball Set

A fine pick with the opportunity to adjust it exactly as you need.


This is one of the best basketball sets that you could realistically pick up for your kid today.


It’s got a great size and it can be set to a height of around 48”. That’s quite tall, though it can be adjusted down as low as 30” if you would prefer.


That’s why we recommend that if you do wish to a basketball set that you take a look at this cool little system.


It’s got a taller backboard than some of the other sets we have mentioned here. That is going to be useful for your child if they want to get used to using the backboard to their advantage.


It’s also made from plastic, so you don’t have to worry about your kids smacking their heads and being left with an almighty bruise come the end!


One thing we would say though is that the hoop can come off a touch too easily.


You should try and add some extra durability and padding by using some extra screws.


This should help to ensure that your kid isn’t going to come down to the ground along with the ball!


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5. Little Tikes Like A Pro Set

Little Tikes Just Like the Pros Basketball Set

A good starting point for any young child who is showing a genuine aptitude for basketball.


Any 5-year-old could use this as it can be set to anything from 4ft to 6ft.


This gives you more than enough space to make sure that your child can play and get used to trying out different kinds of basketball shot.


You should always add more sand to the bottom, though, as it’s really unstable without the stand. Even a slight 5-year-old could bring this down to the ground with a heavy slam.


The rim breaks away safely though so that’s a nice counter-benefit to the problem above.


So long as you add some sand in, though, this should stand up without any issues at all.


The height adjustment is good, but it can take a bit of moving around to get it to sit right.


We recommend that you get used to trying to fix the height adjustment, so try and be there to watch your kids play as much as you can.


This affordable, reliable little model, though, should be more than good enough for most day-to-day basketball plays.


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Bonus Recommendation 


6. The Little Tikes Easy Score Set

Saving the best until last arguably, the Little Tikes Easy Score Set is the best starting place for a 5-year-old in our opinion.


It’s a great mini-hoop that comes with an adjustable and free-standing base.


This lets them start having some fun with putting balls away in a fun and enjoyable manner.


It’s got a free-standing base and a solid backboard as well as a large rim.


They should have no problem in getting the ball into the hoop even from a young age with this set-up.


It’s a fine choice for just about anyone looking for a simple and easy to set-up basketball hoop that looks good and make an instant impression.


The one thing we think is a bit of a bummer is the sand that you need to keep the base solid is not supplied.


You should go and get some sand so that you can make the base stronger, as it would easily fall over as it stands.


If you would like to avoid that problem, then you should definitely look to get this set and then invest in some stands.


It’s good for kids up to the age of five, too, so it would be a fine choice for anyone up to the age of five.


However, once they get to the age of 6 and 7, they might need something a bit more dynamic in terms of hoop size. For now, though, this makes a sublime starting place!


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Ready to make a purchase?


Okay, so it’s by no means easy to go through with the purchase of a quality basketball hoop.


Especially when it comes to buying basketball hoops for little children.


With so many hoops to look at and think about, you can lose plenty of time looking and reviewing.


With the above basketball hoops, though, you should have a clearer idea about what kind of purchase would make the most sense for your child.


It’s going to be about making sure they can ‘catch the bug’ to begin with.


So, don’t go ahead and buy them some NBA-standard solution.


Instead, you could look to make a purchase of something a bit more simplistic and see if they enjoy the game first.


It’s like buying your kid the best shoes on the market before they have even messed around with some dribbling.




Instead of making it such a struggle and such an expense, start out with the above ideas.


This should go some way to helping you make a better decision on the behalf of your child.


Do this, and they should be much more likely to actually, you know, have fun! Remember, it’s all about enjoyment at this young age.

  1. My young daughter recently asked for a basketball hoop. Just about 5 years old, we were able to find an affordable children’s hoop with the help of this article. Thanks for sharing! The hoop is durable and adjustable so I’m confident she’ll have some years to grow with it. You definitely don’t need anything too fancy to get started with kids.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I’m glad my article helped you out, and you’re right, kids grow up so fast so you don’t need anything too special to entertain them.


  2. I love the little tykes set! It’s simple enough for our baby, and plus we let him paint it fun colors. We will eventually have to get one of the ones that extends its size, so I’ll bookmark this and keep that in mind for our little one. Thank you so much for the recommendations!

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