Basketball Shoes for Big Men


Basketball shoes have long been an essential consideration for the serious basketball player, but that becomes even more important for big men who want to play.


Bigger players can benefit from their size in the game, but only if their feet can handle the stress of a tough game.


Basketball shoes for big men are designed to handle the added weight and stress of bigger sizes, which means sore joints and aching feet won’t bring the game to an early close.


1. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi


Nike Men's Air Visi Pro Vi


If you don’t want to spend a lot of time reading through shoe types, this shoe is our top recommended basketball shoe for big men.


It has features that are important for almost every play style, and is only not suitable if you need or prefer high tops rather than a mid or low top.


The shoe has unparalleled comfort, with an asymmetrical collar that gently wraps around the ankle, securing it to your foot.


Not only does this collar give the shoe a firm lock down that keeps the shoe where it belongs at all time, it provides added cushion.


Cushioning isn’t left to the collar alone, an air cushion is in the heel of the shoe, which limits the shock traveling up your foot from running and jumping.


A solid rubber outsole is tough enough to withstand even the toughest players, and the classic herringbone pattern underneath ensures quality grip.


Although this shoe is tough, has good traction, and superior cushion, it doesn’t neglect breathability either.


Holes are pricked into the toe of the shoe for enhanced breathability, so you won’t end the game with hot and sweaty feet.


The only flaw this shoe has is that it tends to run a bit narrow.


If you want to purchase this shoe, pay close attention to sizing to make sure you get a shoe that fits comfortably instead of pinching or causing other problems.

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2. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe



Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe



For certain positions such as point guard, you need a super light shoe that won’t bog you down while you’re trying to play.


The Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe is the answer to those who are looking for a light and fast shoe that still provides a bit of cushion.


The secret to this shoe’s comfort and performance is in the injection molded EVA midsole, which results in a light but responsive ride.


It has a mid top design which allows some support to the ankle, while also offering a limited amount of freedom for jumps and turns.


The rubber outsole won’t let you down either, with multi-level adaptive traction patterns that keep up with you as you turn.


The outsole is designed to be tough enough to hold up on the court, and won’t wear down quickly.


This is a great shoe if you need something responsive and fast, that will also give you the comfort and stability you need to stay safe on the court.


Some customers do mention that it runs small, so size up if you are at all worried about the fit.

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3. Adidas Mens Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe


adidas Men's Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe


This 100% synthetic shoe seems to be designed for absorbing shock and giving big guys a super comfortable ride.


It features a ¾ top for those who need a bit more ankle support, as well as a tough, synthetic sole that is ready to handle any impact.


It also features a herringbone pattern for traction, but a few customers were concerned that this shoe may be better for blacktop, since the grip doesn’t appear deep enough to do well on the court.


The herringbone pattern is very shallow, and doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the shoe.


Most customers who bought this shoe raved about what a comfortable ride it is. This shoe is ideal for blacktop, casual play, and if you are in a position that doesn’t require a lot of quick cuts or fast turns.


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4. Men’s Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe


Nike Mens AIR Precision NBK Cool Grey Black White Size 7.5


If you’re looking for a super light shoe that provides support while freeing you to run and jump, the Men’s Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe is worth a look.


The mid-top silhouette style shoe protects your ankle while still providing some mobility.


A Nike Air unit helps absorb shock from your hardest jumps, and driving through opponents to reach the basket.


The mesh top provides breathability that will help your feet stay cool and comfortable even during the toughest of games.


Finally, the traction on this shoe is a modified herringbone. The traction goes all the way to the edges so you won’t find yourself slipping during a tight turn.


Overall, these are a great shoe, and they also come in wide which is extremely helpful for bigger guys.


It can sometimes be very hard to find a shoe that isn’t designed for a super narrow feet, and this extra option seems like it is made for bigger guys.


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5. Men’s Vs Hoops Mid 2.0



adidas Originals Men's Vs Hoops Mid 2.0



Sometimes it seems like you have to make a choice between how long your shoe will last, and how comfortable they are.


No one wants to be purchasing shoes every couple of months because they wear out so fast, or invest in a tougher shoe only to find they’re running in lead boots.


The Men’s Vs Hoops Mid 2.0 is a mid top with a cushioned collar that wraps around the foot. The collar is made out of mesh, which enhances breathability and helps keep feet cool.


The lace-up closure provides a lock tight fit that keeps the shoe glued to your feet, even when you’re pulling off tight turns or cuts.


A rubber cupsole finished off the shoe with great grip that will keep you secure no matter what sort of move you pull.


This shoe is from Adidas, which means it can sometimes run a bit larger. Choose either true to size or a half size down if you like an exact fit.


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6. Nike LeBron XVII



Nike Lebron Xvii Low Mens Basketball Shoes Cd5007-101



This shoe is one of the most beautiful in our line up, on top of having superior cushion and support.


Heat molded yarn uppers create an interesting texture and appearance, but it’s not all for appearance, the material is super light weight and breathable.


The material, called “Knitposite” by Nike, also allows flexibility and movement in the top, which helps your foot to move the way you need it to.


The Max Air technology also provides shock absorption and protection. If you’re a big guy in a Center or forward position, you can trust these shoes to keep you safe while you play your best.


The collar is wide enough to make putting on and taking the shoe off easy, but is still lock tight when laced up.


The shoe itself seems to be designed for big guys. It was after all, designed with LeBron James in mind. Not only is he one of the best basketball players of his time, he’s also a pretty big guy.


This shoe reflects that, which is part of what makes it ideal for bigger people.


Altogether, this shoe really seems to have it all. It is durable, breathable, and stylish. It provides superior grip and cushioning.


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7. Nike Kyrie 6



Nike Kyrie 6 Mens Basketball Shoes Bq4630-006



Kyrie Irving isn’t a big guy compared to other giants in the game, so it’s a bit of a surprise that the Kyrie 6 is such a great shoe for big guys.


One of the best and most exciting features of this shoe is the traction on it.


In all of our previous shoes reviewed so far in this article, the traction covers part or all of the bottom.


This one takes it a step farther and wraps the traction up the side of the shoe. This means that even if you are pulling a truly crazy stunt while playing the game, your traction will still be there for you.


An added strap in the middle of the shoe provides a lock down that makes it feel as if the shoe will not come off no matter what you do.


On top of this, the cushioning won’t let you down with multiple angles that are there to absorb shock no matter how you land.


There’s almost nothing to dislike about this shoe, but some customers do report a longer than average break in period.


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8. Adidas Marquee Boost



adidas Men's Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe



If you’re looking for a vintage appeal to your shoes, while still getting the quality performance you need, the Adidas Marquee Boost is a great choice.


It features a foam midsole collar that wraps around your ankle and makes the shoe so secure, you won’t even notice they are there.


The outsole has the classic herringbone pattern we know and trust for good traction, and the burst of color on it makes it fun to play in.


The midsole of this shoe is very responsive, so if you’re looking for a shoe with better response than others you’ve tried in the past, this may be the direction to go in.


All together this is a very solid shoe. It can be a bit tight when new, but generally this feeling goes away after a few games.


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9. Adidas OwnTheGame



adidas Men's OwnTheGame Basketball Shoes



Basketball can be a rough game on joints, and it’s no secret that if you are serious about the game you’re a true athlete.


Big guys have it toughest of all, because their joints take the most pressure when trying to pull the same moves as a lighter person.


Adidas OwnTheGame features Cloudfoam cushioning that will give your feet the ultimate cushioning while playing even the toughest game.


The cushioning is mostly under the foot to aid you where you need it most, absorbing shock from running and jumping.


The shoe itself has a clean and beautiful design to it, keeping it simple while letting the technology do all the work.


Finally, the traction on the outsole is good, with durable rubber that won’t mark up easily.


Although it’s a small detail, the shoe also offers a heel pull which makes getting the shoe onto your feet easier.


With shoes that have a lock tight fit, wiggling into them can sometimes be the hardest part of all. A small thing like a heel pull can really make a difference in getting into these shoes.


This is a well rounded shoe, and great for bigger players. As with any other shoe it does have its drawbacks, in this case the synthetic materials are not the most breathable in the world.


If you need added breathability, you may need to choose a different shoe.


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10. Adidas T-Mac Millennium



adidas Men's Tmac Millennium Basketball Shoe



If you’re a center, you might want to take a look at the Adidas T-Mac Millenium. This unique looking shoe has a good balance of durability, cushion, and flexibility—all things a center needs.


The shoe is very well thought out, with lateral support as well as support from underneath.


The generous outsole is designed to last, with a thick finish and a herringbone pattern that will keep your grip even in the toughest of situations.


The outsole is so tough, this shoe can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, which is unusual in a basketball shoe.


The shoe wraps up with a modern look you can be proud to wear out on the court. This shoe has a little bit of everything, from cushion and a good lock tight fit, to lateral support.


Best of all, it is so tough it can stand up to any situation without breaking down.


This shoe does tend to run narrow, so if you have wide feet you may need to size carefully or look for a more accommodating shoe.


This is also a low top style shoe, so if you need ankle support this is not the right shoe for you. Otherwise, this shoe has everything you need to support a big guy during a tough match.



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What Big Men Need To Look For In A Shoe


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for big men on the court. In order to find the best shoe for your needs, you’ll also need to consider your play style.


What position you play will have an impact on what sort of shoe will work for you.


  • Point Guard

    Players in this position need a light shoe with good traction for optimum performance. It’s also better to have a mid or low top style shoe, since you’ll need ankle flexibility in order to drive to the hoop and stay nimble.


  • Center

    As the center, you are the guardian of the hoop. This means a lot of jumping as you block shots and protect the hoop, and that means a lot of shock damage to your joints. In order to keep your body safe, you’ll need a shoe with a lot of padding and enough durability to stand up to the pressure of this job.


  • Power Forward

    This position requires both guarding and a lot of movement, so you’ll need both quality ankle support and a durable, padded shoe.


With these things in mind, let’s take a look now at the individual aspects that go into the shoe.


Not all types of cushion are created equal, and there are other important parts to good basketball shoes for big men also.



Padding is what helps absorb shock as you jump, twist, and shoot your way through a game. If you’re a larger person, padding is critical to keeping your joints safe and reducing the risk of injury.


A good shoe will have padding in the tongue, collar, and inner-sole of the shoe.


With padding ringing the foot in this way, the shoe will absorb shock no matter what direction it’s coming from.


That means not only quality comfort for the player, but less joint pain and soreness once the game is over.



The last thing you need when moving down the court is for the shoe to be sliding around on your foot.


A good shoe should stay on your foot no matter what you do in them. In the other direction, shoes that are too tight can also be a distraction, not only causing you pain but taking your mind off the game.


A good shoe should fit you like a glove, so that the only thing you notice about the shoe is how comfortable it is when you slip it on.



The final consideration for a shoe is traction. Although this is the last thing on our list, it’s one of the most important.


Traction gives you grip on the court, helping you to avoid slips and falls.


With good traction, you can drive toward the hoop with confidence, knowing your feet will stay where you need them to be while you make your shot.


Good shoes have a rubber outsole, and have either a herringbone pattern, or a great reason not to go with this classic format.


Without traction you won’t be able to play your best, so it’s important to pay attention to traction in reviews to make sure you get a shoe that won’t let you down.


Time To Improve Your Game


If you love basketball, you’re probably always looking for new ways to turn yourself into a better player.


Choosing the right shoe is a great place to start, because it requires no added practice or new knowledge to get started.


The right shoe can transform your game, helping you to forget about your shoes and instead drive to the basket, dodge opponents, and score points without a second thought.


When you’re a big guy, the right shoe is especially important because the wrong shoe can be devastating.


A poor shoe can leave you skidding and slipping at every turn, or worse, lead to a fall that puts you out of the game for weeks or months.


The best shoe for big men is one that has a lot of padding. Padding is important because heavier people already have a lot of strain on their joints from their size, and running and jumping will only add to it.


Cushion will help absorb some of the shock traveling up through your feet, which means added comfort even through the toughest games.


You’ll also want a shoe that has the best traction for your needs. Good grip means you’ll be able to count on your feet in the court, instead of feeling like your ice skating every time you run, jump, or turn.


Of all the shoes we mention in our line up, the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi has all the features needed to help big guys have the best possible chance at improving their game.


It has great cushion through the padded tongue and air cushion, both designed to absorb shock from running and jumping.


The traction on this shoe is also superior, featuring a herringbone pattern that flexes in any direction you move to keep providing quality grip.


If you don’t have time to sit through every basketball shoe available and just want to grab a pair you can trust, Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi is a great place to start.




When you’re the biggest guy in the game, you get a lot of attention.


Size can be a huge benefit in basketball, making it easier to block shots, sail upwards for slam dunks, and move through a crowd of opponents.


Size can also be a drawback however, if you’re not sure of your footing.


The bigger a person is, the harder they fall. A hard fall can mean broken bones, torn ACLs, and other major injuries.


Poor footing can also lead to you missing shots, since part of your brain is always working on not falling instead of where the ball is or what you can do to help your team.


If you’re a big man that loves to play basketball a great pair of shoes is an essential part of your equipment.


Take your time when selecting a shoe, so you have a pair that improves your game instead of detracting from it.

  1. Amazing shoes you put here. I am not a big man but I know a few who could benefit from this article.

    I loved the Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe since it’s super light on the feet.

    But in terms of aesthetics, I love the Nike LeBron XVII and I agree it is the most beautiful-looking as you said on the review.
    Thank you for putting out this good content. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Thabo,

      I really appreciate your support. And those are definitely some nice options, especially the Lebron shoes.


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