Thumb Brace for Basketball


Like most ball sports, basketball requires the movement of the entire body but primarily the hands.


Unlike other ball sports, it requires a greater dexterity and grip in order to really keep the ball how you need it as you dribble your way down the court or make your shot.


Because of the positions that your hand usually takes on in order to perform these moves, it is common for your hand, particularly your thumb, to be vulnerable to injuries.


Beyond that, you could have already experienced an injury to the thumb and therefore need something to help relieve the pain and help you heal quicker.


One of the best ways to cover both of those bases comes in the form of a thumb brace.


Thumb braces keep your thumb in the proper position to lessen strain and can be worn both on the court while playing and off the court while recovering.


There are a number of different thumb brace varieties out there to choose from, and deciding on the best one for you can seem like a daunting process.


In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best thumb braces for basketball on the market today to save you time and effort hunting them down on your own.


First, let’s take a look at some of the points to be considered before you make your decision on which thumb brace is right for you.


Who Can Benefit From a Thumb Brace?


There are a number of afflictions that wearing a thumb brace has the potential to lessen. The three main conditions are as follows:


  • RECOVERY. If you have just undergone surgery on the hand either for basketball or other such injuries, having a thumb brace could help you on your road to recovery. When giving your hand a break from the demands of playing basketball, wearing a brace could help you protect your thumb from any further injuries as it heals.


  • FRACTURED BONES IN THE THUMB. There is little that a doctor can do for broken fingers outside of putting them in a splint, and this is also true for broken thumbs. With a thumb brace, you can keep your thumb in the right position while also enjoying the ability to still move it comfortably. A thumb brace with extra padding is the best choice for preventing any breaks in the future.


  • CONTINUOUS STRAIN ISSUES. If you commonly suffer from strain injuries of the thumbs every time you play, you should look for a brace that will stop the thumb from moving around too much. Wearing a brace preemptively has the potential to save you a lot of aches and pains in the future.


Things To Consider While Shopping for the Best Thumb Braces for Basketball


  • TYPE OF THUMB BRACE. While all thumb braces focus on stabilizing the thumb, there are some that do more than just that. Therefore, the first thing you should consider when buying a new thumb brace is the type of brace itself. For instance, some braces cover not just the thumb but your wrist and sections of your hands as well. This type of thumb brace is best suited for those who not only want to keep their thumb in the proper position but also those who suffer from conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Those who deal with symptoms and effects surrounding thumb strain, arthritis, thumb surgery, rheumatoid arthritis and other such conditions may benefit more from a thumb brace that covers only the thumb.


While deciding between these styles, also consider the material that it is made from; some thumb braces are rigid and hard and meant to help you recover in the off hours when your hands aren’t busy.


Others are crafted out of soft, flexible material that can be worn as you go about your day or hit the court for some practice.


If you foresee needing to wear the thumb brace for long periods of time, a soft and flexible material would probably be your best bet as it will not irritate the skin or restrict your hand’s range of motion.


In this way, you can give your thumb the support it needs even when you’re busy as not to further irritate the strain or soreness.


  • PROTECTION. First and foremost, consider the type of protection you’re after. After all, this is the primary function of the brace; you want it to be able to perform at the minimum before you consider the other aspects of it. When you buy a brace, check out the details of it to make sure that it can provide exactly what you’re looking for. Then, you’re free to move onto the other aspects of a thumb brace.


  • PAIN RELIEF POTENTIAL. Some thumb braces are designed to keep your thumb in the proper position to promote pain relief. Others put full focus on relieving the soreness and aches in an injured thumb. Depending on your needs, pay attention to which product provides which to ensure you’re getting the most out of your brace.


  • FLEXIBILITY. When a brace is flexible, it can easily allow you to move your hand around and remain functional while wearing it throughout your day to day. Beyond that, some conditions require a flexible brace to give you the best results, so it is important to decide just what you need the brace to do before considering this. It is worth noting that flexible thumb braces also tend to be more comfortable for long periods of wear.


  • SIZE OF THE BRACE. Just as everyone’s needs are different, the sizes of everyone’s hands differ from one to the next as well. It is important that you get a thumb brace that is just your size, otherwise it may not perform as it needs to. A thumb brace that is too tight may cause more pain than you originally had, while one that is too large might not provide you with any proper support at all. A brace that fits you well facilitates speedier recovery while also bringing you pain relief straight away. It is recommended that you take measurements of the hand and pair them against the size charts available on most websites.


  • ADJUSTABILITY. In the same vein as the size of your brace, you should also consider whether the brace you’re interested in has any options for adjustability. This could come in the form of either Velcro straps, adjustable ties or buckles. Regardless of the method of adjustability, it is an important feature to consider. This will help ensure the fit is appropriate any given day, so there is no slack in the support it can give you.


  • MAINTENANCE NEEDS. No matter what part of the body they are used for, braces tend to get dirty and smelly soon due to the sweat that accumulates beneath the material. While breathable material will help reduce the amount of sweat, it is still destined to occur. Because of this, having a strong brace that is easy to clean or wipe down is preferred. If you can find a thumb brace that is machine washable, that will benefit you even further.


  • BREATHABILITY. Much like any vigorous sport, sweating while playing basketball is pretty much a given. Because of the constant contact with your hand on the ball, it is just as common to generate sweat between the two points as well. You can help cut down on the sweat and therefore the slipping and sliding of your grip by getting a basketball thumb brace with plenty of breathability. Be sure you check out the material of the brace itself and look for one that promotes airflow through the fabric.


  • DURABILITY. Any product you buy, you want it to last for as long as possible. The same is true with a basketball thumb brace that will be getting a lot of use. Look for a product that is made out of premium, resilient material that won’t grow weak with a lot of wear. This not only helps you save money in the long run but also makes for better protection and support; a weak thumb brace could quickly lose its shape, which would lessen the amount of support it can supply.


  • REVIEWS ON THE PRODUCT. When shopping online, one of the best services you can pay yourself is reading up on what other customers thought about the product before you buy it. Look and see what the reviews state regarding the features that you are interested in most, and take both positive and negative reviews into account before making your decision.


Best Thumb Braces for Basketball


1. Futuro Deluxe Thumb Stabilizer


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For any sore or weak thumbs, Futuro Deluxe Thumb Stabilizer is a great choice.


It provides medium support for the thumb without being too tight or restrictive against the freedom of movement you need to play at your best.


The design of this product makes it so the lower joint of the thumb is kept nice and stable.


The brace is adjustable due to the lacing system present on the base, letting you get a snug and comfortable fit no matter the size of your hand or wrist.


The Futuro Deluxe Thumb Stabilizer is made of premium material that will not easily wear down, no matter how often it is worn.


The material is strong, yet soft with a breathable nature that will help prevent your hand from feeling hot and sweaty.


Pair that with the freedom of movement it gives you, and the Futuro Deluxe Thumb Stabilizer becomes a thumb brace you can rely on to protect your hand as you play.


Its ability to provide pain relief also makes it suitable for those who have degenerative joint disease, arthritis or injuries from overuse. The price is relatively low compared to other such braces on the market.

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2. Velpeau Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica Splint



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The Velpeau Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica Splint is loved for its ability to provide consistent and constant pressure on both the wrist and the first metacarpal joint, giving you the stabilization you need to keep your thumb safe from injuries.


The flexible material makes it comfortable enough to wear around all day long to provide support and facilitate swifter healing.


The polyester material is ultra-soft and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about it making your hand feel bulky.


Its breathable nature will work to keep your hand cool and dry in a way that some other braces cannot, making it comfortable enough to wear during long basketball practices.


There are two soft thumb ties that are designed to sit right on the curve of the thumb, not only providing it with the support it needs but also making it possible to easily adjust the tightness of the brace without sacrificing its flexibility.


The palm is shaped like a spoon and made from aluminum alloy. With these features, it helps to keep the wrist joint stable, and this support from wrist to thumb makes a big difference in comfort.


The two support bars on the back are flexible and in tandem to keep your hand stable and supported.


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3. Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer


Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer, Black, One Size Fits Most | Stabilizing Thumb Brace


The Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer is preferred by many for its remarkable stability that keeps the thumb comfortable, supported and stable while you play.


It is as well suited for injured thumbs as it is for weaker ones you want to protect from injury.


Because of this, it makes both a great choice as a preventative brace and one that could assist in any potential recovery in the future.


The material is lightweight and breathable, helping to keep your hand dry and cool no matter how long you play.


With three adjustable straps, you can easily fit the Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer to the hand’s shape and size, helping to enhance its comfort.


One of the benefits of the Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer that sets it apart from many of the others is the unique anti-microbial treatment that has been applied to the fabric.


This treatment helps to neutralize any bacteria including odor-causing bacteria that could crop up from sweating.


This will also help to reduce the growth of bacteria for hygiene’s sake. It is reversible, which allows it to easily fit on both the left and right hands.


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4. IRUFA 3D Breathable Thumb Stabilizer


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The IRUFA 3D Breathable Thumb Stabilizer is particularly well-suited for those who have conditions like a broken or strained thumb, skier’s thumb, chronic thumb injuries, scaphoid fractures and other such afflictions.


The support that it provides makes it well-equipped for the off hours as it does your time spent on the court.


The design of the thumb brace fits around the wrist and thumb specifically while leaving the palm and fingers completely open, letting you grip and dribble the basketball with ease.


The IRUFA 3D Breathable Thumb Stabilizer is made out of mono, nylon and polyester yarn blend that gives it the durability you need to outlast plenty of wear.


It is hypoallergenic, thanks to its lack of any latex in the material, something that some other braces cannot claim. The fabric is also shaped in such a way as to provide medical-grade compression.


It uses spacer technology that offers an air cushion effect, which not only enhances its comfort but also helps prevent any injuries in the first place.


The 3D nature gives it the breathability you need to keep your hand feeling cool and dry while wearing it as well.


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5. Procare Universal Thumb-O-Prene



Procare Universal Thumb-O-Prene



Another wraparound thumb brace, the Procare Universal Thumb-O-Prene attaches securely to the wrist and extends up to the thumb, providing you with concentrated compression and support where you need it most.


By leaving open the other four fingers and most of the palm, it won’t get in the way of your dribbling and shooting or the grip you need to successfully accomplish both.


This thumb brace comes with an adjustable elastic strap that allows you to fit the brace perfectly onto your hand.


It also comes with two stays that will allow you to secure it in place.


Through these two features, you’ll get the stability to help lessen symptoms of basal joint arthritis, carpometacarpal joint instabilities and tendonitis.


The brace is made out of premium lightweight neoprene material that is known for its softness and breathability while also being durable and long lasting.


The light, breathable nature of it makes it comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time without your hand feeling weighed down and bulky.


This low-profile, comfortable brace has a bilateral design, making it appropriate for use on either hand depending on which one is giving you issues at any given point.


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Honorable Mentions

6. Push MetaGrip


Sponsored Ad - Push MetaGrip CMC Thumb Brace for Relief of Osteoarthritis Pain (Right Size 1)


Basketball players with injured thumbs who do not want to rely on a big, bulky brace will benefit from the Push MetaGrip.


It is designed with convenience and comfort in mind with its minimalistic design, which only wraps around the base of the hand and the lower joint of the thumb.


In this way, it gives concentrate dedicated support where you need it most without it getting in the way of your range of motion.


The open palm and finger design will allow you to enjoy a better grip on the basketball as not to inhibit your play style.


This brace is ultra-lightweight and comfortable to wear, so your hand won’t feel as if it is being weighed down.


There is a metal insert in the Push MetaGrip that automatically takes the shape of your thumb, providing a one-of-a-kind snug fit that doesn’t lack in support.


The material is remarkably breathable to further leave you feeling as if you aren’t wearing a brace at all.


The ability for air to move in between the brace and your hand will stop sweat and odor-causing bacteria from building up.


Because the Push MetaGrip is machine washable, you can easily cleanse and sanitize it when the time comes.


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7. Houseables Thumb Brace



Image result for Houseables Thumb Brace


For basketball players who need support not only for the thumb but also for the wrist, the Houseables Thumb Brace is an excellent choice.


This brace boasts a snug fit along both points, instantly providing stabilization from the bottom up. There are three Velcro straps on the brace, with two on the wrist and one on the thumb.


These Velcro straps make it easy for you to adjust the brace to your unique wrist and hand size, promising a proper supportive fit.


The thumb brace is crafted out of premium material that is remarkably lightweight and breathable. In this way, it won’t make your hand feel bulked up and heavy.


The material is durable as well, promising to outlast many seasons of wear without it growing weak or loose.


Because of its resiliency, it promises to always provide the right amount of support where you need it most.


Finally, the Houseables Thumb Brace is crafted with comfort and breathability in mind, ensuring that your hand won’t get hot and sweaty as you play.


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Final Thoughts

Thumb braces are an important tool in the arsenal of any basketball player.


With all of the quick movements and steady grips that you need to implement when playing basketball, your thumb could suffer from it without the proper support.


There are a number of different types of thumb braces available depending on your needs as a basketball player, and with all of those options available, narrowing down the best one for your needs could feel time consuming.


In this article, we’ve taken a look at seven of the best thumb braces for basketball options available today as well as putting together a quick buying guide on choosing the right one for you.


Browse the list above to save time on shopping for your new brace and start protecting your thumb sooner.

  1. I’ve been trying to find a thumb brace for basketball and I’m glad I stumbled on your site. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t end up with one that’s a little too big and then makes my dribbling kind of awkward.

    I like the thoroughness and detail in this article. I never thought about how you could also use a thumb brace preemptively as a way to reduce the risk of injuring yourself in the first place – smart thinking!

    • Nice to know you enjoyed the article, and yeah one of my favorite quotes is, “prevention is better than cure.”


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