Best Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

Knowing that you want to get the best indoor basketball arcade game for your children is only half of the battle; actually trying to find the best one can seem difficult.


Over the decades, there has been a number of ways that playing games and leisure time has changed for children.


Whereas many of the changes that have taken place have been positive ones, and one good example of that is the rise in electronic games that has taken place of playing outdoors.


Digital games aren’t as healthy for children for reasons such as physical activity, eyesight and creativity, and they don’t let kids expend their energy.


But with the modern age also came modern solutions that help combine those two worlds into one to keep kids engaged while also helping them get rid of some of that energy—and one of the best combinations of these are indoor basketball arcade games.


With that said, we’ve put together a list of basketball arcade games, giving you six of them to browse and find out which one is going to suit your child’s needs the best.


These are the Top 6 Recommendations:


1. Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot

Pop-A-Shot New Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game – 16 Individual Games – Durable Construction – Near 100% Scoring Accuracy – Multiple Height Settings – Large LED Scoring System

When you want a basketball arcade game that makes playing indoors every bit as fun as hitting the courts, you’ll like the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot.


This game takes a game of basketball to the next level by including a variety of ten different games to choose from as well as six different audio options to help keep your kids entertained for hours on end.


Because of all the different options, there is something for everyone, making it a great game for the entire family.


On top of its endless replay possibilities due to its versatility and uniqueness, it is also super durable and strong, thanks to its sturdy construction that won’t bow down no matter how often you play or how enthusiastic your gameplay may be.


This is due in part to the thick 1.5-inch steel tubes. These tubes are powder coated in an effort to ensure they don’t easily chip or rust.


Because the ramp is crafted out of thick nylon, the durability of the game is further added to, making sure it won’t get torn or otherwise damaged when playing.


Because of its infrared sensors, the game features unrivaled accuracy that will guarantee almost 100 percent accuracy every single time.


Around 99.9 percent of your shots are going to make it into the basket, helping to make you into a better shooter.


No matter how tall you are or how you stand, the height is adjustable to suit anyone.


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2. Lifetime Double Shot Deluxe Basketball Arcade Game

Lifetime 90648 Double Shot Deluxe Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade Game

Lifetime is a company that is known for creating products that are super high quality and durable without being too expensive, and the Double Shot Deluxe Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade Game is proof of that.


This indoor basketball system uses high quality sensors that pay attention to your shots and are remarkably sensitive to the baskets you hit to ensure an accurate score during each round.


Because of these optical sensors, getting accurate scores even when shooting ball after ball in rapid succession is possible.


When you make shots or the time runs out, there are electronic buzzers and sound effects that will signify that, helping to make the gaming experience more immersive and interesting with every shot.


It reproduces the atmosphere of your favorite arcade, making each game as fun for you and your kids as it was when you were a child.


The game comes with four balls, allowing you to play alone with rapid fire shots or to play with up to four people at once.


It also easily folds up when you’re done, making it great for those who are short on space in their homes.


Even with its easy storage, it is still spacious and easy to play on, measuring a total size of 80 inches by 42 inches by 81 inches in size.


Its height can be adjusted between 82 to 90 inches, making it easily accessible to kids and adults of any height and making each game more comfortable.


When it comes to the durability of the Double Shot Deluxe Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade Game, you can definitely put your trust in it.


The game is manufactured with a strong metal frame that won’t wobble no matter how hard you hit the backboard, which is made of high quality nylon.


Strong netting on either side of the game board helps keep the balls from bouncing out and going astray, ensuring they return to you quickly and straight away.


You can also power this Arcade Game using only four AA batteries or just plug it into a standard outlet to power it up.


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3. EA Sports Basketball Arcade Game – Best Stadium Sound Effect

EA Sports 2-Player 8-in-1 Indoor Basketball Arcade Game + Scoreboard | 1658127

Even though the EA Sports Basketball Arcade Game comes complete with things that might lead you to think it’s quite expensive, it is actually very affordable.


Features like a digital score board, incredible sound effects and as many as eight game options make it a truly immersive and fun arcade game that is an ideal choice for those looking to purchase a new basketball arcade game on a budget.


There are three balls instead of an even two or four, which might make the games feel a little awkward for some, but you can always purchase another ball at a low price.


Most people who play with this basketball arcade game love it for its unique stadium sound effects.


This definitely isn’t something you can get from a regular basketball hoop, but if you’re interested in getting a basketball hoop, make sure you check out other posts on this site which discuss installing a basketball hoop in your home.


As for the EA Sports Basketball Arcade Game, the stadium sound effects are thought to be more realistic than many of the other game systems out there, which really provides you with a more practical and involved game every time.


Not only this, but it is equipped with the aforementioned electronic scoring system that lights up with LED lights and improves the quality of the game while also enhancing its enjoyability.


Seeing your success registered as real time progress through numbers as you play feels more encouraging and can up the competition as you watch one player’s score climb higher than the others.


The one downside to this product is because of its affordable nature, some of the durability that you’ll find in other game systems is sacrificed here.


The game station is sturdy enough to endure light game play, but if you play roughly again and again, you should lower your expectations about how long it is going to last.


That said, using it frequently, but carefully, won’t pose any sort of problem; however, the game won’t really outlast the same sort of wear and tear that its more expensive counterparts can endure.


It’s a good entry level game for those looking for a little light play now and then.


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4. Sportcraft Double Hoop Shot

Sportcraft Online App+ Electronic Basketball Double Hoop Shot Arcade, Heavy Duty 1 1/4" Tube ,Built in bluetooth, with free 7" rubber basketballs x 4, pump & needle

If you want a fun indoor basketball arcade game that can be enjoyed as easily on your own as it can be with other players, the Sportcraft Double Hoop Shot is for you.


This game is unique in the way that it is able to connect to Bluetooth and it is cloud based, which helps to get rid of many of the usual limitations that indoor basketball arcades tend to pose.


By taking advantage of this application, any of your friends who also own Sportcraft Double Hoop Shot can play with you in real time no matter where they are, taking online gaming to a new level.


Even with its ultra-modern influences in terms of Bluetooth technology and cloud connectivity, it comes with many classic features and game modes as well.


These include both online and offline challenges, multi-player games, single player games and double player games.


The Sportcraft Double Hoop Shot is very strong as it is crafted with a high quality powder coated steel frame that stays sturdy while its powder coating helps to resist rusting and chipping over time.


The backboard is made from top quality manufactured wood that won’t easily crack or become damaged when the ball hits it. Overall, it measures a total size of 83 inches by 46 inches by 80 inches in size.


Its space-saving design makes it easy to store just by folding it up and tucking it away.


Storing it is as simple as playing the game itself due to its pull and turn lock system that will make it easy to fold to put it away and unfold to play.


Installation does take a little time, though, so be prepared to dedicate a little bit to initial setup.


As for what it comes with, you’ll get a total of four balls, making it possible for consistent rapid-fire games to take place between two players and give even greater opportunity to single players.


When one of the balls begins to deflate, you can use the included ball pump and needle to get it back to maximum capacity sooner.


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5. Nova Microdermabrasion Basketball Arcade Game

Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Indoor Basketball Arcade Game Double Shot 2 Player W/ 4 Balls, Electronic Scoreboard and Inflation Pump

The Nova Microdermabrasion Basketball Arcade Game is one of the best and most cost-effective indoor basketball arcade games that money can buy.


Even though it is budget friendly, this game system shouldn’t be underestimated, as it comes loaded with features that even the more expensive options have to offer and is just as strong as them as well.


The game system comes with eight different game options to play through, so you’ll never have to worry about getting bored with it.


It also comes with four balls to play with, making it just as well suited for rapid single player games as it is for accommodating multiplayer games.


The built-in LED electronic scoring board keeps up with the points as you score using the infrared optical sensor scoring system that is able to register 99 percent of shots with great accuracy.


It also features realistic stadium sounds that give it a more immersive and realistic gameplay experience.


The Nova Microdermabrasion Basketball Arcade Game is one of the strongest indoor basketball games you can get at an affordable price.


Where other inexpensive systems tend to give little in the way of durability to make up for the low price, that isn’t true here.


This game system is made out of .86-inch steel powder-coated tubes that make up its sturdy frame.


The powder coating on the tubes goes the extra mile to make it more durable by helping it resist chipping and scratching over time.


The rims of the baskets are 12 inches in size and made out of steel as well, meaning no amount of tough throws will damage it.


The .38-inch-thick MDF backboard won’t bend or warp under the weight and force of your throws, and the nylon ramp won’t tear no matter what.


It measures an overall size of 43 inches by 80 inches by 90 inches.


Even with its spacious size, it can fold up into something easy to store, and the small size that it can fold up into makes it simple to bring with you to parties inside of the included carrying bag.


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6. Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot

Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot

Pop-A-Shot is one of the most well-known and well-loved basketball arcade game producers, and the Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot is another one of theirs that won’t disappoint.


It can be played in a number of different ways, thanks to its six different game options, giving a single player hours of fun as they shoot baskets in a way that playing a standard single hoop cannot do.


The Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot is super accurate when it comes to scoring, thanks to the infrared sensors that are built right into the game in an effort to give you instant, accurate scores.


Because the unit is able to be powered both by plugging it into the wall or by using batteries, it can be used in any spot in the room at any time you want, without having to worry about charging it up beforehand.


The built-in wheels of the Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot also make it convenient as it can easily be moved around the room to place it where you want it to be.


In terms of durability, this product is quite strong.


The frame of the arcade game is manufactured out of super-thick, large, 1.5-inch steel tubes that make the frame sturdy and infallible.


The tubes are powder coated in an effort to stop it from chipping and rusting over time.


The netting on either side of the ramp won’t give or tear when balls bounce against it, serving the purpose of keeping the balls rolling back to you smoothly.


The ramp itself is just as well built due to its strong nylon material that refuses to tear or rip no matter how often it is touched and how often balls drop upon it.


Because of its remarkable strength, it is particularly well suited for children who usually play roughly and without regard for the structural integrity of their toys.


The Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot measures an overall size of 30 inches by 88 inches by 82 inches to give you plenty of room to play.


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Buying Guide

Now that you have a good idea of the features of some of the best basketball arcade games on the market, you can start thinking about which one is going to suit your needs specifically.


There are features to consider when making this decision, such as whether it will be something played by the whole family or just by the kids.


Other things to consider are price, durability and similar factors, so we’ll help you work your way through your considerations.


Features to Consider:


Game Options


How many game options and settings there are for you to choose from could influence your decision.


Basketball arcade games are known to come with between five to 10 types of game options as you have seen in the products above.


You’ll want to see which one of these options interests you or your family the most.


Some arcades might even be able to connect to your smartphone for even more options such as playing games over the internet with friends, but naturally those may end up costing more.


Construction and Durability


Because arcade games are known to endure a lot of rowdy gameplay, getting an arcade that is strong enough to withstand plenty of enthusiastic play is important.


These are often used much more roughly than simple arcade games with side scrolling screens and buttons.


You’ll want to look for something that is manufactured using materials that can last, usually meaning you’ll want to look into game machines that are made out of steel and possess a thick, strong backboard.


This is especially true if you have children who will be frequently playing the game, as kids don’t tend to take into account the durability of a game or a toy before they play with it.


Additional Features


A lot of these games come with extra features like sound boards and effects, smartphone compatibility and scoring systems that could further increase your enjoyment of the game.


If you want to make each game feel more realistic or immersive, pay attention to the ones that give you stadium-like audio effects.


Power Options


Being able to choose how you power your basketball system is important, especially in smaller spaces.


It is not always possible to place a large arcade game nearest to the wall with an open power outlet.


If your space is smaller or has awkward dimensions, finding a product that lets you power it using batteries might be your best bet.


Amount of Baskets


Where most basketball arcade games come with at least two baskets, some will only come with one, and some will come with as many as four.


Arcade systems that have only one basket are best for practice, but the more baskets you have, the more people can play, or the more goals you can shoot for alone.


When looking at the number of baskets that are available, you should also take into account the strength of the baskets to ensure that any rim shots won’t end up eventually bending or warping the rings.


Space-Saving Design


Though most indoor basketball arcade games fold up for storage, not all of them will.


If you have a smaller game room area, you’ll want to take into account the dimensions of whatever you choose.


Some of these indoor basketball arcade systems can even fold up enough to fit into storage bags or otherwise be moved from place to place, making them great for parties.


If the unit has wheels on it, you can also enjoy the ability to move the game system to any part of the room.


Any Additional Balls


How many balls you initially get with your basketball game may impact how much fun you’re going to have.


Besides being able to make multiplayer games more fun, having more balls constantly being returned to you helps make more rapid, continuous shots over and over to help your aim.


Not only this, but when one ball gets flat, you can just ditch it and move onto a different ball and inflate it later so you won’t have to stop and do this mid-game.




There are many different factors to consider when it comes to spending money on a basketball arcade game; and, there are just as many game systems that are ready to take on the title of being the best in our eyes.


Take a good look at our list and our helpful buying guide to start shooting hoops with your family and friends to let the fun begin.

  1. That Sportcraft Double Hoop Shot looks pretty nice, definitely something I’d like to try out during this quarantine. Appreciate the recommendations, thanks!.

    • I hear you, you have to stay busy somehow right. Glad I could help!


  2. The EA Sports Basketball Arcade Game is a personal favorite. I bought it recently for a nephew. We’ve had a lot of fun with it since then! The digital scoreboard and sound effects really add to the experience, and fortunately its construction is durable enough to withstand missed or hard shots. I’m planning to get another indoor basketball arcade game for another family member soon. Thanks for sharing the reviews.

    • Good to hear that you’ve been enjoying it with your nephew, I hope your other family member enjoys it as much as you have!


  3. Shooting hoops is one of my favorite sports. It’s nice to know this sport can be played from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to play on a rainy day or a hot day or a quarantine 🙂 you can do so. 

    Games like these are so necessary to help get your mind off of being in a lockdown with nothing to do. Thanks so much for sharing your post, it’s a great help.

    • Hey Norman,

      I’m glad my post helped you out. And yeah I definitely realize the many benefits of having one of these arcade games in your home now that you brought up the weather scenario. It’s nice to have something entertaining to do that isn’t vulnerable to outside forces. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



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