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Jump Manual ReviewsHave you been on the look out for various jump manual reviews?


It’s totally understandable, you’re probably wondering if this program is worth the time, money and energy it takes to increase your vertical.


If you have some time, look over this jump manual review in full so you can determine if this is the best program for you to invest in.


For anyone who intends to play basketball on a regular basis, one of the most important things you can have is a strong, consistent jump.


You’ll notice yourself when watching basketball at any level that players with a spring tend to perform better.


But much like improving your top speed or your acceleration, it can be tough to work on your jump. That’s why many eyebrows are raised at programs like the Jump Manual.


The Jump Manual, though, has become one of the most popular guides on the market for basketball players.


It’s built on a list of intelligent ideas that are backed up by science and provides consistent results.


However, like any other kind of program like this, the results that you get are going to be born out by your own efforts.


If you put in half the effort, you’ll get half the results. It’s this fallacy that means many people see self-help programs like the Jump Manual as a fad, or something that won’t work.


However, given the sheer number of players – amateur or otherwise – who have found an improvement in their game, this system has a pretty strong level of proof that it does a good job.


So, are you thinking about giving this program a try?


If you are one of the many basketball players thinking about giving this a try, then we highly recommend that you take into account everything that comes with the system.


In this guide, we’ll try and break down the most important factors about Jump Manual – what it is, what it does for you, the pros and cons, and anything else we think could be useful for you to know about.


If you are focused on becoming a better jumper for your own basketball prowess, you need to make sure you do your due diligence before you invest into any program.


The Jump Manual: What is it?


Jump Manual ProgramThe Jump Manual, then, is a particular program that has become very popular in the 13-years or so it’s been on the market.


It first became a known program away back in 2007, and since then it has grown in popularity quite spectacularly.


The program is all about trying to turn you into a better jumper so that you can hit jump shots and dunks with greater ease than you can at present.


If you’re a basketball player who finds it hard to get up in the air and spring those shots, then this guide is supposed to help you.


Not only does this cater to athletes who play basketball, it also supports volleyball players since they’re essentially in need of increased elevation as well.


Indeed, the claims that it can add as much as ten inches to your jumping prowess should excite you.


Though let’s be clear about one thing – this is not something that everyone who uses Jump Manual will be able to achieve.


However, follow its methods and its ideas and you should be pretty likely to notice some kind of change and difference.


Some players report noticing a pretty hefty change in their spring, while others have noticed a gradual improvement.


The main challenge you have with Jump Manual is following along with the plan that is set out in front of you.


This should give you the confidence that the program is a legitimate and genuine system that can work.


Like anything else in life, though, the success you have with it one way or another is likely to come from how you adjust physically to the challenges that it bestows upon you.


The Jump Manual is not easy – but it is a realistic jump-improvement system.


It’s something you should absolutely take into account moving forward, as something like The Jump Manual wouldn’t have the history that it does without some proof of success.


Who is behind the Jump Manual?


Jacob Hiller, Jump Manual Creator

Jacob Hiller, Jump Manual Creator

So, Jump Manual is the product of someone known as Jacob Hiller. Hiller is a really interesting personality, and his background definitely checks out as someone you can trust.


He’s an athletic performance coach and also the brains behind the product itself.


Passionate about basketball, Hiller wanted to become a more renowned and consistent jumper so that he could improve his game.


Having tried everything he could think of to try and improve his methods, including everything from stair runs to ankle weights, his results were not impressive.


Instead of looking for a catch-all solution, Hiller started to look into the science of athletic performance and try out some personally developed experiments.


Over time, he started to find little tricks and tips that worked well for him, so he started to piece them all together.


The end result is the hugely impressive Jump Manual; a combination of techniques that Hiller claims took his vertical jump to a 45” vertical.


The thing that makes Jump Manual a bit more impressive, though, is when you look at videos of Hiller when it first released versus Hiller now.


Despite being 10+ years since release, you can still find recent videos of Hiller hitting impressive shots and delivering a much-improved, consistently high vertical jump.


So, this should give you some confidence at least that this program is:


  • Made by someone with an authentic background, and a history of playing sport.


  • Developed with scientific methodology and genuine experimentation as opposed to theory.


  • Improved over the years since it was first released, showing improvement and growth.


  • Strengthened by its consistent approach, backed up by results and testimonies.


Unlike other programs of this style, it’s built to give you a lasting and consistent approach to your basketball development. However, there’s a lot to think about before you do anything else.


Getting Started


Jump Manual Website


So, the first thing we recommend you do is use the Jump Manual website. The website itself is pretty dated, though; you can tell it was developed a fair few years ago.


Still, it’s more than useable on a desktop device so you shouldn’t have too much issue looking through the website content and seeing what it actually looks like etc.


The navigation can become a bit of a chore on a mobile device, so we would recommend you probably avoid looking at the website on a mobile.


It’s going to become too hard to move around, as it was clearly built before the mobile revolution took place.


So, while this is a bit of a negative hiccup to start the discussion, it’s not something to put you off.


We’ve seen many a basketball program over the years with glittering presentation, but very little in the way of actionable results.


While you might feel like this all looks a touch amateur from the website, it’s the content within the Jump Manual itself that actually matters.


And when we get down to that, we’re sure you will be happier with the content within.


The actual website, though, definitely can be a challenge to work around if you are not someone who is technically savvy.


So, try and keep that in mind as you might find that it’s harder to get started with the website if you expect it to be new and shiny.


The website has its age showing, but the actual methods within the Jump Manual itself are both more modernized and more future-proof than the website layout.


It might not look great, but you can pick up all the information that you need and start using to good effect.


The Method behind the Jump Manual


So, now that you know who the actual owner of the program is and we’ve disclosed the creaking website, it’s time to look beyond the style towards the substance.


The main thing to note about this particular kind of program is that it has been developed over the years.


Nine Key Pillars

Nine Key Pillars

Hiller has come up with what he believes to be the nine essential variables to success with this particular program.


He believes that the vertical leaping ability of the body is often controlled by these nine key pillars.


Throughout the years of its development, each of these key attributes and factors has come into discussion.


What you will be happy to know, though, is that each of the exercises included within the program is designed to work on a short number of variables.


You won’t be trying to work on all nine factors at once.


By targeting all nine of the variables through smart workouts and techniques that should make a genuine difference, though, you will notice improvement gradually.


Since you will be working on each part of your body and seeing changes to each section, it should be easier for you to notice genuine physical change and improvement.


According to Hiller, focusing on all nine of the variables in a specific manner is useful as it creates a synergy; each improvement working off one another to make changes.


Not only will you notice an improvement in the 1-2 key attributes associated with each workout, but since all 9 attributes go together harmoniously it creates a constant positive effect, delivering a really satisfying impact.


However, the problem that many people have with Jump Manual is they don’t put enough focus on every exercise and program.


Instead, they focus on the ones they ‘like’, minimizing results.


What are the key pillars of Jump Manual?


As you may imagine, this particular system comes with a focus on some very important areas.


If you are going to be working on the variables that are part of this program, then you need to know what they are.


Here, then, is a quick list of all of the variables that are involved as part of the Jump Manual.


1. Body Shape


The first and most important part of this program, we believe, is the form of the body.


Your body shape is utterly essential when jumping on the court, and it’s vital that you work on each muscle group appropriately.


This is why making sure that your body jumps in sync, not in competition, is an essential attribute for your development.


Developing the right form should allow you to build up and improve your technique to a point where you can easily hit shots.


So, keep that in mind as body shape and form will be a primary technique that you need to develop.


2. Weight


While nobody likes to be told they need to lose a few pounds, this is absolutely the case when it comes to basketball jumping.


If you wish to get as high up in the air as you can, then you will need to get into the best body shape of your life.


Thankfully, Jump Manual does a fine job of breaking down the best ways to take total control of your weight.


The program gives you useful, easy solutions for making sure that you are in a good athletic position before you start trying to improve other key jump factors.


3. Balance


Another important challenge for many players stems from their inability to get their balance right when jumping.


On the court, balance is everything – you need to be able to make sure that you improve your balance to be a better player.


If your joints and muscle groups lack stability, then you will find that your body is having to compromise somewhere else.


This forces needless pressure onto other essential parts of your body, which can only lead to negative impacts physically and mentally.


So, try and keep that in mind – a key part of Jump Manual involves balance.


4. Agility


The ability to move quick from one foot to the other is a big part of developing a clear, accurate jump.


You will notice that one of the main factors below is Strength; well, what use is power if you don’t have the quickness to actually use said power?


That’s what this factor will focus on when it comes to building your body up for a better vertical jump.


If your legs are able to contract the muscles, you can get a quicker, and more explosive jump up into the air – quicker than you could without this training.


5. Flexibility


Combined with the above, your flexibility is going to be essential to making sure you can get high up into the air and avoid injury on the way back down.


Many people have muscles that can explode and get them into the air impressively – but they come back down feeling tight and thus do damage to their key muscles.


You therefore need to make sure that there is as little resistance as is possible from muscle to muscle if you wish to make sure you can get around without recurring injury problems.


6. Muscle quality


Another factor that comes into the ability to jump high up into the air is the strength and quality of your muscles.


That might sound obvious, but you would be shocked at how many people just do not take this part of jumping seriously.


Muscle quality means making sure that your training pushes you to the very limit – or even beyond. Why?


Because it will allow you to use every muscle fiber that you have in your mind, thus making it much easier for you to leap up into the air with efficiency.


7. Strength


This should be quite obvious, but strength will always play a role in how good your jumping can be.


After all, if your legs aren’t the strongest then you are going to notice an obvious dip in your ability to get high up into the air.


Strength training is the aim of the game here, working on your physical prowess through intelligent workouts that develop what is known as Type II fibers, making it easier for muscles to provide explosive force.


8. Diet & Lifestyle


We assume you’ve heard the old term that ‘you are what you eat’ and it is 100% true when it comes to physical shape and conditioning.


You should therefore be taking diet and lifestyle into account when it comes to the Jump Manual.


A big part of this system comes from making sure that your body is using the correct nutritional balance to allow your muscles to grow and to recover safely.


This means that you need to get into the regular habit of eating before and after your workouts – your body needs to be correctly powered for the Jump Manual to take effect.


9. Genetics


This is the last deciding factor, and something that you can’t really do anything about.


You can’t train genetics – but you can do all that you can to make the very most of the abilities that you do have.


This will show you how to develop things like your slow-twitch muscle fibers, helping you to speed them up and ensure that they act more like a fast-twitch muscle fibre collection.


This allows for a more naturally explosive leap, even if your genetics tend to hold you back from that. It’s going to help you to equalize against nature’s decisions.


Why does Jump Manual work?


So, as you have noticed above we have broken down the various key factors that determine how successful this system is going to be for you.


Measuring ResultsA big part of what makes Jump Manual so successful, though, is the fact that while it is scientifically driven, the ideas that it develops are pretty simplistic and actionable.


Hiller has done the hard hours researching and developing a clear idea about this program.


While much of the research is included for the scientifically curious, you don’t need to be scientifically minded to actually follow the workout programs that comes as part of Jump Manual.


Everything is broken down into a simple plan that you follow across a 14-day training system.


This is all delivered through its easy to use (if somewhat dated) Members Area, giving you access to all the information and details that you need to start understanding what is going on here.


The pure science that is packed into this booklet results in two things – making you stronger, and making you quicker.


All of the attributes we spoke about above? You will be working on them to help make those two needed abilities above come to life.


This is managed through the use of intelligent science, including factors like:


  • Showing you the importance of maximum intensity training, and the results it can help foster.


  • Pushing yourself beyond your normal limits to really force change and improve your body.


  • Training at high intensity to help create the need for quick, on-demand explosiveness.


  • Maximizing results whilst making your effort smarter as opposed to harder.


  • Adapting to a more high-demand, high-explosion training regime that suits your desire


In short, Jump Manual focuses on a form of training built on high intensity explosion as opposed to long-lasting endurance.


What does Jump Manual involve?


If you are going to try out this program, then it helps to know what it actually involves. Across a 14-day spell, you will be taking on various workout programs and regimes.


This will involve the following:


  • Lower Body Workouts. A key part to making your jump stronger, naturally, stems from working on your lower body. Through combinations like deadlifts and squats, you will use very effective and reliable workouts that are known to help make your lower body stronger and more durable.


  • Core Workouts. Of course, what use are strong lower limbs if your core cannot support your demands? You need a strong physical core to succeed with this program. The core programs involve essential exercises such as planking, helping you to build up excellent core strength and balance.


  • Stretching & Flexibility. Another essential part of the program comes from becoming more flexible and encouraging your limbs to stretch beyond their normal. This will make you more stretchable, thus improving flexibility and managing muscular regeneration through correct recovery.


  • Plyometrics. These are extremely important for improving your jump. Exercises involving high depth jumping or using medicine ball throws will improve the explosion in your jump to a noticeable degree. These are demanding, high-intensity workouts with mass potential for improvement.


If you wish to start making genuine improvements to your jump, then all of the above techniques are going to come in very handy indeed.


That’s why we highly recommend you consider Jump Manual.


Is this for beginners?


It’s hard to say. In truth, we would probably say no. Despite claiming it’s aimed at everyone, we would find it hard to say that with certainty.


It’s not down to difficulty, but just due to the intensity of the workouts. You’ll be expected to take on some challenging weight lifting sessions, and this might require help.


We recommend you get a coach who can work with you through the exercises shown in the Jump Manual in a safe manner.


It adds to your overall expense, but it’s safer than taking it on alone. In terms of beginner friendliness, though, outside of the weight lifting you should be able to do most of what is involved in this program.


If you’re not able to engage in weight lifting right now then you might want to check out this review for another program called Vert Shock.


Pricing and Support


So, one thing to note is that with this program it’s quite affordable. Other systems like this can be quite expensive, but with Jump Manual you will be starting out at just $97 in price.


Jump Manual Site

And guess what? Jacob is so confident in this program that you not only get a risk-free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, but he’ll also double your money back if you don’t gain at least 10 inches in 12 weeks!


It’s not cheap, but if it helps you feel better physically (which it should) and helps you to improve your game, then it should be worth the investment for you.


One thing to note, too, is that customer support is very friendly and helpful.


You’ll get a simple, easy to use coaching interface within the program, and there is also a customer support system for getting answers on anything you are not sure about.


The community is pretty large, too, so this should make it a bit easier for you to get help and support.


Also, feel free to check out the Jump Manual FAQ section in the top right hand corner of the site as this covers a chunk of the questions that you might wish to take on.


So, think about giving that FAQ a quick read over if you wish to know more about the program.


Jump Manual Pros


  • The quality of training is impressive and backed by science.


  • The teaching is empathetic and easy to understand.


  • Focuses on more than just the basics; improves your lifestyle.


  • Improves explosiveness even for those who are slower on their feet.


  • Backed up by years of testimonies from athletes and hobbyists.


Jump Manual Cons


  • Can be expensive to get started due to the need for weightlifting.


  • Might be harder to make progress if you aren’t in good shape already.


  • Demanding physically; can be intense for those used to slovenly workouts.




Impressive and easy to use once you get the hang of its challenging workouts, the Jump Manual is a fine starting place for anyone wishing to improve their vertical jump.


Though it’s important to note that the better your jump is already, the less drastic your results will be.


You can only improve your jump to a human level, after all – this isn’t Space Jam!


For those who have the intention to become more physically durable and more flexible either on the basketball court or beyond, though, Jump Manual offers an excellent, affordable, and actionable guide to help you make progress.


Thank your for taking the time to read this review. If you’d like to try out this program so you can take your jumping ability to the next level, simply click the link below to get instant access to the platform.


Check Out The Jump Manual System

  1. Hey James! 

    This is my first time hearing about Jump Manual and I must say that it looks like a pretty good program. Thanks for going into so much detail. I’ve been trying to figure out how to increase my vertical for the longest and I needed something that placed an emphasis on the correct exercises to perform.

    • Hi Josh,

      I’m glad you found this review informative. Keep in mind that you want to take a holistic approach when it comes to programs like this. So as I said in the review, your diet, lifestyle and exercise routine all play a role with your eventual results. The key is to be consistent with all of the instructions laid out in the program.

    • Hi there,

      Yes, I had actually mentioned that in the beginning of this article. If you’re trying to increase your vertical then this would be a smart option to invest in.


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