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Michael Jeffrey Jordan was an American Basketball player who retired in 2003. Jordan is thought to be one of the best players the NBA has ever seen, racking up many honors along the way.


He has been named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) 5 times, has been named one of the NBA’s top 50 Greatest Players of All Time, been entered into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963. He moved with his parents to Wilmington, North Carolina as a child, where he would spend the rest of his childhood.

He went to Emsley A. Laney High School, where he was placed on the Emsley A. Laney High School Junior team because he was considered too short. He was only 5’11.


His relatively short stature for a basketball player didn’t stop him from helping his team out however, he showed his first early promise as a basketball player on this team by becoming featured in the McDonald All-American Game in 1981.


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From there, he went on to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, studying Cultural Geography. He continued to play basketball there, and his true potential as a basketball player rapidly came to light.


He made the winning basket in the 1982 national championship game against Georgetown in his freshman year. In his sophomore and junior years he was named College Player of the Year.


Just two years after that important basket against Georgetown, Michael Jordan found himself playing in the Olympic games.


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Together with the rest of the U.S. Basketball team, Jordan won Olympic gold medals in 1984 in Los Angeles, and one more time in 1992 in Barcelona, Spain.


This was only the beginning for Air Jordan. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. His first season he shook the world with his incredible skills. He was named Rookie of the Year, and lead the league with scoring point after point.


Unfortunately, his next season would not go so well. Jordan landed poorly during a game in his second season, breaking his foot. The break nearly ended his career, and he had to sit the rest of the season out for it to heal.


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Bulls Michael Jordan Authentic Signed 16x20 Framed Photo UDA & BAS #A39462


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Fortunately for Michael Jordan and all the people who have come to love him, he made a full recovery. He came back the following season.


For the next seven seasons, Michael Jordan would lead the NBA in scoring, averaging an incredible 30 points per game. His scoring helped him to become the second player ever to score 3,000 points in a single season.


Before this, the only person to have ever done this was Wilt Chamberlain, another great basketball player considered to be the best defensive player of all time.


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Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to three consecutive championships, he decided to retire to try his hand at professional baseball instead.


His decision to switch to baseball may be due in part to the murder of his father, who was shot to death by robbers during this time.


He spent two years at this with a batting average of .202, many considered his baseball career a disappointment. Those who worked directly with him however, stated otherwise.


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With 51 RBIs and 30 stolen bases, he showed promise, but perhaps didn’t put enough time in it to go to the Majors.


He returned to basketball once again in 1995 and lead the Chicago Bulls to their best season in the history of the NBA. It would only be broken in the 2015 season 20 years later by the Golden State Warriors.


His spectacular career continued with three championships for the Bulls in a row. Jordan was named MVP every single time during these seasons, and retired again in 1997.


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Autographed Michael Jordan UNC Breaking Through - Upper Deck - Autographed College Photos


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Although he was retired, Jordan still loved the sport and wanted to take in active part in it. He bought a share of the Washington Wizards in 2000, and was appointing the president of basketball operations there.


He did this for a short time before giving up his ownership in order to be able to play on the team. His return from retirement could not have come at a better time for the NBA.


Without Jordan’s incredible performances, attendance and TV ratings had lagged. His return to the court brought a resurgence in attention, but it was short lived. In 2002, Jordan retired for the final time.


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His incredible career ended at 32,292 total points and a 30.12 average for pointers per game. At the time he did it, it was the best in league history.


He also had the second largest amount of steals ever, with 2,514 to his name. This is an incredible amount of points, and shows some of the real talent this amazing player had on the courts.


After his retirement, Jordan purchased a minority ownership in the Charlotte Bobcats, and then later a controlling interest.


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Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Rodman signed photo framed auto UDA Coa 223/720 - Autographed NBA Photos


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When he purchased majority ownership, he became the first former NBA player to ever do so. Michael Jordan is also the richest former athlete of all time, worth an estimated 1.6 billion as of 2020.


Much of his wealth comes from his many endorsements, such as the Air Jordan basketball shoes, and for Space Jam, a movie he starred in along side cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.


He also has a keen business sense, which helps him avoid spending his way into poverty as many other athletes, actors, and other celebrities have done with their fortunes.


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Michael Jordan Autographed University of North Carolina Collection - Upper Deck - Autographed College Photos


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His fortune has grown thanks to his relationship with companies such as Nikes and the many other endorsements he has received.


Although the NBA is who made him famous, it was these endorsements that made him wealthy. He still continues with many of these endorsements, in particular with Nike.


He also gives regularly to charity. He has donated 3 million to hurricane, and undisclosed millions to the make-a-wish foundation.


He is now a grandfather to Rakeem Michael Christmas, and still plays an active roll in his community today.


He is truly a remarkable legend in the field of basketball, and one we are lucky to continue to have as a role model and leader in basketball.


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Interesting Facts and 3 Bonus Photos


Like many sports legends, Michael Jordan has a number of unique facts about him that make him interesting. Here are a few of the amazing facts about him, and also his careers as a basketball and baseball player.


  1. Michael Jordan has a phobia of large bodies of water.

    As a child he watched his friend get sucked out in an undertow in the ocean and drown, unable to save him. He later almost drowned himself at a baseball camp.

    Because of these events, Jordan doesn’t like to be around oceans, rivers, lakes, or other large bodies of water. He’s also understandably uncomfortable on boats.

    Many people think because of how fearless he is on the court and other areas of his life, that means he has no fear at all, but this simply isn’t the case.


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    Bulls Michael Jordan Signed & Framed 13.5x16 Animation Cel LE #499/750 UDA


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  2. He almost didn’t make his famous Nikes deal

    Although Nikes and Michael Jordan may seem almost synonymous, the deal that made his “Air Jordan” sneakers famous almost didn’t happen. The truth is, Michael Jordan loves Adidas shoes, and wanted to support a line of Adidas sneakers called the Spot-Bilt.

    Unfortunately, Adidas could not offer the same financial benefits as Nikes, so he decided to continue with the Nikes deal anyway.


  3. He’s one of the richest people in the world

    Michael Jordan is one of the richest people of African descent in the world, and the fourth richest African American. He is close to tied with Oprah Winfrey in wealth, and exceeded by World Wide Technology founder David Steward as well as investor Robert F. Smith.


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    Muhammad Ali & Michael Jordan Signed 16X20 Photo Matted 43/50 Steiner & UDA

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  4. Sports Illustrated featured Michael Jordan in his debut season

    Getting your face on the cover of Sports Illustrated is certainly a career highlight, but Michael Jordan managed it in his very first season. Michael Jordan was featured on the cover with the caption, “A Star is Born.”

    While Michael certainly caught the attention of fans and sports teams alike, his attention was not entirely positive. Some members of his own team did not appreciate the attention he was receiving while they were left in the dark.

    In revenge, they decided not to pass the ball to Michael Jordan, attempting to muffle his stardom.

    It didn’t work. Michael Jordan was still named Rookie of the Year, despite efforts from his own team to stop him.


  5. His father advised him to become a mechanic

    Most parents aren’t wild about their children having a career in the Arts. If you ever considered a career in sports yourself, you probably heard your own mother or father immediately bring up the topic of a “bread and butter” trade.

    His father was no different. He wanted his son to become a mechanic. He reasoned that anyone who works with his hands will have a reliable career.

    Thankfully, MJ didn’t take his father’s advice, and became the legend we all know and care for today.


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    Space Jam (7) Jordan, Barkley, Ewing Signed & Framed 18x24 Photo LE #2/9 BAS LOA


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  6. Michael Jordan idolized Magic Johnson

    Just as thousands of little boys and girls look up to Michael Jordan as their hero, Magic Johnson was the hero that Michael looked up to. Magic Johnson was a basketball player for the Lakers who had a stunning career before retiring due to an HIV diagnosis.

    Michael even personalized the license plate on his first car, a 1976 Grand Prix with “Magic Jordan” and nicknamed himself Magic Jordan after the famous player.


  7. His number 23 has become famous

    Michael’s jersey number, 23, has become something of a legend of its own. Many basketball players now wear the jersey number in honor of him, or perhaps hoping a little of his skill will rub off. His fame is so powerful, even people who don’t actually play basketball use the number.

    Although he almost always wore the number 23 jersey, there were a couple of times in his career where he did not or could not.

    When he first came back from a retirement, he wore the number 45 jersey because his 23 had been retired along with him. In one famous game, his jersey was stolen from the locker room, forcing him to wear a number 12 instead.

    Although his jersey was stolen in that particular game, it didn’t effect his game negatively. He sunk a shocking 49 points in that game even though his team still lost overall.


  8. He holds the record for Playoff Scoring Average

    Michael Jordan had a relatively long career in basketball with 15 seasons on the NBA court. Although he slowed down as he got older, he still continued to have an incredibly high average because of his legendary skill at getting the ball into the basket.

    This is one of the reasons why he was so feared as a player. Even after he could no longer perform some of the same acrobatics, he could still sink a ball with extreme accuracy. He has the Playoff Scoring Average record with 33.45 PPG.


  9. He’s the most decorated player in the NBA, past or present

    There have been many great players to join the NBA, yet of all these players Michael Jordan is the most decorated. He also won all of the games he participated in during the NBA finals except for one.




Michael Jordan is an incredible character with a wide mix of skills. He has played a variety of sports, has good business sense, and a drive to succeed.


His father once said that the person he competed most against was himself, and that may well be part of why he performed so well in basketball.


This incredible giant in the world of sports has changed how we see basketball, and created some of the best sports viewing in the history of the world.

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